[APPROVED] School-To-School Sensitization Project on NEAR Protocol and the Web3 Ecosystem Using Drama as its Work Force; For Thespians DAO (Season 1)

I am Roxy the Entertainer; a Film Maker and Theatre Practitioner. I have been practicing Drama (Stage & Film) for over 10 Years. I studied Theatre & Film Making in University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

I am an NFT Artist; a Council Member in 9ines DAO and a Co-Founder of Thespians DAO. I have been involved in many onboarding activities by different DAOs in the NEAR Protocol; documenting their various activities with my team.

The THESPIANS DAO is a community of Actors & Actresses who perform for both Stage and Film; including the crew members behind the stage and camera.

The DAO uses the acting platform to educate, entertain and give solutions to world problems, using the NEAR Ecosystem as it’s driving force.

As part of our planned monthly Activities in the Thespians DAO, we would be hosting Stage Drama or Film Drama every Month. This month, we would be collaborating with a Tertiary Institution to bring a Stage Drama right to their door step.

The aim of this project is to get the hosting school entertained; engage them in the Stage Production Process; educate them about NEAR Protocol & Web3 and onboard as many scholars as possible.

The Drama would be an avenue to lure the audience to listen to us and learn more about Web3, while they get entertained as well.


  • To Onboard Minimum of 20 New Members
  • To sensitize the general public about NEAR Protocol and Web3
  • To Entertain
  • To Educate
  • To generate one main video and 20 picture NFTs during preparation and during the Stage Play


Public Address System: $95
Costume Rentals: $100
Make Up: $100
Lights: $100
Director Bounty: $100
10 Casts Bounty: $300
Traditional Drummers: $50
2 Stage Hands: $100
Set Designers: $150
Artwork: $55
Video Documentation: $200
Welfare for 5 Days Rehearsal: $100

TOTAL: $1,450

Including 0.2 $NEAR Drop Links to activate 20 wallets.




The Drama Rehearsals would be done from 15th - 19th July, and event D-Day would be on 20th July.

Video and Picture NFTs would be available on 28th for minting

The idea is to premiere live on the Metaverse for the whole NEARians to watch and get entertained; but we are working on a tight budget and would do more of that next month.



This is a great project… Kudos to you @Roxy

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Thanks alot @Styleherbalist
Great you like the proposal

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Great proposal :ok_hand: @Roxy

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Thanks alot @Royalty_CryptoM
So happy you see the proposal worthy of execution


Hey @Roxy , I just wanted to bring up a previous topic from the forum about working with children, so that you are aware of Near Foundation’s stance on this:

Could you please read through this and clarify the structure of this proposed project in relation to this PSA?

Another side note, if people are being onboarded to the ecosystem, would it not be worth them proposing their own payout to the astrodao for transparency & learning sake?

Thank you!


Hello Fam @ted.iv
We are aware of NEAR Foundation concern towards onboarding children, that’s why we stated High School or Tertiary Institution.

We are looking at age bracket of 18 years upwards. These to my knowledge are not children.

In aspect of them proposing for their payment on Astro DAO, we don’t know yet who and who are free to work with us, as the Proposal has not been approved yet and many Film Makers are on set working. It’s only when funded, we can start reaching out to different Team members and know if they are free (within our dates or not) and most people from this part of my country are new to these things, and would always like being paid in the currency they know about (Fiat); and example is when I first worked for @Dedeukwu, $NEAR was sounding to me like something that is not real. My first payment (for editing contents for him) was paid in Fiat, but as time goes on, as I get more engaged, I begin to understand and experiment. It took me 4 months to be able to allow payment in $NEAR and accepting to propose payment in Astro DAO.

Such would delay the project, because many Team Members would want to be paid in Fiat; but during the project, I will teach them and with time they can experiment.


In this regard, I have edited the proposal and allow it to be full concentration on Tertiary Institutions…

Thank you @ted.iv

@Roxy thanks for the reply… The level of education is not the issue here, what is most important is the age of the people involved as per NEAR foundation’s statement!

Quote from the statement:
The NEAR Foundation and the Community Fund will not be used to:

  • Fund direct or indirect work with children or legal minors aged 17 or younger
  • Onboard children through targeted onboarding campaigns
  • Create crypto-asset investments for children’s planned future use (wallets, NFTs, etc.)
  • Target children, regardless of the goal of a particular campaign

This is to protect the children, NF, and any parties which would potentially have been working with them.

I understand that it takes some time for people to get used to the system, but if people are creating wallets, then why not put these to use immediately and explain how to? Rather than paying everything up front in FIAT without presenting the option to interact with the tools and just receive a wallet, that in theory then would remain inactive. Or am I confusing the budget for wallet onboarding above with something else?

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Thank you @ted.iv
Tertiary Institutions would give us the best platform to reach the right age brackets.

Then in respect to the second question - The DAO’s main target for onboarding are the scholars. Who we are going to open wallets for.

The Casts and Crew have choice to either want to be paid in $NEAR or FIAT.

It is during the Pre-Production process that I can ascertain these things.

I understand your perspective and that is our goal as a DAO to get everybody involved, we will try as much as possible to convince those who are willing to experiment and direct them on how to go about it; while those who want to be paid in FIAT could also get their payment in FIAT.

It is a learning process, and we would welcome your directions as well.

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@Roxy I completely agree, it’s a learning process and ultimately there is no 100% right way of doing so because each user is unique, so I appreciate your feedback!

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Thank you @ted.iv
I am curious to learn, and alot of NEARians who we have onboarded so far are looking up to my experience to be able to cling to the next ladder.

That’s the main reason I am experimenting and trying to break boundaries and limitations.

When I was onboarded, I was told there is no limitation to how much I can go with Web3… Here I am! Trying to see to the success of this movement - The Thespians DAO :performing_arts:


Hey @Roxy , I see this has been added into the August request for Thespians DAO.
Above it’s stated that 20 new NEAR wallets will be created,is this general public or referring to the team who will be producing the event?

Could you give some more details as to who will be paid here? Have they been already chosen?

We previously discussed in this thread the options of onboarding versus paying in FIAT, I wonder have you any updates on this since the first month’s funding and with experience in onboarding now?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello @ted.iv

  • During the Stage Drama, we opened wallets for both the actors and the audience.
    We opened new wallets for 10 Actors/Crew Members and the rest 11 wallets went to the audience.
    Afterwards we have also opened about 5 wallets (people who we collected their details during the event and onboarded after our event).
    This is the screenshot of a NEAR Drop Link we created and used all during the July Drama Project:

    And these are the wallets:

  • Everybody involved in July Project has been paid. Then concerning the August project, if we have any of our old members performing a role in the August Project, then he or she has to request payment on the Astro DAO. But for now, we have not auditioned yet for our August Drama Project, as we are still expecting an approval from the Creative DAO before we could kick off with Location, Audition and casting of roles. Though some old members have signified interest to participate.

All these still narrow down to when payments could reflect in our wallets. Like during our July Project, we got help from an Executive Producer, who we onboarded too. He helped us with settlement of costs of production. When the payment came in, we paid him back. So, all Actors and Crew Members were paid in Fiat.

This was the only way we can meet our July target, if not; we would still be doing July Rehearsals by now.

But we believe this time, we could access funds from NF earlier and then old members can request payments from Astro DAO

Thank you


Thanks for the information and feedback @Roxy !

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Thanks alot @ted.iv
I appreciate the great work you all are doing to keep the Ecosystem and the Creative world moving.

It’s always our pleasure to keep serving .

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