[APPROVED] Onboarding women and trans Brazilian artists

Proponent: Ghini (Argenide Ghini)
NEAR account for payment: ghini.near
Project Timeline: February 1 th – February 20 th 2022

Objective: The main objective of this project is to bring women and trans artists to Mintbase (NEAR blockchain). The artists will mint their artwork to be able to participate in the FEMINU (Female NFTs Universe) Exhibition that will take place in the Museu.xyz in Cryptovoxels from March 8th – March 22th 2022. Also I intend in this project to encourage the habit of buying NFT and start a collection.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this project is precisely to introduce Mintbase and NEAR blockchain to several Brazilian women and trans artists. This is important, because in the art market as in every market, these minorities are underpaid and don’t have the same opportunities as men. We need to pay attention and bring all the support we can to promote events that put women and trans artists in the spotlights. FEMINU Exhibition intend to achieve this goal and for that to happen, the onboarding is essential not only because all the artworks of the exhibition will be in Mintbase (NEAR blockchain), bringing visibility to both, artists and Mintbase, but also, the artists will learn how to mint, sell and buy an NFT at the platform. Another important issue is to promote the habit of buying NFTs, a good thing for the artists and for the Mintbase platform.

Project: In order to fulfill our objective, I will help the artists to build their NEAR wallets and be associated as minters probably in the Gambiarra store. The artists will have to mint at least 2 artworks. For that It will be needed 1,5 NEAR per artist, 0,5 for minting and 1 for buying an NFT.

It will also be needed 250 USD in NEAR for every 25 (women and trans) artists onboard payed to me for coordinating the process, with the goal of onboarding at least 50 artists.


February 1 th – 10th – Distribute the first part of the welcoming NEAR amount (0,5 NEAR) and start onboarding the artists.

February 11 th – 20th - Check if they minted 2 artworks in the store and distribute the rest of the welcoming gift so they can buy an NFT at the price of 1 NEAR and start their Mintbase collection.


To onboard 50 people on Mintbase: 75 NEAR (1,5 NEAR to each person, divided in 0,5 NEAR at first and 1 NEAR after completing the task of minting 2 objects, being that the artist will only participate at the FEMINU Exhibition after completing the two tasks of the onboarding project (mint two artworks and buy an NFT). It will be provided half of the onboarding funds 37,5N initially and this process repeats then, with the next 37,5N for more 25 ppl onboarded.

[all the resources that were not used in this topic will be given back to Mintbase]

To pay the organizer: 500 USD in NEAR. [milestone: to onboard the artists. If I reach half of the people, I will be able to ask for the payment, or if we get to the time limit for the project, that is February 21th, with the minters there], explaining better… After I onboarded 25 people, and they each minted 2 and bought at least one for 1N from other people, MintbaseDAO will transfer 250USD in near to me., then the process repeat with the other 25 onborded.

TOTAL: 500 USD in NEAR + 75 NEAR

Artistic name: Ghini

Traditional, digital and NFT Artist, curator and poet

NFT’s exhibitions in New York (NFT.NYC 22), Art Basel Miami Week 22, Cryptovoxels Metaverse and physical artworks exhibited in Museums in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Lithuania. Ghini was one of the curators of BrazucasNFT, a huge Brazilian NFT artists exhibition in Museu.xyz and this year will publish her first book of poems.

Links: @ghini_ar | Linktree


Hey @Ghini nice to see you here

As I already know you and trust you through your connection to @thephilosopher, I am happy to start collaborating with you.

I really like your project.

And you want them to be at the Gambiarra store, instead of creating a new FEMINU store? That is totally ok by me, its just a question…

and have you checked if all the trans people feel well under the FEMINU name? I know from my surroundings, that many nonbinary people are very sensitive to these kind of things…

Happy to approve soon. :slight_smile:

I think for 250 USD you could onboard 25 people? Would that be okay?

that said we would change the values

we would provide the onboarding funds 37,5N initially.

After you onboarded 25 people, and they each minted 2 and bought at least one for 1N from other people (make sure they list their things for sale at 1N so they can buy it), MintbaseDAO will transfer 250USD in near to you.

