[Approved] r/ethdrader Banner Over Budget - Funding

  • Funding scheme:

One Time

  • Initiative summary

The r/ethtrader banner initiative came in over budget (damn gas fees) by 0.0583 ETH ( ~ $225). The ETH was provided by me from my personal funds.

  • Funding Details

$250 (adding a buffer here for exchange fees and volatility etc. Anything not required will be returned to the MarketingDAO.

30 N

  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO


  • Wallet owner’s name

David Morrison


All looks ok to me… go ahead and request payment

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Great initiative! Every time I come across this banner, I remember that this is the work of Near Marketing LOL :slight_smile:

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cc @marketingdao-council


btw this was a really good idea. I’m observing this majority of crypto people unaware of beauties of Near Protocol and Ecosystem therefore realize the potential of $Near.

but we are seeing huge moves on the price which is imo mostly due to large investors those are aware of the true potential of Near. yeah we need that but I don’t want retail to fall behind. so I would love to see similar brilliant quick but efficient marketing ideas come alive.

thanks David.
I will be too brainstorming about this. Looking forward to discuss this with you guys on the next meeting.

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Glad to hear it went down well! :tada:

Let’s talk more in the next meeting, for sure :100

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