( APPROVED ) Irl event/launch of new class with Shinygloves club

Greetings NEAR fam

I am proposing to host irl event with Shinygloves club in Jos during the launch of our new class with them with the intention to share the web3 knowledge with them and stream @JCB through a projector we’ll buy.

I also wish to officially prepare our partnership document with the Shinygloves club by the C1 lawyer and print them with 6 photocopies then frame the NGO certificate and partnership agreement for them to be in our 2 classroom. This movement will enable us seal the deal together and share synergies while building with the students and staff of both NGO also I’ll be giving out 2 C1/NEAR hoodie by DedeukwuShryne to the supervisor Reinhard ( Jos, Plateau state ) and ship to C.e.o of Shinygloves K ( U.S.A ) and create NEAR wallets for the guests that will attend this launching event.

C1 Guild will assist with refreshments and marketing materials for everyone during this event which will be showcased in our C1 Gallery in Cryptovoxels via Twitch or YouTube live so that Metaverse citizens can watch what’s happening and connect.


-To teach the staff of Shinygloves how to mint NFTs in our partnership store where their art collection will be minted.

-To sign, print and frame the partnership agreement and certificate which will be in the class.

-To sensitize them about the NEAR web3 ecosystem and onboard guests including people that identify with what we’re building with 0.3 $NEAR activated NEAR wallet.


-C1 Guild standing projector $500

-Refreshments $200

-Travel expenses ( return bus ticket ) $150

-Hotel expenses & feeding for 3 days $150

-Lawyers agreement $100

-Documents printing and framing $100

-Uploading the DAO registered document to otoco.io will cost $100

-wallet activation token $20

-Marketing materials ( banner and handbills) $80

-Payment for service $100

Total- $1500
Tagging @reespect @JCB

Targeted wallet- dedeukwu.near