Near University Hub


First and foremost I would love to say a thank you for the NF for seeing a great potential in creating a hub for Nigerian Tertiary Students


We were funded around February but we couldn’t do anything due to the strike Actions in the university

And currently some school are still on strike

Luckily grace has falled on those in the state institution as they pulled out of the strike and Akwa IBOM STATE university is among the state university to pull out of the strike

The Near University Hub will start operation fully from 1st of April
The Board/team are currently ready for this

I the leader of the Hub

@simeon4real assistance and he will work closely on the tech/dev aspect of the hub

Engr Dr Bassey Nkanang will act as the Hub Personal Advisor , he will also represent/defend the hub in higher places which students don’t have the privilege to be present

@adamlawalbkr1 will act as a MODERATOR
Though there are extended plans to onboard more moderators

Ben Abasiono will be the hub event organiser
Mfonobong will be the hubs writer (his role is to make educational content )

I have receive proposal to extend the Hub to other universities just like it’s in the original Proposal we are starting the program from Akwa IBOM STATE university
With success and progress we will surely extend the program to other universities ,
I and @simeon4real will work on a good structure model to extend this program to other universities
But we will encourage other universities to join the Near University Hub Telegram Group
And do their best to fit into the online presence of the Near University Hub
Even though we are not physically present in all the universities as long as you are a students in any tertiary Institution you are always welcome to the Hub

We will also love to have volunteers from other institution who will act as an ambassador for their institution
We will work closely with this ambassadors to extend the physical present of the hub in their institution in the future

Plan on Becoming A Guild

With Success and Progress the Near University Hub will upgrade to a guild

Telegram group : Telegram: Contact @NearUniversityHub


Thanks for taking time out to provide an update, @Hsmoney.

About the ongoing strike

Confirming that all universities in the country were on strike and luckily Akwa ibom state university was one of the very few universities that suspended/pull out on the ongoing strike action.

On expansion:

As much as we’d love to expand and spread the gospel of NEAR across several universities in the country, we’re taking the time to ensure that we create a solid structure which would be reviewed and improved upon based on feedbacks and iterations. There’s currently a grey area on the topic of cryptocurrency / blockchain in the country and we’ll have to take the time to learn about other universities rules / regulations, dos and don’ts before we move forward with the plan toexpand until then, we’re looking forward to making the Hub the best it can be now that everything is in place to begin operations.

Next steps:

Things are going to get exciting moving on and periodic reports like this one will be made.


Just pointing out. Universities under the umbrella of ASUU​:grin:


:rofl::rofl:, almost all universities have joined ASUU including state universities which really surprises me

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Thank you. It’s not all universities. Gotta make the correction.