Hello Hello :vulcan_salute:

Hope everything is going great partners from @marketingdao-council

This will be our first proposal of the year for the Marketing Vertical, so I am excited to know your feedback and use your advice.


Special thanks to @David_NEAR for trusting in us with the first proposal last year, the campaign we run helped us to build the lovely community we have today, as you can see from all the interaction and reports on #near-venezuela and the recognition of the community :hugs:

  • Guild name: Near Venezuela

  • Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary:

We will like to run different marketing campaigns to support the community and several dapps we are launching in April:

And also to support and spread the word of other projects related to education and onboarding:

Main activities
  • Create content that explains the expectations and opportunities offered at Bootcamps (Near University Certifications) through content dissemination.
  • Creation of short videos for Tiktok and Instagram, distributed on Discord, Twitter and Telegram that condense the bootcamp experience, increasing views, likes and other interactions on social networks.
  • Creation of long videos for Youtube focused on frequently asked questions, webinars, and guiding information.
  • Creation of written content to spread on Medium and other media outside of NEAR (ie Criptonoticias) increasing the presence of Near dapps in the Blockchain community.
  • Publicize the projects of Guild members and NEAR University (through it promotional content of the human experience in bootcamps)
  • Creation of guides/tutorials about how to use several dapps
  • Running AMAs, Webinars, and promotion activities

Expected impact

  • Increase in the social media interactions and followers for each project + Venezuela + Argentina
  • Professional database growth
  • New PioNears building more dapps on NEAR

Metrics for measuring success

  • 300 Nearcomers and users for the dapps (New wallet creation)
  • 200 New participants in Near University Certifications Program (NCA, NCD, NCE)
  • 3 New dapps starting to be built

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones

It will be difficult to estimate the exact timeline as we depend on the Near Community, Marketing Vertical, and NF, so we can breakdown the steps:

  1. Proposal :white_check_mark:
  2. Feedback and Improvement :white_check_mark:
  3. Approval and Funding received :white_check_mark:
  4. Content Creation (Banners, Posts, Designs, Videos, Publications) :white_check_mark:
  5. Campaign Launch (Spread the word, AMAs, Webinars, Promotion) :white_check_mark:
  6. Feedback record (using google form) :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  7. Final Report :white_check_mark:

Assessment, records, and reports will be done continually.

Funding Details

  • Accountability:

Funds will be received on our DAO where we have more than 5 council members, and we are going to onboard more councils as the core team has now more than 20 members :partying_face:

In order to withdraw the funds, there is always a report or post on the forum

  • Guidance for the use of the funding (taking into account OWS experience):
Focus Activity Reward
Write-up Articles about NEAR Projects/Guidelines on how to interact with NEAR/NEAR Projects 40 USD per 500 words
Videos Create a video going over NEAR related topics/projects, technical tutorials, guides, etc 35 USD (around 5 minutes)
Videos Create a short video working on a dapp 20 USD
Design Create an infographic for a project 20 USD
Design Banners or similar simple designs 15 USD
Design Illustrations 25-50 USD
Promotion Share post on different community groups (outside NEAR Community) 3 USD
Translations Adding Subtitles To A Video 40 USD (per 30 min)
Translations A tweet/small post/message 2 USD (per tweet)
Translations A Piece of NEAR related Content 25 USD (per 500 words)
Referrals Refer a Nearcomer 5 USD (once the participant gets the certification NCA)
Referrals Refer a Developer 20 USD (once the developer gets the certification NCD)
Referrals Refer a Professor 20 USD (once the professor gets the certification NCP)
Vectors and Outreach Setup a Meeting with an external project/university/community 10-150 USD
Engagement Hosting an AMA 70 USD

*The activities will be related to Near Venezuela and the Projects mentioned
*Contributors will need to request for approval before starting any activity.
*Everything will be posted on social media, interaction will be taken into account, and the council members will have the final decision into rewarding those activities.

Yours, @Venezuela-Community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awesome proposal @FritzWorm


Thank you for these inventions to keep us active with incentives !!!


Just Awe-inspiring! an excellent way to encourage the community to continue growing within the ecosystem.


Hi @FritzWorm – I added up the reward numbers (using the highest number where it’s a range) and I’m getting $375. Can you clarify for me what I am missing as the funding request is for $10K?

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Hello @so608, sure. Open Web Sandbox is one of the greates projects/Guilds we have on Near, it helped many members to start contributing and grow, please I encourage to take a look about it. This proposal is almost the same, but sandboxers are just community members and the contribution focus is on the dapps I mentioned.

I will do my best to explain:

The Guidance for the use of the funding is for many members to contribute, we are a big and organized team and the basic activities are on the table, we are taking the good things from Open Web Sandbox way to reward the contributions.

So, for example, just one contributor could make two publications about the projects I mention, with 1000 words, so this contributor will get 160$ USD for this two publications on medium and the spread of information.

Aditional, the publication also add a banner or infographic that another contributor did.

In this sense, there will be many AMAs, publications and promotion that will help the marketing of these apps we are supporting as a Guild. If you want to be more familiar with Near Venezuela Guild you can also look for #near-venezuela and here I share with you our application as Tier1:

So the $10.000 funding will be used in this way for several publications, several graphics, and promotion with the help of several members.

If you want I can explain further on a call: Calendly - Fritz Wagner


Sure, first we need to get funded hehe, so please wait. :wink:


Suerte y mucho éxito es una buena propuesta felicitaciones comunidad Near presente


Wen mainnet ser?

Happy to support your proposal.


Great initiative! as with any such a large endeavor, can you please share your overall KPIs? BTW, is that 10k each and every month? (you mentioned for funding a monthly payout).


@andresdom please answer this


Hello Matias,

Thanks :partying_face:

The answer for KPIs is in the post as Metrics for measuring success. :wink:

Please as you are Venezuelan I encourage you to follow up on all the activities we perform, we have been doing a lot in January, February, and March without asking for funding for the Marketing Vertical.

We ask for funding not just to promise something in the future, we already did onboarding this year and perform many activities and carry on several dapps developments.

Here is a google doc with the onboarding of professors from universities we did last 2 months: Doc
If you want to help, education and onboarding are key important activities, let us know.

Here you can see a full report from the last month and we have not asked for any funding in that regard, we ask for funding when is really needed and we have a plan to carry on. If it is successful (we give our best and hope that yes) then we will continue with the plan we have.



Hello Dacha @Dacha happy to go on mainnet today, top tomorrow Saturday.


So happy to be onboard! :blush:
we are building a solid Venezuelan guild, anxious to add value to our NEAR Ecosystem every day!
congrats to our leaders and to everybody actively participating in this community. :wink:


Great job, guys. Thanks for contribution in Near Community


Hi Fritz, thanks for all the great work you are doing!

I’m happy to support this proposal. Just a couple of notes:

  • Continuing to do work for months without receiving funding is a great indicator of commitment to the community and enables us to have something to look at when assessing the current proposal;
  • However, it becomes a little bit confusing: are we funding the past three months of work are we funding only work to be performed in the future using the rates and categories of work provided?
  • Clarity on the period of funding would help us, and the wider community, get a better understanding of the value created and funding provided.

Keep it up!


Thanks for the support, I will address your concerns here:

We are not going to pay for any activity from the past. This proposal is for activities we want to carry on in the NEAR future.

We are planning to use the funding in one month, and if the results are very positive we will like to keep asking for that budget on monthly basis.

Big hug and



Happy to support this proposal. You have support from majority of the council so this can be submitted to Astro. Thanks!