[Approved] Nearity - Funding Request (June)

Guild name:** Nearity
Funding scheme: monthly - June
Council:** nearityorg.near, samnguyen.near, ntrucchinh.near

About us:
About Nearity: [Introduction Nearity DAO - Guild] ([INTRODUCTION] Nearity DAO - Guild)

I. Summary:

Nearity become one of important Media channel and graphic production hub on NEAR twitter social marketing since we build hard in September - 2021

Things we’ve been through in the last 10 months:

Forming new Methodology:


We are aware that the development of the ecosystem in terms of the number of projects onboard, attention of users…, requires more quality contributors on NEAR, breakthrough in different aspects.
We have to monitor and prepare our suitability to respond to the new nature of the NEAR ecosystem coming soon, especially NEAR which is experiencing a breakthrough in terms of capitalization, quantity of projects, many users and developer from ecosystems of other blockchain platforms land on.

We have 5 years observing the maturity of Ethereum (EVM), the past 2 years observing the growth and development of the Solana ecosystem (non-EVM). With over 10 months of experience on NEAR, we have developed the following roles aimed at stakeholders in the ecosystem, application products, development journey, and user habits.

Definition stage of project on NEAR ecosystem

Our definition of a journey project

Stage S (Self pre-acquiring community)
Stage O (Onboard on Near/Aurora ecosystem)
Stage P (Pre-pre-acquiring community by partnership)
Live-IDO stage
Stage I (IDO/mint stage)
Post-IDO stage
Stage A (Acquiring user, holder…)
Stage R (Revenue protocol development, loyalty campaign)

Assuming that we have 600 projects in all categories, that means that projects will have common main 3 stages of Pre/live/post IDO. The goals of each journey are focused on identifying and reaching users in different states and ways.

Assuming these 600 projects were all onboard from the moment NEAR kicked off, that means they NEAR media houses will have to give them at least 600*3 = 1800 campaigns (each campaign include sub-campaign like that: graphics, news, AMA, giveaways, mega thread, materials for educating user…).

This will result in one of the following:

  • Top the first “flagship” projects in the ecosystem that are backed and lead raise fund by Near will be noticed
  • Appeared many under-rate, under-valuation, under-user-acquiring projects that were not noticed much by the media.
  • Projects deployed on NEAR usually need more time in team up and development than projects built on EVM.
  • The media channels only focus on the live IDO stage.
  • Projects that need user loyalty, user engagement and retention are in trouble.
  • Total demand of producing material on eocsystem :
    ~ 600 brief overview/onepage(and update it by project’s journey - development product, marketing, fundraise…)
    ~ total amount campaigns like that giveaway, ama with each “stage”(6 stage *600 project = 3600 task)
    ~ …

→ Our mindset is that we are ready to support the ecosystem at any stage.
->the role Head of ecosystem have to data dashboard and update the stage of all of project on NEAR/Aurora, to know how much project respectively each project on Ecosystem

Quick report in 10 month
Good point (GP):


GP1. Support over 300+ projects spread out news in on NEAR ecosystem in 10 months.
GP2. Support main campaign such as: upto 60 projects in stage IDO campaign, pre-acquire community campaign, loyalty campaign, post-IDO campaign, material for educating in 10 months.
GP3. Produce graphics, content for NEAR protocol (infographics, material for guideline user, loyalty metrics performance for “flagship” protocol on NEAR, follow and support NEAR protocol campaign)
GP4. Being ability producing graphic: 3 - 5 advanced & infographics per days (1 senior visual graphics, 2 graphic designer 2y+ exp)
GP5. Established core keymember
GP6. Define ourself Methodology on NEAR
GP7. The ability to run any campaign in our definition of “Stage S, O, P, I, A, R”
GP8. Gain lots of praise and appreciation from top projects on NEAR

Pain point (PP):


