[Approved] NxM Anthem Sep 2021

I’m proposing the continuation of NxM Anthem for the month of Sep 2021.

@JCB will be producing and Masia One will provide vocals. Visual artist TBD.

The release is scheduled for the last Friday of the month Sep 24th, 2021

In the coming months, the goal is to increase co-operation with the NxM Social Media DAO to better promote the releases.

Also considering events in CV to coincide with releases

I’m requesting 150 N total budget for the month.

100 N split equally between musical and artistic collaborators
50 N for project management/maintenance



@vandal @zeitwarp @chloe


Thanks @steven! We have included NxM Anthem in the funding budget for September. Could you elaborate on who is involved in the September Anthem and also see how you’ll make use of the Social team to push it out to the masses. I recall from the Community Call yesterday that you’re still looking for a visual artist to contribute.

Oh and it would be great to set a release date so it can be scheduled on the calendar!

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Made some updates, let me know if there’s anything else

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Hey! I saw a tweet about a potential collaboration here for the artwork. Happy to get involved and work with some new NEARians. Let me know if you still need an artist for the project.


Hey Ted,

Thanks for your response! Are you on Telegram? We have a group there for co-ordinating NxM Anthem. I want to put you in touch with JCB and Masia One so they can get you the song and let you know if they have ideas for the art.

Steven | trashlights.near


Just joined!
I’ll introduce myself there.


Hey @steven just checking to see how things are coming for the Anthem! Are we still all set for the Sept 24th release?!?

We are on schedule. I don’t have everything in hand yet, but I believe we’ll be ready for the 24th.

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Thanks for the update @steven and looking forward to having you on the community call tomorrow to fill everyone in!