[Closed] Nearity Press Representative in Lisbon at NEARCON 2022

Dear Community,

Since some important notes from @so608
And another proposals in processing/approved/closed about NEARCON. Nearity also express our opinion and proposal about participation of Nearity at NEARCON.

Proposal: Nearity request for Marketing and Representative at NEARCON
Scheme: One time request

Our main channel
Twitter - Instagram - Telegram chat - Telegram ANN - Facebook Page - Facebook Group
Our official website (SEO content Hub) https://Nearity.org

Nearity introduction

Nearity is media channels, have nearly 1 year serving on NEAR ecosystem independently and almost non-profit and just recieved fund from marketingDAO since june proposal, community members and @marketingdao-council could follow detailed issue, our another metrics performance and journey.

We are with the near community and ecosystem in many market contexts, and are rated as one of the top media on near with the top 2 media channel on NEAR that have highest engegament volume in the past 3 months (this means another team to achieve like our journey, they have to need at least 3 worthy months to grow and contribute to the Near ecosystem in a timely and continuous way). Source : Lunacrush

What things did Nearity serve in NEARCON 2021?

At home and “chase” NEARCON 2021 by watching stream youtube:
We became instant express news media channel for NEARCON, although we’ve not been there,(we had 5 members and take turns to watch live on streaming youtube to get instant news for community, at this time, dont have many medias do this kind of work, and we almost the only one media such as Nearity help NEARCON by quickly shoutout NEARCON to whole global)

- Instantly shoutout news(within news just publish in serveral minutes)


Total ~ 30 news post that bulked to express to community for at that time

- Recap NEARCON 2021



Why NEARCON 2022 is so meaningful with Nearity

It is undeniable that nearcon is hot for the entire near ecosystem. a premier event that any community member aspires to. For Nearity:

  • Real world and more smooth with our working: After nearly 1 year of serving the ecosystem in a completely non-profit way, instead of just meeting project owners, exchanging via meeting, telegram, e-meeting. We are looking forward to seeing the real world with people and projects that are active on NEAR. Every month, we chase hundreds of project campaigns, as well as near campaigns, working with dozens of people on NEAR.
  • Our audiences: Our audience has been loyal for almost a year now, they are also the people who briefly followed nearcon 2021 through our viral news run based on live streams, they are also the audience deserve to continue seeing nearcon from their presence at nearcon 2022, they are RUST&Solidity developer, holders, small communities of different countries, NEARCON also needs to increase its presence in front of them through our activity.
  • Financial issue: like i mention before, we just have revenue 3000$ just in 9 month serve ecosystem, and recieved 4000$ from this first proposal Nearity does not have too much personal and business funds available to cover the cost of going NEARCON this time.

[Metrics - Goal - Activites] How Nearity’s attendance is addon value for Community and NEAR ecosystem?

– direct learning, interview from NEARCON for marketing on NEAR and project on NEAR/AURORA
– interview people that we work with for their projects: 30 people
– gather picture peolple on near to shoutout NEARCON by our way: 100 picture for producing media on our channel
– publish our report on our website: 3 report articles
– instant express breaking news form NEARCON(within 3 - 5 minute since news publish): express as much as possible when the news is announced upto 30 - 50 breaking graphics and news publish our my channels
– livestream NEARCON highlight agenda on our platform Facebook Group, Facebook Fanpage, Instagram, Youtube: expect 1000 - 1200 live viewers all of our streaming social platform
– tier 2 viral and sharing our living video: 25+ popular NEAR group&community and our channels
– Connect with 10 projects for free promotion in Sept and Oct through apply the form that @marketingdao-council manage

For our main target with NEARCON we need the attendance 2 members from NEARity (i and @ntrucchinh )

Funding request - How we estimate, use funding and ourself

1. Flight travel
our location base: Da Nang City → Ho Chi Minh City: ourself pay (use the fund that we received from our another proposal approved before)
Our flight trip: Ho Chi Minh City to Lisbon

Subcost : $2467 per round flight ticket x 2 persons = $4934

2. NEARCON tickets
58 $NEAR * 2 = 116

Sub-cost: 116 $NEAR

3. Hotel, Food, Transporation:
we referenced form Trovelab request

Food & Drinks: Paid for myself(use the fund that we received from our another proposal approved before)

Subcost: $1100

Total request: $4934 + 116 $NEAR + $1100 = $6034 + 116 $NEAR

Another note from @so608 that Nearity were awareness

Nearity will have report at the end of NEARCON

Thanks for reading my proposal, hope meet all of community members at NEARCON
From Nearity with love