[APPROVED] NxM DAO - September 2021


August was an amazing month for NxM. With a good amount of growth, community interaction and projects that have been funded & launched we’re really excited to kickstart some new projects and help current initiatives rocket into their own structured DAOs so they can begin growing into their own ecosystems!

Have a look at our August Report to see how we did!

Here’s what we have planned for September 2021:



Community Building:

DAO/Guild Management:

  • Social Media Team
  • DAO duties

Council Members:


Target: nxm-dao.sputnikdao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 1920 N

  • NxM Live 5 - 250
  • Cabeça na Lua - 150
  • Emanate Ann Party - 90
  • Strictly Ballein - 350
  • NxM Playlists - 80
  • NxM Anthem 3 - 150
  • Bounty Program - 300
  • DAO Facilitation - 550

Projects & Timelines:

NxM Live 5 - Scheduled for September 30th
Emanate Anniversary Party - September 18th
Round 4 - Scheduled for September ?th
NxM Anthem 3 - Release on September 28th

Some times/dates may change


This all looks great @vandal. Assuming that these proposals are working on being [APPROVED] in the NxM Guild (currently, they are all still listed as [PROPOSAL]s.

The main issue I see here is the 550 N for DAO facilitation.

Where is this number derived from and who exactly is receiving these funds? There doesn’t seem to be any info listed in the proposal about these funds. Also, considering that the max ask is supposed to be 30% of the total budget ([GUIDE] Recommended Bounty for Guild/Community Facilitators) and the total ask here is 1920N, the number seems quite a bit inflated.

Also, considering that 3/5 of the council members here are full time employees of NEAR (and I am assuming are not receiving this funding) does that mean that

are to receive a 50/50 split of the 550 N ask? (that’s ~$1500 USD just for the DAO management per person and $3000 JUST for DAO management :sweat_smile:) Considering it was not too long ago that the max ask for Guilds was 5k USD a month, this seems wildly inappropriate tbh :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: although maybe I am missing something here?

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Hey @chloe we’d based everything on a 2K (max) Near budget. The DAO facilitation was broken down like this:

DAO Facilitation:

  • Telegram 100
  • Discord 100
  • Twitter 100
  • Facebook 100
  • DAO management 50
  • Community Calls 100
  • Bounty Management 100

If we’re basing everything on a USD budget, not a Near budget, then we need to readjust everything and explain it all to everyone so that it’s clear in the expectations and understanding on how to proceed with proposals. I can see how this can easily become confusing given the fluctuation in N and how maybe a decrease in USD value could impact what someone expects to receive in Near.

In your opinion, is there a way to make this clearer when dealing with the community and those proposing that you can recommend we implement?


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This is a lot clearer, thanks.

Would you mind adding links to each of these line items so that it’s clear what the goals are for each one and where the guild is at now?

For example, when @bianca was doing the Createbase socials she would state the current goals for each month in a proposal and then use that in the monthly budget. Currently it’s all very opaque still when looking at this proposal.

[APPROVED] Createbase Twitter Management MAY 2021

It’s great to see where the funds are being directed, but imo it’s also important to know why.


I’ve asked each of the people who are handling the facilitation elements (primarily the socials) to provide a report at the end of each month, which they use to submit to the DAO for their payouts. I’ll share @bianca’s example with everyone so that they can add anything they might be missing currently.

Any other thoughts and ideas are welcome, this month is really about streamlining the processes for NxM and all the moving parts so that we have a solid replicable model for the community spawns that are surely to come!


Sounds good [APPROVED], I know that the links many times come throughout the month, so no worries.


I’ve updated this post with the missing proposals


Hey @vandal - can this post be updated to match the new policy to post in USD with the $NEAR converted amounts as of whenever you read this?

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