[Approved] RCWG Bounty MAY 2023

The following activities were carried out in the month of MAY by the core contributors of the Regional Community Working Group.

  • Worked and still working on Charter

  • Organised and hosted 2calls/week every week to the community for the month of May

  • Calls with lawyers regarding the Legal aspect of RC-DAO

  • Started process of creating RC Legal Entities

  • Created Election Guidelines and Processes

  • Proposal reviews

  • Day2day management and running of regional communities activities

  • Organized weekly workshops with the community showing processes/ platforms being built for the use of the Regional Communities

  • Created Community Building and started community guidelines

  • contents guidelines for newly onboarded community

  • management and updating of communities in Trello

Contributions to RCWG

james.near | May 2023

:one: built IAH-gated landing page: Near Social

:two: adapted V0 charter into V0.8 document (shared with lawyers): RC DAO Charter - Google Docs

:three: made curated list of regional community accounts, ranked by number of profile followers: Near Social

:four: developed partnership with NEARWEEK to create a newsfeed product involving updates from around the world!

:five: conducted meetings and workshops about various ways to use BOS for local community development:

  • community accounts / profiles

  • RC DAO configurations

  • on-chain membership activities

  • customizable content feed curation

Time: 40 hours

Rate: $50 / hour rate. However, different hours spent.

$2000 James

$2000 igboze


$2000. Ola

$1000 hhlib

Total for MAY: $8,500

Wallet ID to receive funds: rc-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Tagging @marketingdao-council for consideration.


Solid one @IgbozeIsrael for articulating out work done so far.


Great job for the comprehensive lists of the activities… happy to be part of the team that working toward revolutionalize the dcentralized community.

This is awesome and I went to a local BOS workshop and saw engaged devs discussing how to build on it.

Seeing a lot built on the BOS is very important.

Will other communities/WG be able to leverage some of the code/assets for their own landing pages and possible ways to rank items specific for their projects?

I support this

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Thank you for your comment Jared.

Yes the code is open source and everyone or community is free to fork it or build one.

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Hello RC DAO team! Happy to approve your proposal! Thanks for outstanding work !

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