With 0.5 N they can mint 5 thousand NFTs :slight_smile: 0,00001N per mint

this process repeats then, next 37,5N sent to you, next 25 ppl onboarded.

Then we will have 50 new people that have each bought at least 1 NFT :slight_smile:

Let’s do it like thet?


Hey Maria, I am very glad you liked my proposal. All the issues you post are really relevant. About the name I will check it like you said. My intention was an inclusive name, for sure. I thought the U at the and could do it right but nothing is better than check it. I will do it. About the store, is it ok for you if II decide until next monday? About my payment it’s ok for me 250 for 25 artist the way you especified and the way the resource will go to the project. Everything is perfect for me. I would like to thank you for the trust in me. I will do my best for this project. Thank you!


Perfect, yes, no stress. :slight_smile: Let me know when you want to start. And… just an Idea. If you opened it to the international community?

Non-cis-male artists welcome? hhahahah :innocent: :innocent: just joking, OFC!


:grinning: Maria, I think It will be great for another proposal and we can do it right after the ending of this one, because this exhibition will take place in the Musem.xyz. They are responsable for the historical records of the Brazilian NFTs history, I guess I never saw an international exhibition there. There is also the point that brazilian women and trans artists , including anyone who self identifies with this gender, really need this visibility. So I propose we think another one and I can start working as soon as possible in the proposal, if you like the idea and make it huge with all the international community. What do you think about it?


Wow now I saw it is approved. Really glad for this great conquest for all these girls, including myself. I have no words to express my gratitude. Be sure I will do my very best. My thanks to you and Mintbase. I will let you know about the store next monday. Thank you again


Let’s do it Ghini! Also, consider creating gallery nfts with 3xr. Can you please adjust the prices in the original post?


Yeah @marianeu let’s do it!!! Sorry I forgot. It was the emotion !!! I will fix it.
@thephilosopher told me about 3xr. I intend to do it, for sure. He help me a lot with my doubts because this one was the first and he knows everything in Mintbase. I am gratful to him too.


Maria I just adjusted the prices and explained better the process of the funds


Very glad to see your project here, @Ghini! It will be a wonderful project. Congrats for the approval. :pray::heart:


thank you so so much, @thephilosopher !!! :heart_eyes: :gift_heart:




thanks a lot @Natashacremonese


created 50 airdrops for 0,5 each

and sent the links to @ghini via telegram today

also sent 50x1N

I can see how many wallets were opened

We are in close contact.

At the moment there are 114 at the gambiarra store @ghini I expect to see 164 after this onboarding.


Thanks for the help @marianeu The links are going to make easier the onboarding. Many girls already entered at the Gambiarra Discord and today we´ll have a meeting. Hope to have 50 more at Gambiarra, too. In case of not achieving this number of new artists the remaining money will be returned. Anyway the name of Mintbase will go down in history because it represents much more than onboarding new artists. These artists and others that already are in Mintbase will participate at the FEMINU that isn´t just another exhibition, it is the first such initiative in NFT´s world and ALL THE ARTWORKS will be minted at Mintbase and all the event registered at the Museu.xyz. Many of the girls that are coming will be starting their careers in the nfts world. I am really proud to be ahead of this historical moment and grateful for the support of Mintbase. Thank you for the trust.


@reginamintbase Good morning Regina, we had this weekend a huge amount of minting because of the Onboarding process and also because another exhibition in progress- Semana de 22. Because of this situation we are having a storage problem and I would like to ask of it’s possible to send some resource because today we will continue to have a great number of minting. Thank you so much for your attention.

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oi @Ghini of course - how much are you requesting?


@reginamintbase Hi Regina, 7 Near would be ok But if you can send 10 it would be so much better. There is a lot of New artists to onboard this week . Can you send directly to de gambiarra account on mintbase ? gambiarra.mintbase1.near
Thanks for being so much helpful.


Hey @ghini & @reginamintbase

did gambiarra receive the storage funds?

just checking :slight_smile:

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Hey @marianeu I ask it here but forgot to ask at the astro Dao, so, I was told to transfer 6.5Near from my personal wallet ghini.near to the gambiarra.mintbase1.near after @thephilosopher had transfered 1N without solving the storage problem. I was going to ask for the refound for both of us when the dengue disease caught me. Can I request it here?

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