[Approved] Open Web House | Hackathon in Monterrey Mexico

Hello NEAR Family. :wave:
Continuing with the route of the open web house, we bring a new proposal to continue promoting the NEAR Protocol in Mexican lands. This edition of Open Web House is special because it takes place in parallel to the CriptoMexico event organized by the CryptoCarnes community in Monterrey, a community oriented towards blockchain education in the region.

With the experience generated around the different hacker houses that we have implemented, this proposal not only contains the development of a face-to-face event, but also talks about the user experience and presence of the NEAR brand before and after the event, creating content. of dissemination and content of academic value, as well as the mobilization of local communities that increases the energies of assistance.

Open Web House in the past :back:

Abstract :books:

Open Web House is a three-day face-to-face event focused on software developers from Mexico who want to build web 3.0, as well as a space to guide DeFi issues and crowdfunding projects through a hackathon.

Open Web Academy is an educational DAO that runs Web 3 learning programs to teach people how to develop and launch decentralized projects; developing IRL events to recruit new web 3 builders and promoting the creation of solutions based on the NEAR Protocol since 1 year ago and now wants to scale up recruiting web 3.0 enthusiasts and builders by creating face to face development groups.

This publication proposes the conceptualization, planning and execution of a three-day hackathon to promote the development of the NEAR ecosystem in Mexico with the Javascript SDK.

Executive Summary :briefcase:

Overview :eye:

  • March 8, 2023 - announcement of the Open Web House Monterrey and opening of pre-registration
  • April 8, 2023 - First round of confirmation of attendees.
  • March 15 to May 15, 2023 - Special promotional content and community touchpoints.
  • May 8, 2023 - Second round of confirmation of attendees
  • May 24, 25 and 26, 2023 - Open Web House Monterrey
  • May 27, 2023 - Pitch and closing of the open web house at the https://criptomexico.mx/ event

Venue :placard:

Laboratorio Cultural Ciudadano of Monterrey in Mexico (see on maps)

The city of Monterrey is an important business and financial center in Mexico, which means that there are many companies and organizations that focus on technology and innovation, especially in sectors such as electronics, information technology, and communications. In addition, the city is home to renowned universities such as the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, according to some media, one of the three best universities in LATAM.

About Open Web Academy :globe_with_meridians:

In the past, the organization of the Open Web Academy has carried out educational activities focused on the creation of new blockchain solutions that allow the NEAR ecosystem to grow. Some of these activities have even been financed by DAO marketing. You can list:

Our team includes:

Our social networks

Proposal :black_nib:

Organize and implement the logistics of a Hacker House event in Monterrey, Mexico, where native web 2.0 developers adopt decentralized technologies through introductory talks, bootcamps on the development of smart contracts in the NEAR Protocol and a hackathon for the creation of Dapps in NEAR .

Value proposal. :top:

Open Web House seeks to integrate engineers and talent from Web2 and other blockchains into the NEAR ecosystem through a hackathon with the goal of continuing to create solutions for end users.

Objectives :dart:

.- Onboard 70 new builders developing solutions using the NEAR Protocol.

.- Construction of 6 web 3.0 business ideas based on NEAR Protocol.

.- Create written open source development resources for the NEAR Protocol community in Spanish.

.- Gather leading figures in the development of Web 3 technology.

.- Make brand awareness of NEAR Protocol as a Top of Mind technology for building Web 3 solutions on Latin America.

Target Audience :movie_camera:

Fullstack developers, Javascript developers, general devs, university students and IT professionals.

Planning :memo:

  • Select and manage the location for the Open Web House Power by NEAR.
  • Marketing campaign and mass dissemination of the event.
  • Invitation and collaboration with local universities in favor of decentralized education.
  • Ticket management.
  • Contact speakers, instructors and influencers of the NEAR Protocol.
  • Design bootcamps for smart contract development with the NEAR Javascript SDK.
  • Hackathon Organization.
  • Mentoring and tutorials to participants.
  • Evaluation and awards of developed projects.

Event :piñata:

Important dates
March 8, 2023 - announcement of the Open Web House Monterrey and opening of pre-registration

  • April 8, 2023 - First round of confirmation of attendees.
  • March 15 to May 15, 2023 - Special promotional content and community touchpoints.
  • May 8, 2023 - Second round of confirmation of attendees
  • May 24, 25 and 26, 2023 - Open Web House Monterrey
  • May 27, 2023 - Pitch and closing of the open web house at the https://criptomexico.mx/ event


LABNL Lab Cultural Ciudadano is a center for cultural creation and citizen participation. It works under a methodology of experimentation and collaboration between citizens to find technological solutions to community problems. Visit on the map. Visit the official website: LABNL Lab Cultural Ciudadano


Introductory talk to the Web 3.0 world and the NEAR ecosystem, creation of NEAR wallets, transfer of commemorative NFTs and coworking with the hacker community.

