[Approved] November Reddit Ops Report

November Reddit Ops Summary

Project Name: Reddit Ops

Project Status: Continuous

Project Accounting: $10,000 USD equivalent (1374 NEAR based on price of NEAR at 19:01 CET December 7, 2021)

Updated Project Timeline: Continuous

Community Engagement - Seth

This month was challenging in many ways, but still showed significant growth. This month, a majority of posts were removed from their respective subreddits and had to be rewritten and reposted to a different sub. This problem seemed to be less noticeable on r/defi and r/NFTs as we have already gained significant traction on various posts in those specific subs. This may be a consequence of using certain terms that result in a shadow ban, or simply that other subs have stricter rules on what you can and cannot post. As a result, I have spent significantly more time on each of my copies to ensure that they are not using any language that would contribute to their auto-removal from a given sub. These developments have also caused me to look into other avenues for posting, and I will discuss those below.

This month was experimental as well. I have been attempting to make posts in the sub of other major competitors with NEAR such as r/solana and r/cardano. These posts have been made in an attempt to generate discussion among other crypto enthusiasts, and help them see NEAR protocol as a legitimate option in their portfolio. Before removal on r/solana, after only about 20 minutes of being up, the post had garnered 20 upvotes and 10 comments before being removed. This is a very positive indicator that such posts have high potential to incite discussion and I will be pursuing this posting strategy into the month of December. If this avenue proves to be fruitful, I may attempt to narrow the subs posted in to a specific group that I know will not shadow ban posts of a certain nature. In next month’s update I will relay if this is a viable strategy or if it makes more sense to continue casting a wider net.

On the subs that we typically perform well in, we experienced much of the same growth. Two posts on r/defi garnered over 30 upvotes, and many comments. This month we have also begun buying upvotes on critically important posts. Next month, the end of month post will have purchased upvotes to increase its chances of making it to the front page. Channels of communication remain strong with both Lol Son and the NEAR official marketing telegram, but improvements are still desired with the degen group. As discussed with JM, we believe the degens have much more potential in terms of content engagement. If we can better leverage that group, we anticipate seeing even further growth across posts. Overall, this month has seen challenges with keeping posts up in more tangential subs, but we have also consistently gotten engagement in our two most high priority subs.

Links to posts:


The content creation side of the Reddit Ops team is going well due to the continued growth of projects within the ecosystem and thanks to the development of new and existing personas associated with accounts. As in the past, Çek compiles three posts each day and allows Georgia to disperse them and add a few comments to each post throughout the day. Measured by organic interaction to posts and an incline in the membership of the subreddit in the past several months, we’ve continued practices that we have found to be particularly successful. One application of this can be seen with #MemeDropMonday. Anywhere from 2-4 memes (about 90% coming from Swine Guild, 10% from outside sources) are posted each Monday to continue the tradition established by the meme-making guild.

Outside of memes, particularly relevant or visually pleasing infographics are selected and placed on the day’s post schedule for their information to be spread on the sub. Certain content such as NEARWEEK’s newest editions and all news placed in the NEAR Marketing Distribution Telegram channel is shared consistently. Çek has noticed that the ‘ecosystem overviews’ (infographic representations of all up-to-date projects associated with the ecosystem) perform the best in terms of number of upvotes. Similarly, content which emphasizes any form of comparison between blockchains or different projects within NEAR always is well-received. Recognizing the uniqueness of NEARNauts and looking to continue discussion of NFTs/digital art on the sub, Çek has dedicated several posts towards increasing the stoke around the release of this new generative project.

This month, we decided to place a large emphasis on diversifying the types of discussion posts sprinkled onto the subreddit. We have implemented a new persona associated with the account, someone who is a NFT collector looking for guidance or self-promotion towards original, mind-blowing creations. Outside of this, we have continued to receive promising and increasing organic reactions with all other types of curated community questions. Below are a handful of examples of such posts.

Finally, Çek and Georgia have improved on their ability to disseminate certain types of news in the ecosystem by recognizing which form of content is best for audience digestion. With Phase 0 of Simple Nightshade coming out this November, we knew we would be placing a lot of attention on this. After an infographic and article did not receive very much traction, Çek decided to break down the article into even more layman’s terms and thoroughly explain what Nightshade is doing and how it will benefit the blockchain’s security and user experience. Outside of that, several blogs are advertised on the subreddit to propel the word of NEAR throughout this platform of social media. Attached are two such types of posts.


