[APPROVED] Scar related project, NFT+book (on Mintbase)

#cicatriciebaci #scarkisses
"portraits of healing processes participative project plan to move and continue to develop on Mintbase
2nd phase -BOOK-
(and a gaze on 3rd phase “on the road” -TERRITORY SCAR-)

the project is lead by me, Barbara Tosti, the BOOK phase is started now (april 2021) and will be complete in december 2021, the “on the road” phase has a fluctuant timeline but i feel to write about so you can have a whole vision of where I am going with the project. Basic, Book and “on the road” are continuous cyclic phases of the project.

target and account: barbaratosti.near

no idea on how much to ask since until now I managed to adapt on a quiet timeline to allow the project to roots and clarify and to self develop by investing my whole time and the earning of the NFT sell reinvested…

the founds are required for (the actions in bold in the list of to do):

2nd phase → BOOK

  • collecting 33 stories - 33 WRITTEN → 33 NFT
  • pay who help translate 20 stories from Italian
  • organize photoshooting
  • photocollages - 33 IMAGES → 33 NFT
  • collect feedback
  • pay who help me do 5 or more interwievs 5 AUDIOVIDEO
  • pay for preparing the phisical book (probably a friend that I am onboarding on Mintbase)
    *would be cool to be ready for Christmas time :slight_smile: last year I organized an NFT swap, this year I can think about how to give gifts with the book drop

(3rd phase → #cicatriciebaci on the road

  • testing the territory scar workflow with TRASFORMATORIO LAB
  • organize the roadmap to Italy (contacts, stay, story giver)
  • prepare projects
  • pay places for photoshooting
  • pay places for editing in loco
  • collecting writing
  • new photoshooting
  • new editing
  • do 5 or more interwievs
  • preparing the phisical book
  • mint on Mintbase DECEMBER 2022)

at the reaching of each step I WILL WRITE A BLOG POST ON CENT about results and Createbase founding:
1) collecting, preparing, translating and minting 33 (visual+written) NFT on Mintbase → CENT POST → 50 NEAR
2) publishing the phisical BOOK and selling it via NFT on Mintbase (plus 5 interwiew for highlight the process and the new options of book sold trough onchain contracts) → CENT POST → 50 NEAR
3) entering the “on the road” and TERRITORY SCARS phase by the TRASFORMATORIO LAB 2021 process → CENT POST → 50 NEAR


#cicatriciebaci is an interactive project that generates portraits of scars, and want to become an environment for validation of unique and personal healing processes on various levels; collected through storytelling interactions, elaborated in focused conversations and played in alchemic staging, then expressed through art medium, first of all photography and video; this is the basic process. (here some testimonials)

Started in 2018 and entered crypto on early 2019 in his visual basic process → CONSOLIDATED
Right now we are ready to enter new phase of written narrative, the story is evolving and changing each step forward, so after participating to the basic process each person (the story givers) have now the occasion to rewrite it as they like, and if not, to gift to a writer their portraits, like in the call for writer example on Cent Blog.

I am just playing as the observer in Quantum physics, trying to look at what etheric form of the story needs to manifest, taking care of the chain reaction, owning the artistic responsibility builded in the relationship with who decide to play #scarkisses with me.

From the basic process generates tree branches:

  1. re-writing the story after gone through the photographic portrait
  2. participating in workshops where I guide you to be your artist/observer/narrator
  3. highlight territory scars and work in group, with performances and theater (now, april, in a process with TRASFORMATORIO LAB 2021 to test and develop this part, link in comments.

resume of the project divided in step:

1st phase took already place → 2018 started the project, 2019 minted on SuperRare (29 people x 3 artwork each, sometimes 4) and 2020 minted on EPHIMERA (4 people x 3 artwork each), from late 2018 till now I worked with 31 people and working now with other 2 so I can say I the process is now solid and I experienced crypto space since late 2018 (unfortunately on SuperRare and EPHIMERA is not possible to develop more my project and I feel much more at home in the Mintbase NEAR platform that I tested, the group is excellent and I share the vision)

2nd phase → BOOK since this project is experiential, I realized that the stories of people changes after the first photographic work, and the story they shared privately with me take the courage and right way to be expressed, it is a need that emerged very strong in some participants so i decided is time to forward through this step.

I did a first call and I am waiting for their writings, after that (and while translating some stories in englis from italian) I will call them back to make a new photo shooting for the book since the first ones are already minted elsewhere and, most important, the story keeps on evolving, remorphing and reshaping inside the participants, so they just need the container to express and my action to make it happen.

