[Approved] Membership Proposal - NxM DAO

Hiphop artist, releasing many projects since the late 90s, member of Toronto-based collective the Oddities, as well as duet acts w/ Moka Only called The Nope, w/ DJ Stylus called Seen from Space, & w/ Nineteen Ninety Nix (of Circle Research).

My introduction to the Near ecosystem was from Vandal, and I am currently working with both he and Masia One to prepare a Soundsplash release through DAO Records later this July. I plan to release more new music on the $Near protocol as well.

I own the rights to my music.

Here’s a link to some of the recent work I released with Urbnet Records (all agreements with them are non-exclusive):

Please approve my membership. If you need any additional information from me, please let me know.

Thank you!


Thanks for your application! Happy to approve, please drop your NEAR wallet and add yourself to the NxM DAO

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Hi again @Paul, I’m having trouble with applying/adding myself to the DAO.

Is there a walkthru for doing this? I assume I’m doing something wrong. Thanks again!


Please check the guide below, don’t forget to change the proposal type from “Propose a transfer” to “Propose to Add Member to Group”

In target, put your NEAR wallet, choose the “Members” group, and in “example.com/putyourlinkhere” please insert the URL of this approved proposal. At the end click “Propose”, please be informed that you will have to deposit a 0.1N bond, which will return to you once your proposal will be approved directly in the DAO!


Thanks Paul.

Maybe I need to try again later from my laptop.

I keep hitting the propose button but nothing is happening:

Please make sure pop-ups and redirects are allowed on this page, otherwise, a proposal may fail to be created.