PP1. Each day we receive an average of 7 - 10 requests from projects on NEAR to express their news (they are also for urgent/instant spread out to community)
PP2. Average each month we recieve requests support for projects that have different “stages of their project” - (let see more how my team defines “stage of project”)
PP3. Project on NEAR (with rust development have long time to develop)
PP4. Suffer amount of cost of employee upto 3k~4k$ each month during 10 months, but total in 10 months income just 2900$. (we are willing transparent this each month for one of council or all of council on Marketing DAO)
PP5. Don’t enough self-budget to maintain keymembers:

  • Crypto visual design 3+ year exp,
  • Head of ecosystem 4+year exp in EVM-media, 2year exp in media Solana (blockchain base-rust - non EVM)
  • Media & Graphic production manager - scrum master Exp
  • Head of industry on NEAR - focus Defi, NFT, and bring another industry to blockchain world
  • Relationship and partnership manager

PP6. All of our keymembers have been “degen” on NEAR protocol for the past 6 months with an average length of 12 - 14 hours per day.
PP7. The project development time on NEAR is longer than EVM platform blockchains, the completion time and beta, UAT of the project is also more needed than other EVM-based blockchains, projects tend to need media channel support consistently and continuously during this time
PP8. The amount of graphics designed on Twitter only lasts 24–48 hours, not taking advantage of resources, wasting production costs (burndowning issue and solving PP9)
PP9 or GP?. 2 Forkted media team from us since w early established, one of them become marketing guild on NEAR, and recieve over 4 months approved proposal on marketing DAO, the guy learn from us just junior when worked with my team (maybe they just try learn mindset, knowledge from us and have another way to serve on NEAR)
PP10: The amount of comments left on twitter and telegram is not high

Solve and burndown pain point (FPP)


FPP1. We need more than 2 expressmen that could have served projects to get instant news on our channel.
FPP2-> PP8,: Solving by forming members for team, redefine role and scope of role for team
Burndown Solving 1: Send material design (.ai, png) for project clients
Burndown Solving 2: Re-writing the graphic by content article on website, twitter is social, and SEO of website content make we have resource for user/stakeholder on ecosystem researching but dont miss any one. (submit another proposal soon…)
Burndown Solving 3: Brainstorm the graphic, the layout of the graphic is updated over time (suitable for projects at Stage R, and Stage L)
PP10: hire one fulltime CM for twitter, telegram

Result: Stats, Archivement, Evidence


Top 1 Influencer in 1month and Top 4 Influencer in 3 months by lunacrush - Sign required


Twitter Instagram Telegram chanel

Evidence for over 9 month on NEAR ecosystem


May - 2022

April - 2022

March - 2022

Feb - 2022

Jan - 2022

Dec - 2021

Nov - 2021

Oct - 2021

Sep - 2021

Material for educating the community

Post-IDO campaign for

Many request bulk news from Projects:
One of

Shilling on Near: https://twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1532041029901119488/photo/1

Report/analyst project for leading for IDO: https://twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1528375374320500736

II. What we will achieve in detail this month:

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Nearity_org 20k+ followers, 5- 7 posts a day
Instagram : Login • Instagram, 580+ follower 5 - 7 posts a day
Facebook : Nearity, 155 liked people, 5 - 7 posts a day
My website: Nearity Research - Nearity Research, report, Analystics, News 2 - 3 article a day

Cost by task target

Social targeting

  • Shout out news 150 tickets requested news from 80 - 120 projects on Near. =150 tasks
  • update Data with graphics daily or weekly for Metapool, Raras, Refinance, Octopus, Burrow.cash, Aurigami… project(Post-IDO projects). = 80 tasks
  • Brainstorm and visualization performance metrics for project (post-IDO projects)
  • Producing graphic: with Analystic metrics, Tutorials dapp, education for user, insights content
    60 - 80 advanced graphic
    40 - 50 infographics
  • Writing thread on twitter near with kind of content
    Introducing/shilling projects on NEAR 4 content threads - 4*4=16tasks
    Shilling campaigns for keep holder on NEAR and bring new user on NEAR.
  • Main supporting and shilling 6 campaigns from 6 project: this list of project that apply to support by their target. They have to submit through this form. each project do those tasks: AMA, giveaway, brief overview, education, tutorial overview (6*6 = 36 main-task)