I will also provide some articles that explain the alchemical process that is taking place and I am still observing. I have built that project as a recipient so I am …adding ingredients

The will is to mint on Mintbase on NEAR the new NFT with the story, and at the same time publish a physical book that can be purchased with the NFT (to be split in different purchase options:

33 single NFT - you get 1 photo + 1 story

1 NFT x XXXX (ticket?) (the book cover?) + physical book* - you get 33 stories + 33 photos

*I am also involving here my best friend that dream about opening a small publishing house and we will be happy to find creative solutions

33 written stories + 33 new photo collages + 1 cover (ticket?) to mint on Mintbase

(I would like to discuss this with you: how many editions should be the best for this release, because since the story is one I normally sell 1/1 but with the book would be the best to have a larger number, that’s why I do not know if the right word is NFT or ticket)

(3rd phase → #cicatriciebaci on the road, following the same mechanism as above enter the global and community healing processes with -TERRITORY SCARS- for single persons or for the territory itself

I am creating a net of contacts worldwide to start a period of travel with the project, since presence is needed to experience the process at the best, let say one exaple: Chernobyl (I already traveled to Ukaina and have photo and video) or heartquakes (es in Italy, near me), Fukiushima… wars, etc… we are planty and I am sure this part of the project will be the best deployed by CONNECTING WITH ORGANIZATIONS that already are working on healt or social care, sustainability, or art residences, by offering a container for expressing the untold or exorcise what is left through art, shake it out! :slight_smile:

Since this part is going to be long and not yet fully planned I can say that my first travel will probably be in Italy since I have many contact there, my esteem is to have 22 people ready, but I need to travel to them, in Friuli, Tuscany, Campania, Puglia.

22 people in first step generates 66 NFT portrait + 22 story plus 22 NFT on the second step + average of 4 TERRITORY SCAR,

but since this will start later on probably this will lead to a larger group)

How this will support NEAR community?

My project is highly participative and since the beginning I dreamed to share with participants the adventure by sharing revenues in crypto, rewarding participation automatically when I realize profits.
Your ecosystems provide me the right tools for that, and this will bring new people to crypto through NEAR Mintbase platform, 80% of partecipant do not have crypto, but they start to be interested now.

Is also collaborative between artists (some participants are artists from crypto and the whole process takes the shape of an art collaboration) and in such cases I can open for them a window on your whole ecosystem.

My project is in continue development, but Mintbase is the only platform I tested that allow me to move in with the entire project, as said before #cicatriciebaci is a container that allow processes, so it is for me your platform and ecosystem.

That allows me to use its full potential, expecially now that I am visualizing different possibility on how to sell the phisical book through NFT transactions only (or find a good deal in between) and I am open to new collaborative ideas or tests in this direction.

I see many resources in NEAR community, a lot of people that I would like to collaborate with, for TRANSLATION and PUBLISHING THE BOOK in primis, and lately I have seen many virtual spaces come into the chat that will be the best to use for EXIBITIONS, TALK, EVENTS, and the Arroz space, that would be a perfect place to start the “on the road” part…

Last but not least I am feeling good since I landed into Createbase, following trusted friends and the flow for defining my needs, artistic and emotional.

that is all for now, I am there for any question



…presence is needed to experience the process at the best (Zuleika article will help best understanding about the work in presence)

…3. highlight territory scars and work in group, with performances and theater (now, april, in a process with the TRASFORMATORIO LAB 2021 to test and develop this part)


Thank you very much for your application for funding from Createbase. This project seems very interesting and I think that having these stories told in this unique way, with posts about progress will be a great support to others hoping to embark on similar projects.

Please check back for comments from Createbase SputnikDAO council members or an update on the application status.


Hi Barbara. Your project and budget request is approved, you can proceed to do the first step.

When you have finished the first step, please provide a link to your Cent post here, and then we will give you instructions for submitting your first payout to the DAO.


Cool thanks! I am really happy!


I want to let you know that I am working on this proposal, all 3 steps are in developement, no blog post ready but if you are curious I am keeping track of it in a sort of diarys that you can read here :slight_smile:

3) entering the “on the road” and TERRITORY SCARS phase by the TRASFORMATORIO LAB 2021 process → 1) collecting, preparing, translating and minting 33 (visual+written) NFT on Mintbase → CICATRICIEBACI BOOK - HackMD
2) publishing the phisical BOOK and selling it via NFT on Mintbase (plus 5 interwiew for highlight the process and the new options of book sold trough onchain contracts) → will be published through COSMIA [APPROVED] Publishing houses into NFTs - use case for future onboarding (Mintbase)
3) entering the “on the road” and TERRITORY SCARS phase by the TRASFORMATORIO LAB 2021 process → TERRITORY SCARS - HackMD

thanks for any comment :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! You have already a lot of work. Maybe you would like to publish one post in “travellers journal” style? With a few selected notes and images of your process for example.

Because the process is very important and valuable too, not just the finished “product”, as it can inspire and help other similar initiatives.


Good Idea, I am so totally into it that I didn’t thpought about this option, will create a post next week!


