[Closed] NEAR Philippines December 2022 - January 2023 Initiative

[Proposal] NEAR Philippines December - January 2022 Initiative

Guild: NEAR Philippines

Funding Scheme: Bimonthly

Previous Proposal Link: [Approved] NEAR Philippines October 2022 Initiative - #13 by drewmarpa

Previous month reports:

September 2022: [Report] NEAR Philippines September 2022

October 2022: [Report] NEAR Philippines October 2022

Deliverables [for 2 months]
4,350 USD per month (8,700 total )


Based on these guidelines: Types of Content - Inspiration and Categorization - Marketing DAO - Google Slides

With everything that is happening in the ecosystem, NEAR Philippines strives to be as firm and as solid in helping the mass adoption to 1 Billion users globally.

Unfortunately, we were not funded in the month of November, but we believe in NEAR Protocol and its bright future ahead, so we stayed consistent and continued to deliver what we’ve been doing.

With the announcement posted on the NEAR forum, we have reevaluated and strategized how we can be as effective, helpful, and efficient as possible. Therefore, we have removed activities that are no longer needed and added deliverables that we think are a new way for us to deliver fruitful results.


To promote blockchain adoption in the Philippines using NEAR Protocol’s ecosystem


To become the leading layer 1 community in the Philippines


To increase the followers and subscribers on all social media platforms

To onboard and sustain individuals in the NEAR Ecosystem.

Social Media Handles

NEAR Philippines Linktree: nearphilippines | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Twitter: 4,010 Followers


FB Page: 2.3K likes2.5K followers

Telegram Group Chat: 1,190 members

Medium: 37 Followers

Youtube: 866 Subscribers


Videos → Interview/Promotional Videos → 1,000 USD [2,000 USD for 2 months]

Over the past several months, our team has constantly been reaching out to project founders within the NEAR ecosystem for exclusive interviews in order to share what they are building to our community along with the opportunities that come from interacting with said project.

We believe that getting to know the people behind the projects will make their audience and future users feel at ease, they will also gauge whether the project is worth trying.

Some of our notable interviews are found below:

Opportunities in Tech for Filipinos | Paras x NEAR Protocol PH
NEARNauts with Ted Murdoch | NEAR Protocol Philippines
Apollo42 with NEAR Protocol Philippines
Lacrove NFT | NEAR Protocol Philippines

We plan on increasing the visibility of these interviews through special promotions, engagement boosts or incentivizing our community members to watch and interact with the founders through various means

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

By consistently promoting it on our social media, we aim to reach the following:

Youtube: 866 Subscribers

  • 866 → 1,000 subscribers in 2 months’ time organically
  • Consistent impressions of 4,000 every month
  • More users will engage or comment regarding our recent video uploads such as Tutorials and Founder/Project Interviews

Videos →Tutorials/Explainer/Promotional Videos → 300 USD [600 USD for 2 months]

Our simple and easy-to-follow explainer videos have been a mainstay with regards to our content for our community. Some of the notable ones are found below:

Paras Minting Tutorial | NEAR Protocol Philippines
NEAR Wallet Tutorial| NEAR Protocol Philippines NEAR to PESO Cashout via Binance | NEAR Protocol Philippines Wallet Tutorial

We aim to continue with this trend and focus more on helping potential users navigate the how-tos of established projects on NEAR in a way that makes it as easy as possible for them to understand. The simpler, the better.

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

By consistently promoting it on our social media, we aim to reach the following:

  • Effectiveness will be reflected on our social media platforms for promotions
  • More comments, likes, and views on our videos
  • Aim to have at least 100-200 views per video and grow more as we go along

Podcasts → Educational → 200 USD [400 USD for 2 months]

Once a month, our team is going to hold Twitter Spaces. We are treating this as our audio podcast where people gather online to address a certain theme for the month. Project representatives may be invited as guests so as to pitch their project to our community members. Also, giveaways will be rewarded to participants.

