[Proposal] ReggaeDAO monthly fund July 2022




Greetings to the Creative council’s members.
So far we come to another month with different activities and also we appreciate your kindness.

As the month of July has come we are planning to onbaod more new members into the web3 ecosystems and also to create more new Near wallet as many as we can ,
This goes to a musician or a singer with producers/ReggaeDAO Council’s / Members. An opportunity to grab $NEAR by creating a full track Cover of ( Near protocol/ web3/ NEAR and Music/ NFTS/ as the topic of the song.

The aim of this event is to bring more new members into the web3 ecosystems/ NEAR protocol/ ReggaeDAO.

We need activities that can make the outside world to be onboarded and to bring more members into ReggaeDAO Social medias.

This songs are going to be minted on the REGGAEDAO Mintbase store so that we can have our own songs minted on ReggaeDAO mintbase store, as we planning to open a mintbase store this month of July.

Be the winner by simple following

1:- include the keywords Near protocol/ Near and Music/ NFTS/ReggaeDAO" in your songs.And do a video for 1min recording your self singing

2:- you most tag @reggaeDao and @NXM on Twitter so we can find you. Join the Instagram/Facebook and Twitter/Telegram ReggaeDAO

3:- get your friends to retweet and reposting video on REGGAEDAO Twitter and follow ReggaeDAO on Twitter.

4:- ONBAOD as many New members as you can, your friends and family that are are artist. The numbers of artist is very important.

Click to our Google drive Link to have access to the beat you are going to Use.
Is not the will to win that matters — everyone. It’s the will to be ready to win that matters. Let’s see how prepared your are to be a Conquistador.

Entries start on the 20th of July ended 30th of July 2022.

Winners are :-
1st price 200usd in near
2nd price 150usd in near
3d price 100usd in near

For those who participated depends on how many Friends you Onboaded to get some NEAR:-
5 new members - 1N.5N
10 new members - 2N
15 new members - 3.5N
20 new members - 3N
25 new members- 3.5N
30 new members- 4 N

Total requesting funds:-
1000 USD in NEAR
Beat makers - 200 USD
Producer -
@bigm007 @TJYOUNGY

Winners - 450usd in near

Graphics designers:- 80 USD in near

270usd in near

We need a store that we can be minting our songs as NFTS
Am going to use part of my budget to create ReggaeDAO store

Thanks @Monish016 @FritzWorm @ted.iv


Yesss Iyah, mi ready to keep the fyah burn inna reggae dao :fire::fire::fire:

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Much love breden let’s keep the Good work moving

Nice one brother, keep up the good work

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