[Approved] Near Venezuela [June]

I can’t approve this. There’s just a lot here.

Can you narrow down to supporting a few of these initiatives and clarifying exaclty what you will do for each these?

  • Number of videos
  • Workshops
  • Bootcamps, etc.

  • Create content that explains the expectations and opportunities offered at Bootcamps (Near University Certifications) through content dissemination.
  • Creation of short videos for Tiktok and Instagram, distributed on Discord, Twitter and Telegram that condense the bootcamp experience, increasing views, likes and other interactions on social networks.
  • Creation of long videos for Youtube focused on frequently asked questions, webinars, and guiding information.
  • Creation of written content to spread on Medium and other media outside of NEAR (ie Criptonoticias) increasing the presence of Near dapps in the Blockchain community.
  • Publicize the projects of Guild members and NEAR University (through it promotional content of the human experience in bootcamps)
  • Creation of guides/tutorials about how to use several dapps
  • Running AMAs, Webinars, and promotion activities
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Hehe yeah we are doing a lot! :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket:

So, basically we are offering the following metrics:

And this is the way we will distribute funding, just like we did on the last month thanks to your suppport from Marketing DAO, you can check the report here, and you can expect even more that we gain experienced and organization.

We are using a successful reward distribution design we learnt from OWS:

Focus Activity Reward
Write-up Articles about NEAR Projects/Guidelines on how to interact with NEAR/NEAR Projects 40 USD per 500 words
Videos Create a video going over NEAR related topics/projects, technical tutorials, guides, etc 35 USD (around 5 minutes)
Videos Create a short video working on a dapp 20 USD
Design Create an infographic for a project 20 USD
Design Banners or similar simple designs 15 USD
Design Illustrations 25-50 USD
Promotion Share post on different community groups (outside NEAR Community) 3 USD
Translations Adding Subtitles To A Video 40 USD (per 30 min)
Translations A tweet/small post/message 2 USD (per tweet)
Translations A Piece of NEAR related Content 25 USD (per 500 words)
Referrals Refer a Nearcomer 5 USD (once the participant gets the certification NCA)
Referrals Refer a Developer 20 USD (once the developer gets the certification NCD)
Referrals Refer a Professor 20 USD (once the professor gets the certification NCP)
Vectors and Outreach Setup a Meeting with an external project/university/community 10-150 USD
Engagement Hosting an AMA 70 USD

So, this is basically a continuation of what you already approved here

And where you partners give great feedback from the report here

There is another concern you might have? Will love to solve it :wink: and thank u @marketingdao-council


Thanks for the proposal Fritz. I’ve read through the proposal, reports and comments on the Forum. I agree with what Klint/Taylor said about there being a lot here, which does make it more time-consuming to review and consider. I also agree with what Satandro/AVB said about us needing to understand how the funds are being dispersed, i.e. to support guild activities in general and/or individual projects. I agree that we prefer individual projects to request funding from the Marketing DAO directly, but I also do see how NEAR Venezuela could support them through your social media activities in a supplemental way.

I am generally supportive of approving funding so you can continue for another month, but here are a few things that raised questions for me as I went through all the information here and they are areas I would recommend for improvement going forward:

  1. You funding amount is basically the max that we can distribute. But there’s no clear justification for that number. It looks more like you are asking for the max funding and then figuring out ways to use it vs. figuring out what is needed most and is most effective and then building the funding request from that.
  2. The Twitter account is not very active – there minimal recent tweets and mostly retweets and it’s unclear to me what the value is there. I would recommend creating more compelling content.
  3. I tried to click through to one of the recent Medium articles and got a 404.
  4. The distribution of funds is unclear to me. You give the OWS funding table/chart, but it’s not clear to me how those funds are being assigned and distributed to the content creators. Can you clarify how your DAO chooses what content activities to carry out and fund each month?

If you can provide some additional details about the above, that would be helpful. Also, the questions and feedback are not meant to call the proposal or intentions into question at all, but when we receive complex proposals for the max funding amount, I think we have a responsibility to understand everything so we can be sure we are doing our due diligence before allocating the community’s funds.


Hello! =) thanks for your support

  1. So, this is key to understand, we have many members with different projects, and we as a community can distribute funding to them.

@ramgor @ame9986 @LuisAponte99 with https://cripteros.com/ creating content and spreading information
@Arturoahs with a big team on their own traveling all the country doing vector and outreach with institutions
@user1 leading AMAs reaching different projects like even from NearHispano @cloudmex-alan and our list of NearVenezuela
@Mineriavirtual giving guidance on Marketing and Community Management has been onboarding Nearcomers who had been able to help with video content creation

There are more members you can check from the spreadsheet and the DAO payouts

The main goal is to help the Community Growth by onboarding with the help of Near University and at the same time help new projects to be known

We have all recorded and public from the DAO and from the Approved Proposal where you can check replies. I just organize it to be easy to read on the Report.

I found difficult to understand that we received the approval on the last month, we did deliver what we promised using the table to guide this big project, and now that we are offering even more with the same budget is when we are having resistance.

We are very big now, so we can support much more members and growth if we can receive more funding but as 10K is the maximum amount we need to go with that for now, and make the best use for that funding.

  1. About Twitter, we have good engagement from the community, we use the account to spread the word of the Projects being builded and the Onboarding we are doing.