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

By consistently promoting it on our social media, we aim to reach the following:

  • Check how many users have tuned in. Since this a new deliverable, we would have to aim from 50-100 users for now and grow as we go along

Visual Design → Infographics → 750 USD [1,500 USD for 2 months]

Infographics from different Updates and Announcement of NEAR Protocol

  • NEAR Games Infographic
  • Weekly NEAR Price Update
  • Featured Artists of the Week
  • Testimonials of our Community Members
  • Graphics for our Promotions and Giveaways
  • Graphics for our Events
  • Graphics for our Videos on our YouTube Channel
  • Graphic for our articles

Some of the graphics above are done weekly with different concepts and topics. Our graphics vary from 80-100 pcs every month.

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

By consistently promoting it on our social media, we aim to reach the following:

  • Consistently posting these categories weekly:

  • #NFTMonday, #MotivationalMonday,

  • #TriviaTuesday, #DefiTuesday,

  • #GamefiWednesday, #NEARPriceUpdate,

  • #FeaturedThursday #ThursdayUpdates

  • #BlogFriday #FunFriday

  • By consistently posting these graphics laid out monthly in order to spread knowledge and preach on the amazing features, updates, communities, and utilities of NEAR Protocol to non-NEAR users

  • Is shown to be effective once the KPIs are reflected on the social media platforms

Writing → Terms/Glossary → 100 USD [200 USD for 2 months]

Since blockchain concepts and terms can be too technical, we are going to make it easy for our community members to understand the jargon. We are going to use our own language, Taglish, so that people can comprehend the terms deeply.

Best Free Tools, Top Cheat Sheets, Top Blogs, Top Podcasts, Etc.

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

By consistently promoting it on our social media, we aim to reach the following:

  • Grow our Medium followers to 30 organically in 2 months time
  • Have at least 100 claps per story and 50-100 reads per story
  • Grow impressions every month

Writing → Articles, Listicles & Translations → 300 USD [600 USD for 2 months]

We compose featured written content to convey relevant tips and insights for our readers. Some video contents are transcribed into writing for those who prefer to read that to watch the interviews.

Depending on the need for a certain week, listicles may be warranted for the community to consume. This easy-to-comprehend bulleted information may be preferred for bite-sized nuggets.

Written resources may also be employed so as to give the community step-by-step guides and tutorials that can benefit them in a practical way. This includes strategies and checklists for the community to learn from.

From time to time, an opinion may be written. This is because the community may need to see NEAR from an angle that they may never have considered before. An alternative point of view will give them a bigger picture understanding to appreciate the NEAR ecosystem as a whole.

Success stories can make the journey with NEAR more meaningful. Therefore, we would include some testimonials from our community members, especially those who have succeeded being with NEAR.

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

By consistently promoting it on our social media, we aim to reach the following:

  • At least 100 claps and 50 reads per post


Content/Distribution →Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok→ 1,500 USD [3,000 USD for 2 months]

In this bear season, it is always a challenge to Social Media Managers in maintaining and hooking our unique and organic members to constantly engage and be involved in the evolution and progress of NEAR Protocol. Therefore, we have improved our strategies in delivering:

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

We have the following social media platforms:

Facebook- where most of our Filipino members engage and collaborate. The target audience is only Filipinos

  • 1-2 posts per day, mostly in the evening PHT, 5x per week
  • Shared to our Facebook Group and to all Filipino crypto communities for wider reach
  • Engage with members
  • Answer inquiries and guide new ones
  • Grow followers to 2000 organically in 2 months time

Twitter- where all of our audiences engage globally. Target audience: all nationalities

  • Post 1-2 graphics per day, mostly in the morning and evening PHT, 5x per week
  • Retweet at least 4-8 important and relevant news from fellow NEARians and projects
  • Answer inquiries and collaborations
  • Soon host Twitter spaces
  • Host contests and giveaways and quizzes
  • Grow followers to 4,500 organically in 2 months time

YouTube - where we upload all our tutorials and project interviews. Our target audience for this is Filipinos only. Contents are English or Taglish (Tagalog and English)

  • Upload at least 1 Tutorial per month, with amazing effects
  • Upload at least 2 Founder/Project Interviews
  • All Tutorials and Interviews will be shared across all social handles
  • Youtube Links constantly attached for more post-clicks
  • Grow subscriber to 1000 organically in 3 months time

