(Approved )Proposal for C1 legal ambassadorship and book presentation

C1 Guild Legal Ambassadorship & weekly Metaverse Podcast on book NFTs.

Hi C1 Guild and NEAR enthusiast, I’m Ozoihu Akunna Joy ( The Royal Queen of Isiagu community in Enugu state ) and a legal advocate based here in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.
I understand the need for historical events and stories to be documented in the blockchain to enable transparency and train more conscious minds in this community, as a legal practitioner we come across cases that are related to child abuse, drug abuse and mental related issues which are basically caused by ignorant and lack of love and respect so I propose to be writing and presenting this weekly podcast from the C1 Guild Twitch or YouTube channel straight to our VR Metaverse gallery so everyone can come join us there to hear my deep research on these topics and also provide us with digital books to mint in the C1 Auction Mintbase store.

I also would like to be as independent as I can be during this philanthropic journey with the C1 Guild foundation because it’s my dream to build a futuristic community helping people so my role as ambassador in the guild would include:

  1. Representing the guild when needed for legal or NGO matters.
  2. I’ll be onboarding legal practitioners in the ecosystem through educating them on the potentials of the NEAR ecosystem.
  3. I will visit royal families in the future with the intentions to onboard, educate and help them experiment the potentials in the web3 ecosystem either by a collaborative event or charity movement with the team.
  4. Provide 4 digital books ( max 8 pages ) per month to be minted in our store.
    I hope to learn, assist and grow the community and fill up the gap where legal and community management representative is needed, I’m requesting for total of $700 for this task.
    $100 per book X4 = $400
    Onboarding 10 legal practitioners monthly ( Cost of wallet activation token, transportation and miscellaneous )=$200
    Buy & Airdropping of book NFTs to attendees =$50
    Weekly set up of the Metaverse parcel for event =$50
    Total of $700
    82.26 NEAR

@Dedeukwu and @JCB


I think it’s a great idea @Royaltyjoy let us make it POP