I hosted two AMAs, one with Debio Network and one with Swine Guild. The Debio Network AMA had 40 upvotes and 53 comments, and the Swine Guild AMA is ongoing.

The NFT drop had 157 comments and 80 upvotes. We gave away an NFT by monztre.near and our subscriber growth was accelerated as we had hoped. I will be making a post in the governance forum later this month in which I will request refunds for the NFT drop and the AMAs which I have been paying out from my own pocket.

All posts from the last month on r/nearprotocol courtesy of G: Nov. Reddit posts - Google Sheets


In our Q3 report, we set out the following KPIs for Q4:

  • 5,000 subscribers to the sub
  • 200 karma for each account
  • Get on the front page of a major sub 3 times (major = 50k or more subscribers)
  • Initiate Brandwatch smart metrics for tracking links

At the time of writing, here is our progress on each KPI

  • The NEAR sub has 3,673 subscribers, an increase of 660 from our 3,013 subscribers on November 1st. In order to reach our goal by the end of next month, we will be requesting that the official NEAR twitter account tweet our AMAs and NFT giveaway for the coming month. We can always purchase subscribers to beef up the numbers, but we feel this goes against the ethos of community-led growth.
  • We spoke with JM and decided that account karma is actually a poor metric for success, but can provide a list of accounts if anybody is interested.
  • We had two posts reach the front page of major subs this month, both of which we purchased upvotes for. We will be employing this tactic for all major announcements in the future!
  • We have decided not to go forward with Brandwatch due to their pricing. We have a contract with Falcon, a subsidiary of Brandwatch, that we intend to sign at the end of this month. Starting next year, we will be able to provide deep reddit and twitter analytics for the NEAR ecosystem.

Wow . How many people in Reddit team? Thank You

Dear councils @grace @jlwaugh @David_NEAR , we are really pay $10 000 monthly for our Reddit account?

Reviewed pages in December/November

Almost everywhere 0-1 comments, 65% of content just links

20% memes from Swine Guild /Meme Daily and only 15% of own content.

Slightly activities on the channel as I said.

Why we pay $10000? Thanks

OWS pays $100-300 for members who have same accounts (Twitter)

I propose revise their payment.


This includes management of the NEAR subreddit, as well as news sharing on other channels. There are multiple members of the Reddit Ops team who work to keep the NEAR sub active and free of spam.

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Ok , thanks for explanation. Subreddit internal is kind of channel for Near core ? If so, I understand why Sue’s girlfriend was getting 2000N every month for memes guild.

The subreddit is public:

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Yes, I reviewed exactly this account. But, who care about it proposal already has been approved .

But it’s a great example what king of work cost for Near Community 10k.

Sorry, I couldn’t find any councils discussing here.

No discussion

This is a Trusted team who are awarded a flat rate. It’s not the best use of anyone’s time having to discuss the same proposal for regular work over and over again, is it?

Ok, unfortunately nobody know who can get this status , how many people there, do you have a list? What are requirements for this?

So, we have two categories of people here: trusted and all other.

Can community members asking questions and get answers from trusted people?
Can community members propose something?

What the role of community members in same proposals?

Right ?
Thank You

There is a forum post up and coming about this, keep an eye out. Generally, it’s community members and Guilds which have proven a dedication to the NEAR Ecosystem and are here to contribute.


The same as every other member.

The image you’ve posted, Dacha, is just completely incorrect.

Marketing Professionals

We recently held a Gen C event with the MarketingDAO to acquire Marketing Professionals, the third pillar.

Community Members

There are already two, and you personally have been invited multiple times. We encourage anyone who wants to get involved in an official capacity on the DAO to reach out and do so.

NF Core

That was, and to some extent still is, necessary to seed the inception of the MarketingDAO. Expect NF members to be removed in the not so distant future, as is the goal of handing everything over to the community.

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Ok, but If so, why I didn’t get any reactions on my proposals above? Proposal has been approved without any questions.

Ok, I Hope so David.

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I’ve mentioned multiple times that the Reddit Ops team have been moved to a trusted level and, consequently, receive a fixed stipend for their work

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Good morning, Ok. Thank You.

Proposal was paid from Marketing DAO treasure.
Tags and title were fixed