(proposal ) capital guild creatives ( models &makeup artists )

Hi Creatives and NEAR enthusiast, I’m Ozoihu Akunna Joy @Royaltyjoy ( The Royal Queen of Isiagu community in Enugu state ) and a legal advocate based here in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, I’m also the legal ambassador to C1 GUILD COMMUNITY https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-for-c1-legal-ambassadorship-and-book-presentation/15632?u=elkhush and I just recently completed and minted my NFT book presentation on the C1 Guild Mintbase store, I’m also a council leader for the CAPITAL GUILD COMMUNITY ABUJA

Council leaders




As a member of the Capital Guild and as we start off Our guild, we are looking to also Deploy our mintbase store and we have already began plans for our website, and as a new community we will be needing NFTs to be minted in our store as we Lunch in this May also following our community Roadmap.

Thus looking at our roadmap

2022-04-15 01.07.07 we plan to kick off with the project of onboarding and showcasing of MODELS & MAKEUP ARTISTS.

Our project for the month of may will be targeted towards achieving a collection of art from these above mentioned creatives, we will be exhibiting;


This will be a collection for face beats and portraits from four (4) Models both male and females;

below are samples;

facebeat men


beads makeup

All models and make up artist will also be onboarded through this process, we plan to also mint these pictures and videos as NFTs, and all the creatives in this category’s near wallet will be attached to these NFTs.

Please be advised that the above photographs are used as samples to better explain what the project intends to achieve.

The production process will be recorded and photographed by a camera crew, And all Arts created will be Minted as NFT in the Capital-guild Mintbase store, this project is Targeted to kick off on the 10th of MAY and the recording done on the 12th of MAY 2022 so as to be ready and minted.

To achieve this,

Requesting funding for:

Camera/Videographers/video/photos editing/ Equipments transportation: $330


-2 Makeup artists: $200

-4 models: $200

Total = $730 71.92N

Target: royaljoy.near

This proposal was made as requested by @ted.iv in accordance to the guild lines of submitting proposals. Thank you.



Thank you for your contribution and ideas @Royaltyjoy super stoked

Hello, thanks for your proposal. Please, take into account that we do have a time limit to receive proposals each month.

Proposals should be done the first week of each month.

You are free to propose on June :wink:


Thanks fam @fritzworm …Actually This is a community project for CAPITAL GUILD that has been submitted before… I just made few changes as requested by @ted.iv in accordance to the guidelines of submitting proposals in the creative dao @creativesdao-council

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