[Approved] October 2021 Social Media Marketing Budget for NxM

[Proposal] October 2021 Social Media Marketing Budget for NxM

Guild Name - NxM

Funding Scheme - Monthly

Detailed Summary:

Greetings! This is Vandal (vandal.near) and I’m the founder and manager of the NxM (NEAR x Music) Guild & DAO. We formed our Guild back in April/May of 2021 working together with Createbase before officially becoming a DAO in July 2021. Since then we have been growing our community through a variety of initiatives, including events in the Metaverse, creative collaborations, NFTs, Videos and more.

Check out a video our community created introducing NxM

The Social aspect of music and art is vital to the success of artists and their communities and we have begun to embark on a mission to establish NxM as an open and inclusive global community. Have a look at our Linktree to gauge the progress we have made thus far. Over the course of the last few months we have faced some limitations that we hope to remedy. Mainly the need to add a Social Media Manager and to provide adequate funds to the Social Team.

Through these funds we can further establish NxM as the destination for musicians and artists in the Web3 space and expand our membership and community activity through efficient and effective branding and marketing initiatives.

Our Proposal:

We wish to help fund the following elements of our Social Media initiatives:

Our team will benefit from the addition of a Social Media Manager, which will allow us to effectively deliver our promotional content across platforms thus generating more engagement and growth of the NxM global community.

With this injection of funds we can also add value to the events and activities NxM members have been engaging in and add support to their promotional endeavors.

Have a look at our September activity to gauge how active we are.

Metrics & Goals:

NxM is going through some changes in Q4. For October we will continue our core events and activities, add a few new ones and participate in NEARCon on a variety of levels (Booth at event & After Party involvement). So our main area of focus for October will be to establish a process and flow through the addition of the Social Media Manager and to effectively promote all our initiatives.

Moving into November NxM will introduce two streams of funding for Guild related activities - Events & Projects. See our Miro Map here. We also plan on launching a Social Token $NXM through an IDO on Skyward (or NearPAD) to power additional community initiatives. More to come on this.

Total Requested Amount:

$1000 / 140 N (@ $7.15)

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO

Wallet owner’s name

October Funding Breakdown:

  • Social Media Manager - $500
  • Each Social Platform (x5) - $100

NxM DAO is currently supplementing the payment for each social team member with $200 so the request for November might change, in which case I can submit an additional proposal or adjust this one accordingly

Thanks again! If you have any questions or comments I look forward to reading them in the comments below :slight_smile:


Thank you @vandal , this looks good to me.

Copying other council members for their feedback: @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @satojandro @Grace

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Thanks for your feedback @jcatnear. Let me know if anything needs any further clarification!

Well written proposal @vandal which gives a clear and concise outline of your plans. Nice to see you are focused on putting the structures in place for the future growth of NxM.

Looks fine to me @jcatnear


Thanks! It’s a great help for NxM to have a social media manager to better coordinate our promotional efforts and additional support for the team. Appreciate it!

Hey guys, please request for your payout here: SputnikDAO

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