[Approved] RCWG Bounty for April 2023



The following are the activities carried out by the core contributors of the Regional Community Working Group. This leads the way in the request of a $8,500 bounty to be shared amongst the contributors at $2000, $1000 or $500.

  1. Developed on the Regional Communities Strategy and the charter By Igboze also valuable additions by Alena
  2. Develop the voting mechanism for the proposed RC-DAO Ola and James
  3. Collect and organize a list of all previous Regional Communities By Hlib
  4. Collected, tracked and audited social activities in regional communities to ascertain communities with real verifiable members and activities By Hlib and Ola
  5. Have been on 4 Major community calls, an hour each, and three internal calls Igboze
  6. Created a Trello for managing all activities. Bakaka and Hlib
  7. Created a process that reopened the avenue of collection of proposals from community builders and the process to get funded Igboze
  8. Collected all Proposals from Regional Communities (as found in the Trello) Bakaka
  9. Worked on Proposals to recommend for approval by the MarketingDAO(the Trello board shows the recommended proposals) for the entire team. PROPOSALS ARE STILL BEING ASSESSED AND IT TAKES MORE THAN THREE HOURS A DAY BY TEAM MEMBERS FOR THIS
  10. Development of RC personalized Widget on near.social James
  11. Created and hosted a community workshop on creating a dao and tools usage on Nearsocial for the community James

Core contributors:

@jlwaugh $2000
@Ola $2000
@Bakaka $2000
@kiskesis $500

TOTAL $6,500

Wallet: rc-dao.sputnik-dao.near
@marketingdao-council for consideration


RCdao Coming up nice…

Cant wait to get this to V1

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Support, wg should be rewarded

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Happy to approve! Have a great day

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