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Thanks for your support. So could you pls tell me more about this?

Thanks for the detailed proposal. Your content is on the “up and up.”

Please clarify:
1. Content - Video
10 videos about projects in Near ecosystem
$2500 ($250 for each)

Then later you’re also billing for proposing $1000 ($100 for each) for for Youtube.

What is the extra $100 per video for exactly?

AMA (Host & Space)
Do you have links to any examples of your AMAs?


Hi Klint, thanks for your reply. I’m split between video and social. However we can add them together.

This is our AMA report: AMA Report (NEAR) - Google Sheets

Noted the replies to fellow council and have now reviewed your proposal. Happy to support

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Thanks a lot. So can I change to Dec instead of Nov?

Hello @Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit @satojandro @so608 Do I need any additional information? This is a proposal for November so the quantity and budget have been reduced. We will enhance them this December to better support the ecosystem
Btw this is one of the content we have implemented and has received good interaction from the community. Especially Illa, Marieke, David Morrison, Marcus


Hello councils. I am waiting your feedback, from @satojandro and @so608

Hello. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it … Application Form

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Hello Dacha, I filled in the form. Pls check again. Thank you very much!

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Thanks for your proposal,

I want to start by acknowledging your consistent contributions over time and that NEAR Insider has been able to build a significant following on its social channels.

I do have some thoughts and concerns around:

  • The proliferation of generic ‘NEAR abc’ accounts with very similar content and style. We have rejected most of these projects application as a reflection of a higher standard for quality and budget constraints. Among these, NEAR Insider would probable be among the top, but that does not mean funding will always be guaranteed, which leads to my next point.
  • The content being generated is OK. At times it may come across as generic, and the graphic design is repetitive and not particularly appealing (compare with designs from REF Finance of Meta Pool). My only thoughts here are that sometimes it comes across as prioritising quantity over quality, or as a paid content creation operation over the passion and deeper understanding that we see on organic posts from community members.
  • Similar sentiment above applies to Youtube. I’ve watched a couple to assess quality - they feel generic and I personally could not watch til the end.

At the core of the issue is that the price tag is really high. We’ve seen lower price tags for higher quality from other applicants, so to move forward I would encourage the team to review where the proposal can be adjusted. Some suggestions:

  • Reduce the amount of Youtube Videos per month, focus on your strengths which seem to be Twitter.
  • We are no longer able to fund Telegram Moderation (eliminate $600)
  • Reduce or eliminate the Rewards for AMAs. This will be a test to see if people show up based on the quality of the content (engaging host, etc.)

Looking forward to seeing a revised proposal.


Hi @satojandro Thanks for replying!. Here’s my point of views:
First of all, I agree about Telegram Moderation (-$600)
Secondly, I will reduce the amount of Youtube videos, reduce 3 videos (-$1050)
Thirdly, I think $50 is a small reward for users, it’s for 5 best questions, $10 for each. We can keep it
Lastly, since I submitted this proposal for November, the number and plan have changed. The rest of our proposals will be the same as in previous months. There are 3 parts:

  1. Social Content (Twitter, Youtube)
  2. Activities (AMAs)
  3. Support projects (8 projects per month). Pls check here
    But this month, we can only support 5 projects, $250 * 5 = $1250

So total cost request: $7000

We will update the full budget next month in full

Thanks for feedback and suggestions from @marketingdao-council , yes we’ve reduced budget to $7000

Hi @near.insider – thanks for listening to the feedback from the council. I also want to note your longstanding involvement in the ecosystem and contributions to the community.

What I am struggling with is similar to the comments from @satojandro. I also would like to see this proposal resolved.

  • I think you need to identify your core, most impactful channels, focus on those and cut the rest. This looks to be Twitter. I also think that the amount of social content created may be overkill. What is needed more is work around engagement, creating a specific point of view, “brand voice,” etc. vs. just pumping out more content that is similar to what others are putting out.
  • Your team has been supporting ecosystem projects through promotion, but this has been something that is supposed to evolve to a self-sustaining offering. At least that has been my understanding – that you’re been working toward this. If individual projects want to come to use to request funding and then use it to hire your team, then I would see that as more fundable than the Marketing DAO funding your team as a broker/middleman.
  • Given the budget constraints we have right now and need to allocate funding to only the top projects (we were only able to fund 10 out of 80 submitted in Oct/Nov), I recommend cutting this proposal down more and focus on the most essential activities and high-quality content instead of volume of content and multiple channels.
  • We have also funding this initiative for many months, and we are aiming to continue diversifying our pool of recipients and emphasize the need for projects to establish a path toward sustainability/monetization as part of their bigger picture business plan.

