[proposal] march collab with Incubadora DAO & february/march ongoing

As we move and start creating into this awesome ecosystem we are giving a more detailed shape to our project, so with this proposal I want to take our amazing pool of creativeness and define it in a way that can be shared for our need of mind language comprehension.

Project Name: Cosmia DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project circle members:

Francesca Fretti mormostrix.near

@BarbaraTosti barbaratosti.near


Stefania Giudici stefaniagiudici.near

Target Address: cosmia.sputnik-dao.near

Project Accounting: current account balance: 608,40 USD*

Updated Project Timeline:

We are walking this path into crypto before we even had the association in real life, so we can say, from the idea before the seed (see [APPROVED] Publishing houses into NFTs - use case for future onboarding (Mintbase) - #8 by BarbaraTosti) many decisions, study and shape and reshape took place until we created the DAO, on february, an amazing new adventure [introduction] COSMIA DAO and are available on Mintbase store NFT for membership and donation* cosmia.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

I am the link to cryptoworld at the moment so I onboraded members of the circle (as we like to call the council) on NEAR and hade different IRL meeting to prepare for the onboarding of writers that participated to the call creative writing about scars and we are planning more onboarding since the circle is preparing writers and mixed media calls IRL to be bridged into NEAR (for example for this collaborative call we are planning a drop one month long as soon as visual part of the NFT is ready, now at 30%)

A small overwiew on the upcoming calls we are organizing:

  • LOGO


  • collaborative calls on march (nonaverepaura IRL) + march stipend & call collab with Incubadora DAO on NEAR

In order to carry out the actions we planned for this DAO we request funding the collaborative part with Incubadora DAO


Administrative Matters:

DAOs administrative work including multiple reports and fund requests = 260 USD
MINTBASE STORE management = 120 USD

Sub-total = 380 USD

Stipends - Artist Stipend Program
Artist´s reward = 720 USD (4 x 180 USD)
Managing the Open Call = 200 USD
Jury = 200 USD (4 x 50 USD)

Sub-total = 1620 USD

Want to sail with us?

We would love to expand our circle/council member to reach the magical number of 7, so please feel free to contact me if willing to deep into this.

(*to celebrate our new DAO we decided to send as a gift the 2022 COSMIA association membership send me DM your NEAR wallet to receive it)

We remain open to question, collab, learning and make happen in a flow, for now we wish a good navigation to everyone!

Cosmia Circle