[Approved] NEAR Hub Marketing Support - September 2022

Subject: [Proposal] NEAR Hub Marketing Support - September 2022

Project Name: NEAR Hub

DAO address: nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near

DAO Council members:




Hello @marketingdao-council,

NEAR Hub has been growing and to properly affirm our place as NEAR’s Metaverse, we need your assistance!

Firstly, a bit of background:

NEAR Hub was founded in 2021 and has since partnered with over 25 NEAR-based projects for custom build metaverse experiences and home to over 80 NEAR community events.

Now, NEAR Hub is poised to become NEAR’s go-to metaverse, connecting everyone in the ecosystem through experiences such as community gatherings to NFT galleries, and all while attracting aspiring students to film enthusiasts and first time users curious about web3. Current features include: token-gated experiences, NEAR wallet login, virtual phone, avatar generator, built-in 3D experience builder, and all with VR and mobile compatibility.

We’re appealing to the Marketing DAO for funding to assist with NEAR Hub’s marketing activity while we work to line up more core funding:

Budget/Financial Ask:

We are requesting from the Marketing DAO a total of USD 6,000 to be paid in USN to nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near:

USD $2,880 Back-pay for interns assisting with social media content (USD $18/hr @ ~160 hrs between 4 interns)
USD $ 1,550 Design and video content creation at NEARCON
USD $600 NEAR Hub t-shirts and merch order for NEARCON
USD $ 500 Onboarding Link drops for NEARCON and surrounding events
USD $ 240 Social media budget (sponsored and promoted content)
USD $ 210 (70/month 3 months) Discord server boosts


  • 10 short-form video content pieces generated from NEAR Hub’s time at NEARCON for later sharing on socials
  • Successful dissemination of 10-20 onboarding link drops (of ~5 NEAR each) to new-to-NEAR folks met at NEARCON and surrounding activations
  • 25 of NEAR Hub t-shirts, 5 Hoodies and merch at the NEAR Hub booth at NEARCON
  • We would like to do targeted post boosts in 2 on both Twitter and 2 on Facebook split into 2 targeted groups ( 1 targeting the NEAR ecosystem and 1 targeting similar interests in and around Lisbon )

Please let us know if any elaboration is required on any part of this proposal and if there are any questions/concerns!


Good morning! Thank you for your proposal.

Could you please briefly (on not briefly, or you can share the Near Hub milestones report provided to NF) comment on your last marketing campaign? Thank You :blush:

Despite boosting and other marketing efforts, Near Hub has onboarded 245 users (since March 2022) on the discord channel.







$6375 in total, source - Near Foundation Grant.

How is effective will be proposed campaign?

Could you please share a link on the Social Media Coordinator or he/she can introduce yourself here and who used to work with the discord channel before?


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Good afternoon, learning the forum and looking at various articles, wanted to inquire about the Near Hub project and go into discord (as I myself know how to configure servers well) and found that on your official website https://nearhub.club that the discord link Discord is not valid.

glad to have been of help, good luck to you.


Just as funny as it would not look but you have specified $210 to boost the discord server but at the same time not working links on the main site.

Submit a link to your discord channel. Do you want to make video content for Nearcon 2022, how will this happen? Will your people go to Lisbon and record and edit videos?
Thx :blush:

Hi @jefedeoro,

Thanks for the proposal. I like the project. I’ve got some questions for a little more detail.

Video content

Any idea what these 10 pieces are? Is it interviews?

NearHub t-shirts and merch:

Are you selling merch or giving it out?
If you’re giving it out, how do you plan on activating people to do something as a result of getting free merch?

Onboarding Link drops for NEARCON and surrounding events

Have you already gotten commitments from attending projects?
Do you think people are going to be able to onboard on the spot during the conference?

Low Social Media Engagement

I’m not so much bothered by the low number. It’s clearly more of a B2B project. But I think you’ve missed opportunities to engage (specifically in Discord) but also in your page copy.

How about adding some of those tutorials you’ve got on youtube?

If you can answer the few questions above, I’m happy to approve.

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Hi @Klint

Thank you for the kind words.

For the video content we are working with ifeelvirtual.io, We work with them to do 360 Live streaming of events. The type of events have ranged from live MMS sporting events, Music events, and plans for some festivals and travels/experience streams. This past Sunday we streamed in an event live from the Le Stade Olympique in Montreal. Here is a sample clip from the stream:

They have a cameraman that would come with equipment to film and stream live into the metaverse as well having the footage to make promotional material with after the event. The requested funds would be to cover the cameraman’s travel to and from Germany, and the balance for editing the footage after the event.

Last I checked for the scavenger hunt there were 18 projects signed up about 25% have committed to donating a prize, either NEAR, their token or NFTs.

Onboarding was definitely increased with linkdrops. When we ran out people were not as quick to sign up for a wallet. They would get to the seed 0.1 NEAR seed amount and then put their phone away and mention they will do it after when they are home. With the linkdrops people are set up and ready to interact with the ecosystem in moments.

I do believe there will be a much higher ratio of people at NEARCON that already have a NEAR wallet. I also think there will be a lot of new people to the ecosystem just coming to see what it’s all about.

The surrounding events was a bit of a typo, Side events is more accurate. For example: the Human Guild and Tamago Beach3 event on the 10th and the LFG party on the 13th…

And a great idea to add the tutorial videos to a Discord channel. There is a channel with them all now, I did it as soon as you read that. Thank you for that.

For the merch:

7 T-shirts and 1 Hoodie will be given away randomly to winners of the NEAR Hub Scavenger hunt. There will be a few of NFT prizes that will be redeemable for the shirt at the convention.
Some of the shirts will be given as a bonus gift to incentivize buying an NFT live at the show. A couple staff shirts for the convention and a few as good old fashion gifts.
This is the first of a line of merch we have been planning with @samtoshifbaby at NEARxPublish.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your proposal, excited to see how much NEAR Hub has advanced since we last spoke ~march.