Talks and bootcamps

Crypto talks by national and international speakers, workshops given by certified NEAR instructors and tools for the full stack development of Dapps in the NEAR Protocol.


Time trial contest to develop the best blockchain solution on the NEAR network with the support of expert mentors and instructors in Web 3.0 with prizes in tokens for the best projects.

Open schedule :calendar:

See the full program of the event

KPI’s :chart_with_upwards_trend:

.- 70 attendees.

.- 1 workshop on development of smart contracts in NEAR with the Javascript SDK.

.- Creation of 70 NEAR Wallets.

.- Delivery of 70 commemorative NFTs.

.- 12 dapp ideas built on NEAR Protocol

.- 1 notes in medium of the event.

.- 7 talks related to the NEAR ecosystem + 3 general web 3.0 talks

Budget required :coin:

Budget Description Cost
Venue Payment of use of the place, rental of furniture. 6 hours of use per day $2100 USD
Snacks and drink Coffee, water, and cookies for the event 300 USD
Food 10 dishes to choose from, 1 rice stew, 1 bean stew, freshly made tortillas, quesadillas, garnishes, disposable, 2-hour service, 20 LTS of water Price: $800 USD
Merch custom event T-shirts (3 different designs) , Impressions of vinyl stickers for the event, 70 printed name tags with simple cord, caps, thermoses, glasses, printed material, $900
Logistic and organization Multitasking volunteers, Transportation of organizers to the city of Monterrey Mexico, Lodging for 6 nights, Food for the organizers $1000 USD
Workshop’s instructors Payment to 1 the instructors for programming workshop in NEAR with Javascript $2000 USD
Media coverage/marketing Graphic design, print advertising, digital advertising and social networks, $400 USD
Prizes Prizes for hackathon winners $2500 USD
TOTAL $10,000 USD

:credit_card: Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


There are a few points that I want to make emphasis:

  • This proposal is a full event organization and logistics, including previous, during and after activities.
  • This proposal includes the previous/parallel events required to mount a succesful Hacker House: Technical Training, meetups with communities and talks with universities.
  • Advanced technical topics like Blockchain Operating System can be covered and teached by Open Web Academy team.
  • Monterrey is one the biggest cities on tech industry, e.g. Tesla will be installing a plant on Monterrey and there are actives communities developing Web 3 on the area.

Keep building!

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Thank you for great job! Always happy to support you.


Hi @irvingcong Thanks for the proposal – I’d like to find a way to support this as we do see Hackathons as playing a vital role in expanding and growing the NEAR ecosystem. That said, combined with your previous proposal ($7.1K), if this is approved, the total funding allocated to one team would reach $34,270 at a time when our monthly soft cap is $50K. Because of that, I think we need to review this during our next weekly council meeting as it may require additional approval/support from our funding sources, i.e. the NDC. We’re meeting tomorrow, so hopefully we can have more information for you soon.

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Thank you for the attention paid to our proposal and thank you for highlighting the point of the monthly financing limit. We await without inconvenience an answer to which they can arrive. See you later!

Hi @irvingcong thanks for your proposal and firstly may i appologise for the delay in coming to a decision.
I have reviewed your proposal and noted the comments and replies to fellow council. The Marketing DAO council reached out, on your behalf, to the Events team for guidance but they were unable to assist.
Unfortunately i am unable to support as the amount requested is outside our single proposal cap of $10k.

Hi @irvingcong Echoing what @cryptocredit said, we asked the NF events team if they could fund this, and they were not able to. We do have a $10K cap at the moment (which we are hoping to have support from the NDC for increasing in the near future, but at the moment are not there yet). Would you consider revising the proposal to meet that? I’d like to see a way forward where we can support you in this effort.

@cryptocredit @so608

Thank you for your feedback and clarity about dao marketing. We are really excited to continue offering build spaces for everyone interested in NEAR and AURORA. We have made some modifications in the previous activities of the event, the number of participants and the experiences in the event.
We hope you will review this proposal again and let us know how we can proceed.
See you soon!

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Hi @irvingcong thanks for the revisions. I am happy to support the current proposal.

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Hi @irvingcong noted that you have revised the amount being requested and that you have a good track record in organised web3 hackathons. Happy to supprt . Now moving to Approved


hello, team.
The hacker house is about to happen in 8 days and the funding process has not been completed. We are concerned about how this may affect the activities already planned.

Can you read the report about this proposal. Thx team! :handshake:

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