[Approved] NxM Anthem Sep 2021

I’m proposing the continuation of NxM Anthem for the month of Sep 2021.

@JCB will be producing and Masia One will provide vocals. Visual artist TBD.

The release is scheduled for the last Friday of the month Sep 24th, 2021

In the coming months, the goal is to increase co-operation with the NxM Social Media DAO to better promote the releases.

Also considering events in CV to coincide with releases

I’m requesting 150 N total budget for the month.

100 N split equally between musical and artistic collaborators
50 N for project management/maintenance



@vandal @zeitwarp @chloe


Thanks @steven! We have included NxM Anthem in the funding budget for September. Could you elaborate on who is involved in the September Anthem and also see how you’ll make use of the Social team to push it out to the masses. I recall from the Community Call yesterday that you’re still looking for a visual artist to contribute.

Oh and it would be great to set a release date so it can be scheduled on the calendar!

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Made some updates, let me know if there’s anything else

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Hey! I saw a tweet about a potential collaboration here for the artwork. Happy to get involved and work with some new NEARians. Let me know if you still need an artist for the project.


Hey Ted,

Thanks for your response! Are you on Telegram? We have a group there for co-ordinating NxM Anthem. I want to put you in touch with JCB and Masia One so they can get you the song and let you know if they have ideas for the art.

Steven | trashlights.near


Just joined!
I’ll introduce myself there.


Hey @steven just checking to see how things are coming for the Anthem! Are we still all set for the Sept 24th release?!?

We are on schedule. I don’t have everything in hand yet, but I believe we’ll be ready for the 24th.

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Thanks for the update @steven and looking forward to having you on the community call tomorrow to fill everyone in!

Hey @masiaone this is the original post for the Anthem. This budget was paid out to the NxM DAO in the September funding request.

@Paul @Monish016 Masia & @JCB have completed this track and need to be paid out. I recommend that the payout reflects what the value of NEAR was when the budget was approved and then distributed according to the current value in NEAR now. See CoinGecko to figure it out :wink:


Hey All,
“Respect the Architects” will be released through DAOrecords SoundSplash events May 4. The song and cover art still reflect that this is an NxM anthem.

What is the process of receiving this payout?
What is the breakdown of what is paid to whom? ie: Project manager, Producer, Artists.

Feel free to link me on Telegram. Once I understand this, I will share the next steps with the 5 collaborators involved in this project. Thank you!


Hey, @masiaone we are happy to approve that, however, we need to change the requested amount, as 100N is way beyond our budget, and the proposal has been submitted in September 2021.

On behalf of NxM, I propose $600, as the total payout for all the artists engaged, as NEAR was around $6. Does it work for you?

Let me double check with everyone, especially producer JCB since he was part of the original crew that initiated this project. Reply shortly and thank you.

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Hi Paul,
I spoke to the team and I think there is some confusion with regard to this payout.

The original proposal outlines the following funding:
25 N for each participant (for example 2 vocalists, a producer)
25 N Mixing & Mastering
25 N Marketing
25 N Project management

We are requesting a total budget of 150 N for funding

Prices from the original funding are quoted in NEAR not USD, so some of the collaborators felt that the payout should honour this. As well the delay of this project was not due to the negligence from any of the final collaborators.

We propose a compromise of requesting the full payout 150 NEAR, but commit to dedicating 50NEAR from this payout to fund a “Respect the Architects” engagement for NxM. This could also be a potential on-boarding initiative.

Example engagement could be a challenge for the RTA remix “Builders Song” - artists share their best 16 bars. The challenge will be promoted to NxM community members as well as our own creative networks, requiring artists to join the NxM community to enter the contest.


  • Allow “Respect the Architects” to truly be an anthem for NxM by engaging the community through a remix contest.

  • Promotion for “Respect the Architects” recently released as part of DAOrecords SoundSplash. With added promotion may come added attention and NFT sales, further testing out the newly implemented fonoroot system.

  • On-boarding artists to NxM for participants of the 16 bar remix challenge.

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Hey @masiaone 150N is way above our budget, we can’t pay you that high rate! Please also do note that additional 50N was meant for Steven for management.

Like l said in previous post, this proposal was submitted in September 2021, NEAR price was smaller than today, therefore our budget looks different too. Also, to define costs of projects we’re using dollars since couple of months instead of NEAR, as dollar is stable compared to N.

100N back in September had average value around $600/$700, so we don’t agree to pay you 150N - $1650 (based on current N price), as we have some others pending costs and this is half of our budget.

If it’s ok for, we can agree for $700 as a total payout between all artists which is maximum based on our budget.


Hello Paul,
After speaking to the team, Monish and yourself we are ok with the 700USD payout based on a maximized budget.

I’ve addressed with you the point of Steven’s 50N for management - he left the project at the top of the engagement. I took over his duties and understood that I would now be the project manager. This is to note that, someone did take over his role, and has put in the time and efforts in his place. After our discussion I now know and understand that I will not be receiving the renumeration promised to him.

I have also discussed with the team to offer the GIF (animated) version of the “Respect the Architects” NFT exclusively on the NxM Store. Could you please direct us to a link for the NxM store so we can prepare minting on this platform?

Please share how the payout should be received. For example: Should I deliver the splits for the 700USD and associated wallets for the payout to be made, or send it to 1 wallet and we handle the administration?

Thank you again for your patience through this process and we will close out this project.

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Hey @masiaone

I can add your near wallet as a minter to NxM Store, and you will be able to do it by yourself or I can do it on your behalf, but I’d need details like description, mp3 & artwork, near wallet names of collaborators, copies of NFT to mint, and price.

Regarding the payout - please submit it for $700 to our AstroDAO, and once it’ll be approved, please send the appropriate cut to everyone.

  1. Log to our AstroDAO by your NEAR wallet,
  2. Submit a payout by clicking on “+”,
  3. Please enter a description of the payout request,
  4. Please paste the URL of this proposal,
  5. Convert $700 into NEAR based on NEAR price during your request,
  6. Enter your NEAR wallet (funds will be received there),
  7. Click “propose” and your request will be submitted to NxM DAO. Please be informed that this requires a 0.1N bond which will be returned to you once a transfer will be approved, councils have 6 days for that.

Thanks for this clear description. I have submitted the request for transfer.

Could you recommend to me if it would be better to add me as a minter for NxM Store, or if you create on our behalf (is there any difference?)

I think it would be better for me to be added as a minter, please give a while to access the record label wallet for Nusantara Records nusantara.near as my 12 word pass phrase doesn’t seem to be allowing me to access. Thanks for your patience in this learning process.

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