[Approved] NxM DAO - Marketing DAO – Q3 - 2022


Funding Scheme: Quarterly

Project: Social Media Management July

Council: @Monish016 @rhymetaylor @williamx

Links: NxM Live | Linktree

Target Address: nxm.sputnik-dao.near

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Previous Marketing DAO Report: [Report] NxM DAO - Marketing DAO – JUNE - 2022

Request amount: 2880 USD (for 3 months)


June was a transition month for NXM with some changes in funding guidelines for projects & events. In which, we encourage the launch of NFT ticketing events instead of traditional ones, and projects proposers need to hold NxM badge which can be obtained by introducing their background on Forum and engage with NxM on our TG. We are looking ahead for July with better social media activities & engagements.

In the Month of July, NxM still keeping our work with the Media Team run by community members, ensuring the opportunities & responsibilities are given to the great community members we’re having.

Current Social Media Team:

Twitter: @AugustKinge

Instagram: @Sleezy_Moss

Discord: @Sammiee

Telegram: Co-Handled by @Sleezy_Moss & @AugustKinge

Previous Social Media Management Report

Telegram and Twitter report (May 2022) (@AugustKinge)

Telegram and Twitter report (June 2022) (@AugustKinge)

Telegram and Instagram report (May 2022) (@Sleezy_Moss)

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Discord report (May 2022) (@Sammiee)

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The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

· IG:

Management: posting daily, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile - 200 USD x 3 months = 600 USD

· Twitter:

Min. 3 posts & retweets per week about streams, events, collaborations & funding options (through the gov. forum) - 200 USD x 3 months = 600 USD

· TG:

Community calls

Sharing of bounties/ possibilities in the Ecosystem & nurturing DAO to DAO / artist collabs through actively connecting them with other artists

Reviewing funding proposals & updates, explaining DAO functions, payouts etc. - 300USD x 3months = 900 USD

· Discord:

*Active Community Participation, Syncing Events through telegram and Twitter, Discord Trivia - 260USD x 3 months = 780 USD

Current numbers:

· IG: 285 Followers

· Twitter: 1455 Followers


· TG: 625 Members

· Discord: 280 Members


Reaching the following numbers by the end of the month: (We’ll update metrics by monthly report)

IG: Reaching 300 followers

Twitter: reach 1500 followers

TG: grow to 650 members

Discord: 300 members

Amount: 2880 USD

Thank You



Can you please add the social media channel urls?


Of course. I’ve added the links to socials


Hey guys - is that total for all three months? If so, happy to support.


Yes, it is for all three months


Happy to support. Have a great day!


Thank you for your support.


Thanks for your proposal. I support this, moving to approved.

You can now proceed with poll on AstroDAO. Please note that the Google Form for requesting payout to the NF has now been replaced by THIS form (Ironclad). Please reach out if you have any questions


Hello, could you please share the report? Thank you!

NxM DAO Marketing Report – Q3 2022

Dear Marketing Councils,

Regarding our approved proposal for Marketing on Q3 2022, hereby is the report for the period of July, August, September (Q3 – 2022).

Use of fund:

From 2880 USD Requested, 960 USD has been allocated for each month for 4 channels:

  • IG Management: 200 USD/month
  • Twitter Management: 200 USD/month
  • Telegram Management: 300 USD/month
  • Discord Management: 260 USD/month

From which, our community managers posted their report for each month before requesting payout on Astro DAO.

Detailed reports for each month:




Thank you very much for your support.


@rhymetaylor Hello. Can you share report ? Thanks

Hi Dacha, the reports are in the comment shared by @williamx

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Thank you :grin: Have a great day!