Sounds great! When you have the post, put the link here. You can also choose to indicate which phase it corresponds to and how much of it.

For example “this corresponds to half of the deliverables planned for phase 3”. Then we can give you the green light for submitting a payout.

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So, the third phase already started, andwithout any expectation is theone that is going faster, into this post I am sharing the road walked till now, it is difficult to say where this phases end because is just an experimentational opening for future “from far” or “on the road” terrytory scars but I am sure is going to be a long long travel, and I am sure I will have some material soon that will became NFT on Mintbase :slight_smile:

link to the post in english #cicatriciebaci exploring TERRITORY SCARS with TRASFORMATORIO

link to the post in italian #cicatriciebaci esplora le CICATRICI DEL TERRITORIO con TRASFORMATORIO

3) entering the “on the road” and TERRITORY SCARS phase by the TRASFORMATORIO LAB 2021 process → CENT POST → 50 NEAR

the lab is not concluded yet so a second article will come, maybe a third…

If you tell me it is ok, I can also start share this post around and tell about your precious support

Tuesday I am going to have a pair of presentation about this, in Italian and in english, if anyone want to join :slight_smile:

#CICATRICIEBACI - IL LIBRO - presentazione progetto, domande e risposte
Martedì, 15 giugno · 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Informazioni per partecipare di Google Meet
Link alla videochiamata: https://meet.google.com/gkw-feqk-wjy ————————————————————————
Dal progetto fotografico #cicatriciebaci nasce un
primo libro, con esso si apre un nuovo canale
espressivo attraverso la scrittura. Grazie alla
collaborazione con la nascente casa editrice Cosmia
e le nuove prospettive aperte dal digitale stiamo
entrando nel concetto della “narrazione continua”.

In questo primo incontro, dedicato principalmente a
chi ha partecipato al progetto www.cicatriciebaci.
com vi spiego come partecipare con i vostri scritti e
rispondo alle vostre domande.

L’incontro è aperto a tutti gli interessati poiché
seguiranno ulteriori approfondimenti.

#SCARKISSES - THE BOOK - project presentation & ask me anything
Martedì, 15 giugno · 7:00 – 8:00PM
Informazioni per partecipare di Google Meet
Link alla videochiamata: https://meet.google.com/pcv-drsh-pir ———————————————————————-
From the photographic project #cicatriciebaci a first
book is born, with it a new expressive channel is
opened through writing. Thanks to the collaboration
with the nascent publishing house Cosmia and the
new perspectives opened by digital, we are entering
the concept of “neverending narrative”.

In this first meeting, mainly dedicated to those who
have participated in the www.cicatriciebaci.com
project, I will explain how to participate with your
writings and answer your questions.

The meeting is open to all interested parties as
further insights will follow.

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hi @lenara @mecsbecs @chloethedev.eth I am tagging you because probably my post left unread :slight_smile: it is the news about my proposal #cicatriciebaci exploring TERRITORY SCARS with TRASFORMATORIO

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Hi Barbara and thanks for the reminder. Our DAO was undergoing maintenance, that’s why we couldn’t give you the green light earlier. (The DAO is not completely fixed but people can use the old UI to submit and we can also use it to vote. We hope to have the new UI also fixed in the following days)

So please, submit a payout to our DAO for 25 NEAR, corresponding to half of your phase 3 deliverables and link to this forum post.

And of course, share your post around, tag Createbase on twitter so we can promote as well.

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for italian speaker: Per i partecipanti a #CICATRICIEBACI e chi sta seguendo il progetto, in questa call spiego alcuni dettagli riguardanti il progetto LIBRO (che verrà pubblicato da COSMIA inizialmente come NFT,) https://youtu.be/l1jo-BnN8JY

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@lenara @chloe @mecsbecs here my tweet to share :slight_smile:


this isthe tweet and post in italian https://twitter.com/spacedivers/status/1405437069506273281?s=20


since the COSMIA project of a publishing house and my portrait of healing processes projects are now walking togheter, I share here the recordings of our conversations, it will be possible organize more to continue the discussion https://youtu.be/l1jo-BnN8JY in italian https://youtu.be/XtWJesAuCMo in english


Hi readers! Hope you are also writers, cause I have some news for you all:

As I already mentioned I am now working in close collab with the NFT publishing house Cosmia, also supported by Createbase :two_hearts:

Since I created almost 100 visual portrait of healing processes that are available as inspiration for writers we decided to celebrate this abundance with an opera call for writers.
Any language, any kind of text (just not too long) and freedom!
We will mint all of them as NFT so anyone can be read and purchased.
Well one selection there is, the ones who touches us more will be published on THE BOOK (still have to figure out the name :grin:)

Very appreciated if you want to share this call in either Crypto or non Crypto (we will then help onboarding) :fire:

creative writing about scars bando di scrittura creativa/call for writers

@chloe @lenara @mecsbecs