Medium- Articles are all written in English and intended for all readers globally, while translations are only for Filipinos

  • Share the written translation curated from either NEAR Team Medium/ Learn NEAR Club/ or NEAR Week articles bi-weekly
  • Share and distribute written featured articles bi-weekly to all our social handles siting and attaching relevant NEAR links
  • Grow followers to 80 organically in 2 months time

Telegram- is mostly for Filipinos but we also welcome other nationalities as well

  • Welcome new members
  • Interact with old members and new members explaining and guiding them of what is NEAR Protocol and how it works
  • Grow more members to 1,300 organically in 2months time

Our upcoming platform, Tiktok: where we will target mostly Filipino people to onboard, but we will also upload English ones so other nationalities can understand as well

  • We will try to adapt to the new change and to a new platform where we have huge potential to onboard more Filipinos to NEAR.
  • We want to start small, so we want to set a goal of 100 friends organically in 2 months time
  • Creating short-form videos for our New Tiktok account in order to establish our presence there and reach more individuals.

We will also continue to monitor our community channels by doing the following:

  • Growth Tracking. So far, we have continuously succeeded in surpassing our target growth every month and we are grateful for everyone’s support.
  • Inviting and Educating New Members who join our community by letting them join our orientation and encouraging them to participate in all our events and giveaways
  • Community Moderation & Engagement- Consistently engage with members across all our social handles as well as our group chats.
  • Community Awards
  • Giveaways in NEAR- Whenever a project wants to collaborate with us through AMAs and giveaways, we also take part in funding the giveaways so as to encourage more people to join and attend these upcoming projects that want exposure to our community.
  • Tips for Telegram Tipbot

Since the Christmas season is just around the corner we plan to host weekly activities to celebrate it with our members.

  • Weekly raffles for engagement like 500 pesos gcash to 1 active member on Facebook until the end of January
  • Giveaways and bounties for our active members to be posted on either Twitter/Telegram/NEAR Forum
  • NEAR Philippines & NEAR Protocol Merches to show love, support and unification. By doing this, many would be curious and be part of the growing NEAR community
  • 1 Christmas activity on Dec. 24-26
  • 1 New Year activity commemoration

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

By consistently promoting it on our social media, we aim to reach the following:

  • Grow our members to 1500 organically
  • Keeping up the engagement and activity in our channel
  • Consistently post and share relevant news from our own and from other NEAR projects and communities
  • Keep the momentum alive this bear season
  • Encourage users to participate in the projects on NEAR


→ Quizzes/Trivias/Puzzles → 200 USD [400 USD for 2 months]

For the next two months we plan to hold small contests on our social media handles, mainly Twitter, that will incentivize learning & engagement for our community members. We plan to hold one contest every month. The funding request for this particular category will go towards the prizes for the winners of each of those contests.

GROWTH (KPIs, Metrics, Goals)

  • Planning to host quizzes/trivia/puzzles on Twitter bi-weekly focusing on the consumption and recap of the original contents we have posted that week
  • Hosting 1 contest per month on Facebook and Twitter
  • Hosting 1-2 activity/ies on Facebook to promote engagement and onboarding new members to join us

Just a Recap for 2 Months Worth Proposal

2x Tutorial Videos ~ 600 USD

4x Edited Live Interviews with Project Founders/Artists ~ 2,000 USD

2x Podcasts: 400 USD

6x Total Listicles, Articles, Translations: 600 USD

2x Terms/Glossary: 200 USD

300 Infographics: 1,500 USD

Social Media Management: 3,000 USD

2x Quizzes, Trivia, or Puzzles: 400 USD

Total: 8,700 USD

Wallet: near-philippines.sputnik-dao.near

2 Months Total Payout Request: $8,700 USD in NEAR or Stablecoin

Owner: nphil.near


Hi @drewmarpa thanks for your proposal and your understanding during the pause in funding.

The DAO is now actively working to clear the backlog of proposals.

I have read your proposal, but before i can support it would be useful if you could complete this form .

To assist you please take a look at the new Marketing DAO proposal funding guidelines .


