[Approved] August 2022 Social media & Content Website Hub - Nearity

Hello guys! happy to be back here, in this August proposal we continue to promote for projects on NEAR, producing graphics, content writing hub.

Introduction: Nearity profile

June : First Proposal (June) - June Report

July: Second proposal - July report

Guild name:** Nearity
Funding scheme: monthly - August
Council:** nearityorg.near, samnguyen.near, ntrucchinh.near

Our main channel
Twitter - Instagram - Telegram chat - Telegram ANN - Facebook Page - Facebook Group
Our official website (SEO content Hub) https://Nearity.org

0. Chanel performance

1. Promote project

Promote 9 - 10 projects from apply this form, list of applied project published in this fie

Including 5 projects applied in July and 5 projects applied in August

Multiverse Fighters
Near Space

time submit Name of project catogory network target campaign that project require detail of targeting campaign(project fill form)
14/07/2022 21:06:25 AMBER Game Near Pre-Acquire Community(Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) We are working on the game and are planning to mint our 3D NFTs soon. Now the main task is the gaming community, which will mine our NFTs and test the alpha version of the game. Will give first feedback.
15/07/2022 14:07:53 Bearverse Game Near Pre-Acquire Community(Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) - Increase community;
- Increase quantity of users enrolled in WL;
- Make ER in Discord more than 40% (25% for now);
15/07/2022 17:31:16 Metaseed Game Near For IDO - ICO - Mint Selling 500 tokens to launch a testnet
15/07/2022 19:04:42 OpenBiSea NFT Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol, For IDO - ICO - Mint, Aquiring users, loyalty campaing(Post IDO/ICO), Pre-Acquire Community(Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) more users and token sales
16/07/2022 0:44:18 Multiverse Fighters Game Near Big patch in the game We want to draw more attention to the upcoming patch and the subsequent tournament
21/07/2022 15:15:57 Playible Gaming/NFT Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol Create awareness for Playible launching on NEAR, promote our upcoming launch of pack sales and giveaway promotional packs to allow users to try out Playible.
27/07/2022 2:34:13 Near Space Game Near Aquiring users, loyalty campaing(Post IDO/ICO) sale of 500 ship tokens
29/07/2022 11:45:17 Web3Mon Game Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol Above all, we want to create a strong community. I want to attract a lot of users.
01/08/2022 11:31:22 Nearblocks.io Explorer and analytics Near increase awareness and enggagement we wanted to let NEAR users know that we provide a lot better Explorer than the native one, as we provide a better and simpler UI,
we also provide features that are needed by users such as:
1.csv download
2.token indexing
3.NFT inventory
4.smart contract test
01/08/2022 11:35:41 Nearsend.io Tools Near Aquiring users, loyalty campaing(Post IDO/ICO), Pre-Acquire Community(Pre-IDO/ICO orMint), increase awareness we wanted to help the NEAR eco project grow and increase its user base…
we provide tools that could bulk-send NEP-141 tokens with a few clicks and cost few cents only.

we wanted to be the main tools for bulk-send tokens.

We will promoting each project include tasks:
Research/pre-research about project
forming the wireframe and send to project revision before producing graphics
Final design the graphics, → project.
Promoting the sub-campaign on all of our social

400$ for promoting each project(duration 30 days)
sub-Cost: 400*10 =4000$

example report in July: Link

2. Creative graphics, visual story graphics, shilling content social(twitter, instagram…)

Daily news: 50 post news all of highlight projects on near
Data analytics last update: update last performance flatship protocol on NEAR
Twitter: 30 - 40 advanced / Infograhics for projects: $1000
Shilling & introduction Megathread: 3 threads a month = 100*3 = $300
instagram, facebook fanpage, facebook group management: 400$
sub-Cost: 1200+300+200 = 1700

3. AMAs

we will host 4 AMAs per months
(Each AMA we will prepare script and discuss with partner the script, design graphics, host the prepare question form community, announcing the winners, keep user active our channels. Then we will publish the script of AMAs to our website.)

Sub-cost: 4*100=$400

4. Telegram:

use July reward to pay for CMs job telegram, because of the CMs guys probation stop job soon.

5. Website:

Article Report/review about project 10 article a months: 10*$100 = 1000
(4 weekly recap, 6 article in reports
Management (SEO optimiazation by article,backlink building management, wordpress management): $300

Sub-cost Monthly : 1000+200$=1200
weekly recap: https://nearity.org/s/26th-week-recap-weekly-newsletter/
Report about project: https://nearity.org/s/what-is-the-octopus-network/
how to use dapp: https://nearity.org/s/how-to-use-learn-near-on-learnnear-club/

Total cost request: $6900

Thanks for reviewing my Proposal, im looking forward to hearing from you @marketingdao-council.

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Last update proposal (edited):

list of projects that nearity have support promote

8 of them we nearly completed the tasks to promote by their targeting campaign

Telegram: we decide reduce telegram reward, and use july reward to build telegram fo this month - because the guys that probation stop CMs role

Reduce reward from $7700 to $7300

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Good day.

Received a grant from Marketing DAO,

Happy to support.

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@cryptocredit @Klint @so608 @satojandro

Hi mates, im still looking forward to hear more about your opinion

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Hi all, I’m actually part of the Metaseed team and we are developing a game called Near Space, as you can see the goals are the same. So if you help the team, you will automatically help the game and vice versa) they are not two different projects.

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Thanks your revision @Plufix , wen i give you the form we also promote for your enitite in both business and project that your business build and develop.

But if you confirm with me you just need promote your project (in this case is NearSpace) Not for your business entity(metaseed) we will stop follow to promote the metaseed. Thank your remind

Dear @marketingdao-council , base on the confirm of metaseed team, Nearity reduce the reward to $6900.

Thanks for the detailed proposal.

I’m looking forward to seeing these projects get more exposure.
You have my support.

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Thanks for all the work you are doing and for the detailed proposals and reports.

I support this proposal, moving it to approved. You can proceed with AstroDAO poll.

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Thanks, @marketingdao-council For appreciating Nearity’s work.

This is our poll, help me for voting. Thank you so much


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