I support this proposal. Thoughts and comments:

  • When assessing the impact of previous marketing budgets, consideration must also be given to the stage of the product. Same marketing budget and efforts are likely to yield better results as the product itself improves - clearer calls to action, organic referrals, etc.
  • NEAR Hub has indeed been growing and positioning itself as the go to metaverse. The value generated to the community if NEAR Hub succeeds is exponentially larger than the value of the proposal.
  • NEAR Hub falls under the category of an enabler - if NEAR Hub succeeds, then every project or user on NEAR can then also build projects on top. This is the result of deliberate core infrastructure over many months.
  • NEARCON is the largest NEAR events. If NEAR Hub is to reach a critical mass of early users, they are likely all going to be at NEARCON. The opportunity cost of not participating is greater

The final and most important thing I want to say is that Marketing Budget doesn’t equal marketing success. Marketing is hard. Be critical of your reports and growth, and if you are not getting the results you would like to have, definitely consider new strategies, service providers, etc. Looking forward to next report


Good morning. Have a great day.


You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.


You have the support of three council members, so this is moving to approved and you can submit to Astro.

Just to note a few things about the project and future funding. I believe the NEAR Hub is important to the ecosystem, but we are in a moment where we are working to continuously elevate/up-level the quality of the marketing coming out of projects funded by the community. Allocation of funding does not guarantee future funding.

We look forward to seeing how the next month goes!

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Thank you @marketingdao-council,

We will make sure to constantly working on improving our marketing results. We have learned a great deal from the past challenges and plan to focus on the future, while keeping the past lessons in mind.

Thank you again and hope to see everyone at NEARCON.


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Hello! Could you please share report ? Thank you!

[REPORT] NEARhub Marketing support 9/22

Project Name: NEARhub Marketing support 9/22

Project Status: Completed

Project Accounting: nearhub.sputnik-dao.near

Funding proposal: [Approved] NEAR Hub Marketing Support - September 2022

Hello @Dacha, Please forgive the delay with the report. We have been busy wrapping up the activities and building out ours and partner projects. Here is the report for our 9/22 Funding request.

Projects & Metrics:

  • Back-pay for interns assisting with social media content (USD $18/hr @ ~160 hrs between 4 interns)

    • Content created: 69 Tweets were created
  • Design and video content creation at NEARCON

  • NEAR Hub t-shirts and hoodie order for NEARCON:

    • 25 t-shirts
    • 5 Hoodies
    • Stickers

  • The NEAR Hub team was present at NEARcon and met with people from the community, partner projects and projects we are currently collaborating with. It was a great experience I would recommend to anyone. It allowed us to create new connections for future projects and distributed some merch to the scavenger hunt irl winners. We distributed the 25 t-shirts & merch, and used the 5 hoodies to promote the project.

  • 10+ projects participated in the scavenger hunt and prizes have been claimed

  • Onboarding Link drops for NEARCON and surrounding events

    • We had prepared linkdrops during NEARcon but most had wallets. So instead we used them to help with onboarding events that took place in NEAR Hub between Oct and Dec.
    • Sfcon22.nearhubonline.near which had 139 participants
      • We created a Haunted House NFT Gallery for the San Fransisco NFT Conference
    • animaze.nearhubonline.near
      • through the Animaze Animation Film festival we distributed NFTs to new users (19)
    • gemznft.nearhubonline.near 81 distributed
      • GemZ is a 2D and 3D generative project consisting of a limited edition 1,111 NFTs by Saint Kyriaki and TiEn. Ethics, morals, and values are at the heart of GemZ. In our lives, GemZ are the people we admire and respect. GemZ are our spiritual guides and mentors. GemZ are people who add a dash of whimsy and color to everyday life. GemZ is the stuff of our dreams and aspirations. GemZ is what we’d like to have in our back pocket to keep us safe and sacred, playful, and fun. A lot of brands, projects, and things that we see in the world are the work of GemZ. They don’t get the notoriety and the percentages. Our project honors them and gives them acclamation. They’ve been swept under the rug, and no one seems to notice. Like a diamond tucked away in a pile of soil , GemZ are the undiscovered treasures. The core of the brand is provided by these artists that on the other hand, are often shunned and not given the attention they deserve. In many cases, artists feel that they are not given a fair share of the profits, are overlooked, and are not compensated in a way that is equitable. GemZ is all about honouring one’s talents and breaking the stigma of getting the art from the talent and sweeping them under the rug. GemZ is a statement. It is our mission to make the GemZ more widely known, heard, and seen.
    • mmanice.nearhubonline.near
      • onboarding contest during a live 360 boxing match streamed in from Nice France by iFeelVirtual. 5 prizes awarded
    • Total = 244
  • Social media budget (sponsored and promoted content)

    • Twitter:

  • Through the Tweets and social media boost, we gained 80 new followers and 20k tweet impressions

  • As the funding only reached us one month after the convention, we have not been able to create ads for Facebook for the event. As we are more active on Twitter, those boosts have been prioritized.

  • Discord server boosts

    • Paid Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan x 14/ month @ $5/boost =$70/month + bank fees


  • We were present at NEARcon, collaborated with ANIMZAZE - Montreal International Animation Festival, and made a custom creation for virtual activities at MARMA J CON in Antigua this January.


  • We added a new video to our Youtube channel which showcases our new editor tool NEAR Hub basic experince creation - YouTube
  • NEARhub joined the Chill&Shill AMA with Wax, hosted a virtual Halloween and Christmas party, and even streamed the Bond Of Brothers wrestling event online in 360°