[REPORT] Thespians DAO July 2022 Report

Project Name: Thespians DAO

Project Status: Completed

Council Members:

@dandyjj (dandyjj.near)

@roxy (roxytheentertainer.near)

Balance: Current account balance: 13.2075N
Total in USD: $63.26



Project 1 -
School-To-School Sensitization Project on NEAR Protocol and the Web3 Ecosystem Using Drama as its Work Force; For Thespians DAO (Season 1)



Project 2 -
Monologue Challenge (July, 2022 Edition)



Project 3 -
Online Skill Acquisition Program with the Award Winning Director - Ebuka Njoku; by Thespians DAO


The Award Winning Director, Ebuka Njoku; spoke to us about Film Making, Film Directing, How to start as a Film Director and the money making means for a Film Makers. He also spoke about the challenges Film Directors face and ways to work through them. It was a wonderful experience, as Thespians were allowed to ask him some questions.

July was a success. From having a successful Event to having a successful Bounty.

  • Our stage Drama recorded more than 30 guests.
  • Had collaborataions with a Tertiary Institutions and Hotels. And both parties can’t wait to have us again.
  • We had so many online engagements due to our Monologue videos and Teasers from our Stage Drama.

In July, we stated out the month targets on our Metrics:

and we are happy and proud we achieved them all

  • From July 1st to August 5th, we moved from:

to such a great number -
Telegram: 76
Instagram: 80
Twitter: 13
Facebook: 8
YouTube: 2

Total - 171 Members

Rounding the month off with an additional 121 active members on all Platforms. You can check up our Link-Tree for more updates: https://linktr.ee/thespiansdao

It is not as easy as it looks, just like the Thespian Orientation goes, “The Show Must Go On”
Moving forward, we are sharing some duties in our online promotions; a group of people would be appointed to take care of our Social Media Management, while the Council Members concentrate on the success of our offline projects. We have written to the Marketing DAO to help us on that too.
NEARians are just getting used to our kind of Bounties, which has to do with acting, so we will find ways to make it flow smoothly.

In our motion to self Sustainability, we have come to the awareness that equipment renting, Film Sets and rehearsal ground would continue to cost us money, so we are looking for a means to save cost by getting our Studio Space set up and buying the cameras we need. Because we will be shooting alot in Thespians DAO.
We need to experiment on other forms of Drama, so this August, we will be entertaining the NEAR Ecosystem with a gigantic Dance Drama.
We look forward to collaborataions with other DAOs, and we are in touch with Lens DAO too; to have a movie together in times to come.

Thank you @creativesdao-council
We look forward to a successful August as well.