[APPROVED] C1 January Budget

Hello all! C1 has received it’s community proposals and is now requesting for the month of January.

  1. Newsletter $1000 /50N

We want to start developing a by-weekly news letter that will be posted on the website and distributed through email campaigns. This is going to invoke bounties for content and art design, and will be over seen by Mr Eric, as he submitted the proposal below.

  1. C1 Nigeria Tour $2000 /100N

In collaboration with NxM, C1 plans to move in to live events starting in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja. All of the details can be found in the proposal below. The idea stemmed from an ideation proposal by El Kush.

  1. Seminar with Bone Police $100 /5N

C1 wants to have Bone Police offer a creative educational way to maximize your tokens value. Chenwill do this inxantwo part series that will be hosted in C1’s Discord

  1. Administrative duties for C1 $100 /5N

We are requesting form $100 to help with the administrative tasks of C1. This is to lessen the work load while we continue to build connections, collaborate and draw bigger people in the industry. Administrative duties will include reports and proposal submissions.

  1. Community management $1000 /50N

Community management will be divided by two between Dedeukwu and JCB for the organization of events and community calls, minting, and the continuation of building the community

Total Request: $4200 USD / 210N as of Jan 14th

Payout to c1.sputnikdao.near


I didn’t get it. How exact will they promote NearProtocol? Could you/they please describe more (schedule, events, activities, etc)?

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Hello team.

Happy to say it’s approved!
Please ask 208.3 in our astrodao ! (NEAR price $20.16, 23:15 utc+0 time)


Thank you very much!

The proposal has been submitted to the DAO.