NxM Anthem Oct 2021

NxM Anthem is a monthly collaborative project where members of the community work together to produce, record, and release a song with original artwork. It highlights the talent we have in our community and encourages collaboration between visual artists and musicians across the globe.

We’re still looking for musical contributors, @ted.iv is going to provide art

The end product will be released via Mintbase under the NxM store and be made available for purchase.

The release of each NxM Anthem will coincide with NxM Live at the end of each month, with the first releasing on 30th July 2021. Forever royalties will be split with 20% going to NxM DAO and the remaining split equally among the contributing artists. Proceeds from the initial sale will be an even split across the board including NxM DAO.

I’m requesting a $325 total budget for the month to pay for the creation and project management.



Awesome stuff @steven! I remember we had thought to make this one a cross DAO collabo with Muti, maybe @tabear has some ideas? Maybe we can include @djlethalskillz.near as well? Let’s figure it out!


Sounds great!

I’ll share that in the group!


Hey guys!

Just a quick update on this. I was talking back and forth with @steven and as of last night I have confirmed a producer and poet from the muti family who are on board to take on the project. We started up the idea generation process last night.

The team so far is:

producer: @mwhyden
poet/vocalist: @nillynoon
artist: @ted.iv

we may also add another vocalist for a hook, or one other collaborator, but for now we will go ahead with this core team and start the framework!

Excited to be collaborating with the NxM Guild on this one.



UPDATE: It looks like @djlethalskillz.near will be on for November with collaborators TBD and @netunoblu and @glazedbaguette.near will be on for December. :partying_face:


Respect! sounds dope, I would love to collab with yall on this lets discuss over telegram the details, btw is there an NxM server on Discord?


We have a few…

this is the main one

this one for NxM Anthem


So hyped to be involved in this project, already working on some sounds, can’t wait to share with y’all!