[ APPROVED ] FUND Request: Monthly management of Social Medias for The Clan

We started to build our strategies, and the communication its the spine of the structure.

We will work at 4 social medias, focused at advertising and engagement. NEAR have a nice usage at Instagram, so we will post weekly material at first, as our agendas at the beggining.
We will need someone to post, respond dm, block bots, do stories and do engagement.

At twitter, we will do the same reposting instagram material, rt art works of our artists and important news at near ecosystem, reaching gor a daily growth of our audience.

The discord will be hosting our community discussions into organized chats, and we pretend to implement a NEAR bot also, at a near future. To create a financial enviroment focused at education. We will need someone to help us set up the project, and moderate the channel.

At the telegram, our mainly chat, we welcome everyone, directs to the right place, do the tipping part, and mostly the talking happens there. We will maintain this, and we will need someone to moderate it, do support and help newcomers and members.

As our mainly language is portuguese atm, we need someone that knows english/portuguese as the near protocol ecossystem enviroment.

So if you want to apply for any rule, reply this post.

We will have 50 USD / month per rule at first.
So we are asking for 200 USD for the 4 social medias.

Thank you


Can I apply for twitter jobs?

Hi there. Let me ask a few questions at first.
Can you speak portuguese?
Do you have any children, and do you work as an artist?

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Thanks for your question!
I don’t know Portuguese!
I am an art lover and a freelance artist!
I already have a 3 year old daughter and am expecting another in November. I love them so much and want to do anything for them!

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Olá! Eu vou ficar responsável por as 4 mídias sociais esse primeiro mês, visto que já estou fazendo esse trabalho de construção e moderação. Obrigada!

We are setting things up atm, so we will take care of the system at first. Then we will have the plans to follow. Please show us your work, your family


I sent you a message! Thank you for responding!