[REPORT] Open Web House Guadalajara México

The Open Web House in Guadalajara Mexico was successful

Hi NEAR family. :v::v:
At the end of january, the DAO Open Web Academy team made a proposal to run the Open Web House GDL, NEAR’s second face-to-face hackathon on Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, with the goal of adding new builders to the NEAR Protocol. and develop new dApp solutions for the ecosystem.

Today I present to you the formal report of the event held last weekend. :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Before the event.

With the intention of disseminating and giving presence to the event, the Open Web House community developed the following activities

  • 1 meetup with the community of Mr. in Guadalajara, Mexico | view
  • 1 meetup with the Javascript community in Guadalajara, Mexico | view
  • 1 virtual meetup with the Rust Mexico community | view
  • 1 talk with the Autonomous University of Nayarit | private session for students
  • 1 talk with the Technological University of Manzanillo | view
  • 1 week of daily workshops of 1 hour for the construction of web 3.0 projects in NEAR Protocol and Aurora | view
  • 3 Twitter spaces about Open Web House Guadalajara | view

The event . :spiral_notepad:

Event numbers :bar_chart:

Hackathon management, participants and projects

The administrative and technical management of the hackathon was carried out in Devpost. A platform that helps software engineers (developers) to participate in hackathon-style software competitions. Here the participants make their creations and tools visible to the Devpost community and the world. In this way, anyone interested in monitoring what was created on March 6 and 8 at the Open Web House Guadalajara, can enter the link https://open-web-house-gdl.devpost.com/project-gallery and see the details of all the projects created, as well as the participants of each team and the profiles they have.

Participants metrics


Show more on https://open-web-house-gdl.devpost.com/project-gallery

NEAR Challenge :motorway:


NEAR Protocol is a Layer 1 blockchain that uses Nightshade, a unique sharding technology, for scalability. It is a platform for builders by offering one of the best smart contract development experiences, using Javascript or RUST. With NEAR you can:

  • Deploy smart contracts as fungible tokens, NFTs, DeFi or something else.
  • Transfer tokens between accounts, either $NEAR or a fungible token.
  • Transfer tokens using the Ethereum rainbow bridge <> NEAR <> Aurora
  • Set up validator nodes for your Proof of Stake system
  • Introduce new users easily to the world of Web 3.

Expected solution:
A decentralized application that runs on NEAR Protocol in its layer-1 and with high added value to its users.

Meta Pool Challenge :motorway:


Meta Pool is a community-focused open source project, maintained by a core team that is releasing updates and new products to the Web 3 ecosystem.

This program seeks to support Open Web House participants in discovering innovative ways to integrate the liquid Meta Pool token, $stNEAR, and existing Meta Pool services within the NEAR and Aurora ecosystem.

Expected solution

Create a solution that integrates the $stNEAR token, or any other Meta Pool service, using it as a value proposition.

Aurora Challenge :motorway:


Aurora Network is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) built on top of the NEAR Protocol infrastructure. With Aurora you can:

  • Transfer your tokens between Ethereum <> NEAR <> AURORA
  • Deploy smart contracts made in Solidity with the same experience as in Ethereum.
  • Use wallets known as Meta Mask.
  • Pay low transaction costs.
  • Using the aurora.plus platform you get 50 free transactions per month

Expected solution

A decentralized application that runs on the Aurora network and with high added value to its users.


Hackathon winning projects among which the prize pool was distributed.

  • Project: Sub World - Best NEAR solution, best Metapool solution and best pitch.
  • Project: Did the tow truck tow my car? - Best solution in aurora
  • Project: Swapti - Best solution in NEAR
  • Project: HypeKicks - Community Challenge First
  • Project: Where I spend My crypto - Best solution in aurora
  • Project: Book chain - Best solution in NEAR

Social Media Partners

We are also pleased to inform that Open Web Academy has reached a collaboration agreement with Software Gurú, which has allowed us to broadcast some talks from the Open Web House Guadalajara hackathon via YouTube. Software Gurú is one of the leading online technology communities in Latin America, and we are excited to have worked with them to spread the innovative ideas and solutions that emerged during our event. We thank Software Guru for their support and hope that this collaboration is just the beginning of a productive and beneficial relationship that allows more users to learn about NEAR Protocol.

Playlist of live broadcasts of the event

Furthermore, we are pleased to share that the Cryptocarnes blockchain community gave us their support to do the photo and video coverage of the event. Cryptocarnes is a community that seeks to promote transparency of communities that use blockchain technology, and we are very grateful to have had their help in the documentation of the event. Thanks to them, we have been able to capture the best moments of the Open Web House Guadalajara hackathon and share them with our online community.

NFT experience by Nativo NFT

In this report it is also important to thank Nativo NFT for their presence at the Open Web House event in Guadalajara. His participation in the event and his presentation on the technology of non-fungible tokens, was extremely informative and inspiring for all attendees.

Additionally, the NFT gallery they featured at the event was an impressive demonstration of blockchain technology’s ability to transform the world of digital art and intellectual property. The NFTs featured in the gallery were impressive and reflected the passion and talent of the artists who created them.

see video of the NFT gallery on Nativo NFT’s Twitter


Show more on Twitter (https://twitter.com/openwebacademy_/media) or Telegram group (Telegram: Contact @openwebhouse)

Transparency :dart:

Visualize and follow up on the monetary transactions carried out for the development of the event, such as food expenses, venue rental, payment of instructors and distribution of prizes from the Open Web Academy DAO dashboard.

*Disclaimer: Total of expenses could not be reflected on real time in DAO.


Great experience!

The Latam Community has been always an early buidler of the NEAR Ecosystem. Hope to see more Open Web House’s powered by NEAR coming.


Amazing event and a great experience :fire:, I hope more events of this type to continue learn and building in the NEAR ecosystem :smile:


This is probably one of the best Reports I’ve seen - amazing structure and depth. It reads very easily with a clear story arc, showing only what matters and demonstrating value generated along the way. SOLID.

Keep up the good work - looking forward to the next hacker house!