Thank you!
The team has looked into the guidelines and we will be adjusting our proposal here and on the form accordingly.

More power to NEAR!

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Good day! @cryptocredit

We submitted our application form and also readjusted our proposal to the new guidelines. Thank you!

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Hi @drewmarpa

Thank you for your proposal. We’re on a limited budget at this time given the nature of the market.

While the numbers given per your reports look nice, the growth of the distribution channels and views is quite low.

4x Edited Live Interviews with Project Founders/Artists ~ 2,000 USD
$500 per interview is higher than any AMA, Twitter Spaces, Podcasts, etc.

2x Podcasts: 400 USD
Again- $200 per podcast is too high

After digging into a few proposals and looking at the materials being created, how are you specifically engaging with the Philipnes ecosystem?

The nature of these other projects cover most of the areas you’re also covering:
Near Explorer

Near Coverage



Near Insider

Please explain how your content stands out from the others?

Hi @drewmarpa i have reviewed your proposal and have noted your past work but unfortunately i am unable to support at this time - in the current market conditions we have had to make some hard choices on which projects to allocate funding.

Perhaps i could suggest that you present a revised proposal that targets specifically the members of Near Philipines.

Thank you for the honest feedback @cryptocredit.

The team will be reassessing our approach on how we can provide significant value to the near ecosystem and to our community.

Hi @drewmarpa – Thanks for the proposal and for your patience as we move through the review process for the backlog built up since our pause in October.

I’ll be straightforward at the top of this reply that I cannot support this proposal at this time. That said, I want to give you my reasoning and a few things to note about the future and possible avenues for funding going forward.

  • This project has so many great elements that I respect. You are a longtime ecosystem member, and I want to note your consistency and dedication to NEAR. But we are now working within new guidelines and parameters that we must meet as part of our relaunch and goal to align with NEAR Foundation KPIs.
  • While you have brought in new members to the ecosystem, I do not see enough traction or growth since the beginning of funding to continue viewing this as an experiment. The growth is organic and ongoing, but it’s not rapid, and we have already allocated a lot of funding over the last year.
  • We have to make some really tough choices with which projects to fund right now. We have a significantly reduced monthly target amount. In the interest of aligning with the KPIs we are trying to meet and the fact that your project has already received significant funding, I think this is a good time to pause and reassess.

A few additional things to note for the future:

  • There are other avenues for funding events – we are no longer able to allocate funding to them at this time. Perhaps requesting funding for your future events is a possible way forward? If so, you can DM me or email marketingdao@proton.me.
  • We are working to issue bounties around specific campaigns and initiatives, which will open up new avenues for funding next year.
  • There may be new avenues for funding for regional initiatives in the New Year.

I’ll add that were you to reduce this and focus on a very narrow scope for content creation that you can show in driving new wallets, bringing in people from W2 to W3, attracting devs, etc. then it would be more in line with what we’re able to approve quickly at the moment.

Please do feel free to reach out to us with questions – we are happy to work with you to try to reshape things for the future.


Thanks for your proposal,

I’d like to echo what Lorraine has explained above and add that:

For starters, the price tag is really high. Following the Marketing DAO review, we have a narrower scope for funding and a tighter budget. Also worth mentioning that these tightening has been consistent across all areas of the ecosystem that once received funding from NF, not just Marketing DAO.

Here are some comments on the nature of the items requested in case the team wants to review and come forward with a leaner proposal:

  • 300 Infrographics - this is very high number which from experience tends to result in lower quality. I would encourage focusing on content - is it unique, memorable, with actionable calls to action, etc.
  • Unsure what Terms/Glossary is
  • We are no longer able to cover Social Media Management ($3,000)
  • We have some limitations around funding Quizzes, Trivia, Puzzles and I would personally not support it.

The questions that we are asking regional communities to measure the success are:

  • Number of local teams building on NEAR
  • Number of local participants in hackathons
  • Number of local participants across many NEAR learning pathways
  • Number of devs in general
  • Meetups, University partnerships, etc.

I believe NEAR Philippines has immense potential. While I am not able to support this proposal in its current form, let’s keep the conversation going to see how we can keep the community active and take it to the next level.