To give you a ballpark, I can support ~$3,500 for this work, but I cannot support it in its current form.

FYI, in the New Year, we will roll out bounties for additional activities and initiatives to support ecosystem needs and it may be that there is an opportunity there for your team in the future.

Together with other channels, Near Insider is one of the pioneers to support the ecosystem since the early days. To reach the current form, we have expanded our team & pour a lot of effort into the channel. We have a research team who work around the clock to ensure we deliver the latest news in the quickest manner, and every news is original. It’s disheartening to hear that we pumping out content that is similar to what others are putting out, since we also feel sad whenever we see any post from a different channel with the same research content, same numbers, different design & post after us without any credit. At the end of the day, we think it’s still good for the ecosystem to spread that positive news. And what is clear is that the value of a channel of 40K followers is completely different from a channel of 5K, 10K followers, about impressions, interactions.

A channel with quality content will be different from a channel with lower quality content. We have a clear content orientation, for each clear audience. Proof of this quality is sharing from Near Protocol, Illa (Founder), Marieke (CEO), NEARWEEK, and more.

And you can see our creative content unlike other channels

Next is about the quality of the AMA, many projects contact us to organize the AMA, the number of listeners reaches a stable level of over 100. You can check here:

Thank you for your suggestion & we’ll do our best to increase our brand voice.

I hope the boards treat us more like a recession contributor than a broker. We do our best to expand the relationship with the projects to receive the latest updates and provide special services for token launch/long term promotion plan/minting event/… which I think it’s hard to get the marketing DAO to take care of that and that’s why they weren’t included in the proposal. So please don’t treat us like a broker, we are purely a communication channel that has put a lot of effort into standing out from other contributors and your support for an ecosystem is great. necessary, needs.
Some of the projects we charge are because they need priority campaigns such as product launches, need a strategy and master plan, followed by projects in the infrastructure category that they are interested and want to reach users of the Near ecosystem.
But this has absolutely no effect on the quantity and quality that we committed to when submitting this proposal. The projects that we have supported during the past time are more than 50 projects, you can check here:

In term of the budget, we also offer lower reward than other channels, you can compare other offer here. Is there any criteria for judging, I expect a fair one

I understand this & your good intention. The proposal has been revised to $7000 according to @satojandro’s suggestions. I hope to receive one more of your approval. If anything else still needs to be adjusted, please let me know. Thank you very much, I appreciate that!

Finally, I would like to confirm to the @marketingdao-council that you guys support our youtube channel? Since this is a long term value, we need time but I believe it is really helpful for the ecosystem. But if you think it’s useless, we will stop it immediately

hey @near.insider , thank your mention our proposal


I have carefully read the proposal and have certain observations in your activities.

it seems that you have ignored the latest instructions, as well as various signals from marketing DAO in restructuring their fund operations. Especially in their comments on the forum and in the way they refactor through the docs.

Things that you need now:

  1. Restructure your main content production, base on the detailed guide document of @Klint. In this case twitter(visual graphics, AMA, promote project …), and youtube :

Type of content project defined Document by @Klint

it’s your job now is, make them clear into the backlogs that Klint has defined, and claim the difference in the quality of your work and its associated value in this discussion of proposal. The rest of the council’s decision

  1. the structure of this proposal is more different Nearity’s proposal. (of course, we have to do many thing to form to approaching the necessity and the criteria of marketingDAO.). And you have to find out your way to become like that, instead of have some comparison base on just some certain activities with another chanels. Focus your core, ser.

  2. You should prepare more clean proposal in the next time. base on (1), (2).

Thank you and good luck

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Thanks for your suggestion @nearity , however, I just mention the price offered, not proposal structure

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Hi @near.insider
Thank you for working with us to reduce the price. We’re aiming to get all future of the proposals structured with a consistent format for easier tracking, clarity of measurable KPIs, and insights into the work being done based on deliverables.

I’m a fan of a lot of the work you’ve done. Given the nature of the market and the overall reduced budgets for marketing proposals, we’ve had to get tighter with budgets.

You have my support on this one at $7000.

Please note that the @marketingdao-council will challenge you to follow the proposal guidelines in the future.

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Thanks for your support. We’ll follow the proposal guidelines of Marketing DAO

Thanks for supporting. I created poll vote on AstroDAO. Pls vote for it. Thank you very much!
https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-591 @marketingdao-council

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Hello @satojandro @cryptocredit @so608 have a nice day. Please help me vote the poll. Just 22 hours left. Thank you very much!

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