How we save the need for Twitter content production (also saving and optimizing usability for this grant and ecosystem stakeholders)

  • Increase user interaction rate with give away and airdrop cooperation programs with some project on ecosystem (5+ giveaway and airdrop)

How we operation our team

Role at Nearity:
(1) Keymember role(members is irreplaceable and forms the block of Nearity’s methodology)

Samm - me. CEO at Nearity

@ntrucchinh - Justin: General manager - head of ecosystem -

He has more than 5 years of experience in observing the maturity of Ethereum, and he himself has more than 2 years of experience in monitoring and observing the maturity of the Solana ecosystem (rust base development) in a position of personal investment, the position of application development on solana (vendor), and the position of social media on the Solana ecosystem (influencer).

@emma.nearity: Head of industry on ecosystem -


She is deeply knowledgeable in predicting the efforts of traditional industries to be “bring” to blockchain, on her side has a profound opinion on Defi (2020), Defi 2.0, Defi trends future, the rise of NFT, Gamefi, and other traditional industries in the future. She is also one of the active motivators for projects whose industries have not yet excelled in the blockchain world, by actively supporting such projects. She is also drafting an internal methodology set for potential industries that could fit into the NEAR ecosystem in the next 1-2 years, which is also one of the key points in the response. our support when supporting projects on the NEAR ecosystem (industry: music, art, metaverse, land, defi, medical, health, non-carbon…)

@siren.nearity: Visual Crypto Designer -


One of our graphic crypto storytellers, she is leading 2 more people (2 fulltime ) on the team, lucky to be her partner, because it’s hard to find a designer but very bullish on crypto and blockchain in general, and really knowledgeable in both areas (Design & crypto).

@rosa.nearity: Communication, Partnership & Delivery Media Product -


One of those who make smooth work between us and deliver analytics, pre-research, products, connect with projects to achieve acceptance of information and quality in our publications.

(2) Hired role(A team of trained personnel, possessing a highly committed methodology and process to ensure quality)

1 Middle graphic designer:

1 Crypto content writer: for megathread in analystics artcle, shiliing for project

2 news-expressman 1 year exp on crypto (content writing):


(3)Expected hiring role for this month (one of them are in 1st month probation)
1 Community manager (Telegram, Instagram, Twitter) 300$ per 1
1 Senior graphic designer: for solving the demand of produce request from campaigns and partnership

Total request : 4050$

I think with the NEAR ecosystem, it takes more than tireless sincere people like us to stay and serve the ecosystem.

Thanks for reading, this Proposal contains information, opinions, and methodologies of my team. We will listen and discuss in detail and in depth our proposal.



Good day! Thanks for your proposal. Could you please compare your prices with Flying Rhino, Near Insider, and Near Daily and show the results in an excel spreadsheet. Thanks


hi Dacha,

Have a nice day.

Could i ask your email ?

we dont have package price of Near Insider, but i do this below base on my team’s view

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It would be great to compare with Insider as well. As I can see, your price is higher than Flying Rhino. Right?



i re-updated price, Dacha. we just start to be forming package price. So this price we would be to suitable with another channel.

i dont compare with Flying Rhino, bos, they serve by month, my package by targeting campaigns, a certain targeting that project want.

Acctually we though package by month period. But this make my team couldnt have good quality control for projects. Dacha

I would love to have your discussion or to adjust so that the price is suitable for all of another stakeholders on ecosystem(bos, like me mention, we’ve just been forming this)

Could you please create “by month version” to compare prices with Flying Rhino? Thanks.

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i updated monthly package price, Dacha. check this link

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@leaves297 @near.insider good evening, would you like to give some comments about prices? Thanks


@leaves297 @near.insider hey mates, let have discuss our views about monthly package together


The projects themselves should apply directly through the DAO for these types of funds. It’s a no from me.

