[APPROVED] Open Web House | Hackathon in the mexican pacific ocean

Open Web House powered by NEAR | Pilot

Abstract :bookmark:

Open Web House is a two-day offline event in the pilot phase focused on software developers from Mexico who want to build web 3.0, as well as a space to mentor DeFi topics and crowdfunding projects through a hackathon.

Open Web Academy has been piloting NEAR certified bootcamps, and its members have worked for the past year on NEAR Protocol education projects and now wants to scale with recruiting web 3.0 enthusiasts and builders by creating face-to-face development groups.

This document proposes the conceptualization, planning and execution of a two-day workshop in Hacker House format to promote the development of the NEAR ecosystem in México with Javascript.

About Open Web Academy :globe_with_meridians:

OWA is an educational DAO (view DAO dashboard)that runs Web 3 education programs to teach people how to develop and launch projects.

Our team includes:

Website: ow.academy
Youtube: youtube/OpenWebAcademy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/owa_academy
Discord: Open Web Academy

Proposal :woman_office_worker:

Organize and implement the logistics of a Hacker House type event in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, where native web 2.0 developers adopt decentralized technologies through introductory talks, bootcamps on the development of smart contracts in the NEAR Protocol and a hackathon for the creation of Dapps in NEAR.

Value proposal. :star_struck:

Transform traditional web development groups into web 3.0 developers for the growth of the blockchain ecosystem and specifically the NEAR Protocol in LATAM.

Objectives :dart:

  • Seed community hubs across LATAM with sustained & localized developer resources that can be used across the ecosystem.
  • Create open-source developer resources for those building on NEAR
  • Funnel engineers & talent from Web2 & other blockchains into NEAR ecosystem.
  • Onboard over 45 long lasting founders & equip them with resources, co-founders, etc

Target Audience :family_man_man_girl_boy:

Fullstack developers, Javascript developers, general devs, university students and IT professionals.

Planning :flight_departure:

  • Select and manage the location for the Open Web House Power by NEAR.
  • Marketing campaign and mass dissemination of the event.
  • Invitation and collaboration with local universities in favor of decentralized education.
  • Ticket management.
  • Contact speakers, instructors and influencers of the NEAR Protocol.
  • Design bootcamps for smart contract development with the NEAR Javascript SDK.
  • Hackathon Organization.
  • Mentoring and tutorials to participants.
  • Evaluation and awards of developed projects.

Event :beach_umbrella:

Venue :placard:

Location of the Technological University of Bahía de Banderas (UTBB). (view on Maps)

The UTBB is characterized by being a university on the edge of the beach and having an open mind regarding new technologies, this is confirmed by agreeing to be our partner for this event. In addition, it has a strategic geographical point, since it is located in the middle of two tourist cities in Mexico.

Reception :wave:t2:

Introductory talk to the Web 3.0 world and the NEAR ecosystem, creation of NEAR wallets, transfer of commemorative NFTs and coworking with the hacker community.

Talks and bootcamps :woman_teacher:t2:

Crypto talks by national and international speakers, workshops given by certified NEAR instructors and tools for the full stack development of Dapps in the NEAR Protocol.

Hackathon :male_detective:t2:

Time trial contest to develop the best blockchain solution on the NEAR network with the support of expert mentors and instructors in Web 3.0 with prizes in tokens for the best projects.

Open schedule :spiral_calendar:

Days Activities
November 25, 2022 Recepción de los participantes
Opening talk
Introductory talk to the Web 3.0 world
Introductory talk to NEAR Protocol
Smart contract development bootcamp with NEAR using the Javascript SDK
hackathon kickoff and troubleshooting mentoring
November 26, 2022 Development of the hackathon and evaluation of progress
Talk about crypto projects of the NEAR ecosystem
Talk about staking and liquidity in NEAR Protocol
Pitch previous to the end of the hackathon
Last hackathon mentoring
Final pitch
Award ceremony and event closing

KPI’s :medal_military:

  • 45 attendees
  • Teaching a development workshop at NEAR with the Javascript SDK
  • Creation of 45 NEAR wallets
  • Delivery of 45 commemorative NFTs
  • Delivery of 4 talks
  • 9 hackathon teams
  • 1 winning teams
  • 3 notes in medium of the event
  • Local press coverage

Budget required :moneybag:

Budget Description Cost
Venue payment of use of the place, rental of furniture, rental of projection equipment, security personnel $2000 USD
Coffee break food and drinks for 45 people for two days $1500 USD
Travel transfer of the 2 organizers to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico $300 USD
Workshop’s instructors (Cristian Zambrano) payment to the instructor for programming workshop in NEAR with Javascript $1000 USD
Workshop’s instructors (Jose Canales) payment to the instructor for guidance on Hackathon $1000 USD
Media coverage graphic design, print advertising, digital advertising and dissemination on social networks $700 USD
Prizes prizes for hackathon winners $1500 USD
Total $8000 USD

Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near

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This will be amazing, I think we can teach a lot of things about NEAR and more with the lastest launchment, ¡the SDK for Javascript! :wink:


The post was updated to detail the activities of the two days and adjust two prices.

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Hi @irvingcong thanks for a well written proposal.

I am happy to support what looks like a well organised event. If approved, please remember to post a Report with photos of the event.


Sounds interesting and definitely something that stands out a bit more these days. Thank you for the thorough detail in your outline. You have my support.


Thanks for this proposal,

I am very excited to support this proposal noting that:

  • The team has an extensive history onboarding and training new developers that have lead to the creation of multiple NEAR based projects in the region with active communitites
  • I’ve personally attended and can attest to the high quality of A LOT of marketing activities the team runs in the region such as Twitter Spaces - none of this activities have received funding from Marketing DAO in the past
  • I’ve personally attended several IRL events including a Hacker House in NYC and can attest to the important these events have in creating and strengthening local communities.


Moving this proposal to approved. You can proceed with creating a poll on AstroDAO. Once the poll has been formally approved, you need to submit Request for Payment to NEAR Foundation using this form


Thank you for accepting the proposal, without a doubt we will take into account the advice that @satojandro has given us.
Soon I will start with the next part of the process.

Wait for the publication of our results in the future, greetings


I share the poll made in Astro Dao, thanks again for the acceptance and thanks to those who have cast their vote in this initiative. Thank you!


Event update:
Venue: Joint coworking Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico link
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Invitation in the governance forum: Open Web House | Pilot - See you at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Learn more about the event: House – Open Web Academy
Read more about the event: Open Web Academy – Medium

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the report of this proposal can be seen here :nerd_face: