[Rejected] Near For Food Onboarding Event

Food holds universal appeal that could be harnessed to facilitate massive engagement.

This is why I propose to launch the scheme of a week-long Near Free Feeding Campaign on popular University campuses around the country – starting with (FUTA – Federal University of Technology Akure).

The beneficiaries will qualify for their first free meals via their Near wallet, and subsequent ones by bringing a friend who will open a Near Wallet. For this first event, they will be onboarded onto Near Protocol in an onboarding event that will take place on Valentine’s day. The onboarding event is going to be a Valentine’s dinner with red carpet, food and drinks, a performing artist and education about the Near Ecosystem…
After a week, the project ends and we take stock of all the accounts opened and the new onboardees.

The goal of the project is to get over 50% of the students in each of the institutions where this project is carried out to open Near wallets and be educated about the Near Ecosystem.

To qualify for a free meal, the get to open and activate a Near wallet. To qualify for more free meals, the students get to bring another person to open a Near wallet. Getting 20 more persons to open the Near wallet will qualify an individual to attend the Valentine onboarding dinner.

The project is supposed to end on Valentine’s day-February 14, 2022. The success of this first event will be used as a milestone to determine if it should be organised in other institutions. At the end of the Event, there should be at least 5000 new Near wallets.

Materials Needed
Food items[@$200 per day for one week] $1400
Logistics, [fliers, info graphics, customised aprons and shirts, equipments] $1500
Valentine onboarding dinner party $1000

Total $3900

Wallet Id

The proposal’s goal is to get over 50% of the 15.000 people that attend the university to open near wallets in exchange for a “Free meal.”

But it’s going to aim at 5000 people to get the wallet by the end of an event?

What type of food for 5000 people will $1400 get you in Nigeria?

Either way- the use case is meant to get people using Near in some form or another. Signing up for a wallet is start- but I don’t see the tying together of the purpose with an outcome that gets people more active with the ecosystem.

It’s a no for me.


Good evening! I propose to you create your own guild and then work with Marketing DAO.

Have a good day!



The same concerns which are highlighted in this thread are still prevalent here, so I won’t be able to support this:

As always, I appreciate the desire to do something big and impactful. That said, I agree with the points the above posters made in this thread. To support proposals, I am looking for a clear connection between MarketingDAO funds invested in a project and marketing activities specifically vs. logistics and supplies. I am also looking for proposals that outline methods for assessing and reporting on trackable, quantifiable growth metrics not in terms of the platform/event/organization itself but in terms of active, long-term users of Near community.


Hi @FabDab i appreciate your obvious enthusiasm for creating projects that promote NEAR, but i would suggest that you start by creating a small scale event that would allow you gain some experience first.

Posting a report with photos on this forum would give the Marketing DAO council and other members of the community the opportunity to see how you achieve your goals and offer further support in the future.

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Agree with it.

Vote No for this proposal