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Hi Klint, thank your reading.

I’m so confused about “no” from you, Klint.

your meaning that the projects on NEAR ecosystem do fund for marketing through DAO? and influencers and media production like us necessary for funding on DAO?

Media and project on blockchain is two different pieces of any ecosystem. And both is still important.

Scope of this proposal not stop in marketing for projects or project active on MarketingDAO, but also for marketing overview NEAR ecosystem and another activities(bring new user from another chain to near, educating and keep user active on near, loyalty on Dapp on near…). i think you have reason for saying no, but scope of this proposal worth for continue to development media on whole ecosystems

Could you consider to see things that my team do with ecosystem and project on NEAR, Klint?

Cool, you guys are a key media in NEAR, plz add here your impressions and followers through the journey of 10 months to prove it!

That’s true, after the IDO stage, it’s quite hard for keeping the TVL, or build the minimum viable community. Could you elaborate the solution how do you fix it? and the cost compared with other media teams as @Dacha mentioned above?

Besides, looking for On-chain community Ops, and Fritz from @ConciergeTeam to check and support on NEARity because it’s a good media channel.


HI @HaiVu. Thank for reading and reviewing Nearity’s Proposal

I updated the journey of 9 months that i mention,

You can see there:

It’s hard question but i try to answer it, @HaiVu

in my side, we r quick brainstorming the some content like that:

“How to bring BTC, ETH to NEAR protocol” with a tutorial content for user bring the top crypto asset to active onchain defi.

Another way we also have some shilling campaign for get more active on-chain actiion on Near.

One of campaign that we do for shilling Near protocol like that: https://twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1532041029901119488

In protocols and projects side, i think the project should design and host an ambassador for influencer on Near protocol. We could refer from Deip ambassador program. Get more ambassador/ influencer partnerhsip is a not-bad idea. it’s also the way to reduce the cost in partnership with media and influencer production

In May 2022, we had a meeting with Guiliiamme of Metapool and actually we also discuss this issue. And my team also some suggestions and give them a long term updated graphic for updating token use case and apr % on farming, see more below content & graphic, which is update time by time all of journey in product development and expand thier token use case : https://twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1532993671477760001

Maybe those is just some ideas, Could i connect with you and discuss more this issue in future, @HaiVu ?

I’ve completed that @dacha required,


I appreciate the transparency and level of detail you have provided and especially how you listed the pain points and challenges and how you are planning address them.

One question – have you received funding from the Marketing DAO yet for this or any projects? Thanks!


Thanks your review @so608 :pray:t3:

No, i’ve not received any funding from marketing DAO before. And i just have Nearity, is just only one project on Near.


Hello @nearity! This proposal was reviewed by the OCCO team if you can please let’s have a quick meeting to discuss further steps. Lets also invite @HaiVu to the meeting. :slight_smile:

Here is my discord handle josel | NEAR#2233


Hi @Jloc

I’ve just added your discord handle, please check my DM

@HaiVu could we invite you a quick e-meeting?


hi @cryptocredit @satojandro, acctually we want to hear your ideas.

Thanks for your proposal, i note the replies to questions from other council members.

As this is a new project and you are requesting significant funding for your team, rather than direct marketing activities, i would suggest that you contact the NF Grants program.

Alternatively, when you can show concrete results please come back in the future.

Thanks your review and suggestion, @cryptocredit

i spent nearly 1 months for reading of proposals in MarketingDAO before submit mine

we achieved acceptance by all stakeholders on NEAR ecosystem without any funding. This fund level is just enough for our team for a month, a lot of things we need to prepare that we can’t mention yet. And not to mention some similar media on NEAR that are not as influential as we have also been approved proposal monthly in the past half year, I even found some proposals with what they actually did that were expensive

we also thought of this, but i think not now. With NF we just do it when really have a product on NEAR, and now we dont have plan for it, @cryptocredit