About Twitter account
From just some minutes ago:

Rust AMA from two weeks ago to check engagement:

  1. About write-ups 404, I had 2 wrong links, thank u for pointing it out, now fixed:

7 claps
You can check good engagement there with 62 claps

  1. So about distribution of funds, we have that table as an standard to go and decide how much to paid individuals for their contribution. We receive all the projects on discussion with the community and we give the green like to go. We have sub-teams that review the contributions to give feedback and approve or reject. We have several rules in place.

This is a copy of the spreadsheet we are using to gather information and make decisions:

Totally agree.

Wish to share some facts:

  1. We are building decentralization (Our DAO is real in use full of members)
  2. We are promoting projects being builded in the Near Ecosystem
  3. We are onboarding properly (Near University)
  4. We are transparent (Giving little reports into the approved proposal + DAO + final report)
  5. We deliver what we promise, as you give us good feedback from our report regarding the last funding from Marketing DAO

I hope we can even help Marketing DAO metrics if this came into importance when giving reports to NF.

Big hug, and



@marketingdao-council please, can you help us to understand the comparison and explain to us if we got a mistake when you approved us last April: [APPROVED] NEAR VENEZUELA MARKETING [April] I mean if there is something wrong with our report or with the last approved proposal from April so we can look how to fix it.

Just to make clear that this is not about the list of dapps, those were dapps onboarded by us, where we have Venezuelan members as team members. I want us to focus on what is asked and what is promised.

  1. What NF gave thanks to you partners: $10.000 USD (April)
  2. What we promised:

Report from what we did in May: [Report] Near Venezuela [April-May]

Now we just make a bigger compromise with the Near Community promising even more:

  1. Our ask this time: same $10.000 USD
  2. What we are promising now:

If you check the last report you will see we deliver more than what we promised

You can also check that we keep working even without funding, that we really love to be part of NEAR, and we just believe we can help NEAR even more if we can receive your help.

Big hug

  • I can not support this project because @eviejugo hasn’t provided a report for Marketing DAO;
  • I can’t support the promo campaign for not-working dAPPs.

Last time the list was:

So, I can immediately support the list again if you reduce total budget, because we already spent 10k dollars on promotion.

Ps: glad to see how contributors from LATAM countries will have own grants program to cover expenses.

Need to move a pin from Colombia/Peru to Venezuela :grin:


HI Fritz,

Thanks for all the work you are doing.

Following discussions with other Council Members, I’d like to note that there are two separate streams of work:

  1. Guild Work: Promoting and Growing NEAR Ecosystem
  2. Individual Projects building

The guild work we are willing to fund, individual projects are beyond the scope of the Marketing DAO. Give the current market conditions, we are willing to offer $5,000. We expect that you prioritise among all the projects to create the highest amount of value possible for the ecosystem.

Apologies, for the delay. Let u know if these revised amount is acceptable so we can proceed to approve.


Hahaha, the LATAM HUB is not considering Venezuela, just Argentina and Colombia, even tho we promised the following to be there:

Let’s do something here, we can take out the EVIE Marketplace in our scope. There is a team of Venezuelan developers building it, they received a grant for development. But if they are not responsive with the Marketing DAO we will not support. I will take that out now.

It is to receive feedback so those dApps can improve, but I will review and take those dapps out

Ok, good, lets do something, what about reducing it to the half? And asking the funding for 2 months operations. It will be $5000 USD per month, and bi-monthly asking.

Done, now we can count with your support? :love_you_gesture:


Yes, this is all for the Guild partners, these are opportunities for the community to participate and help the growth of the NEAR Ecosystem. Guided by a table with activities and rewards, plus a list of projects to help with their activities. They sometimes go out from that list, like the previous month @user1 helped Nativo NFT marketplace running AMA and then building a marketing campaign hehehe, but Nativo NFT is from Mexico, LATAM, and we all help each other.

Thank u, this can be given bi-monthly? $10,000 each 2 months?

It will help our interaction, and this way we can keep the metrics proposed.

This way you can receive still 1 report each month, and the next funding proposal to be for August-September with a resume of the reports.

Thanks for your trust :100:


Really??? Big mistake because, in my opinion, the pivotal guild in South America is located in Venezuela.

Moved to approved. $5k for June. Have a great day!


Yeap, thanks for such a nice opinion about us. We will keep building on NEAR thanks to the amazing NEAR community and thanks to your help partners.

Here is the poll on AstroDAO



Hola comunidad de Near, un placer saludarles nuevamente, en esta ocasión les presentare un listado con los aporte realizados por mi persona en el mes de mayo y junio para los distintos proyecto que están en ejecución actualmente en NEAR Venezuela Guild.

Free horses: Para este proyecto he realizado 15 Banner varios entre, banners informativos, AMAS y concursos.
15 usd por banner = 225 usd

(Anexare algunos de ellos)

Near P2P: Se realizó una infografía, tipo story Word, que explica ¿Cómo construir un proyecto en la WEB 3.0 con NEAR?
Infografia tipo Story Word = 30 usd

Near Venezuela: Se diseñaron 3 Banners para AMAS
15 usd por cada banner = 45 usd

Global Near Educations: Para este proyecto se realizó un logo con variante de colores ya aprobado para el proyecto mencionado.
Costo del logo a tener en cuenta los siguientes factores:

  • Tipografía única, al ser una fuente hecha a mano vectorizada trazo por trazo.
  • Enviado en todos los formatos correspondientes.
  • Paleta de colores establecida e identificada por código en 7 tonalidades distintas.
  • Escala de grises establecida en 5 degradaciones.
  • Todos los elementos anteriores se encuentran separados en alta resolución.
    Costo: 100 usd

**Total: **
18 Banner. 270 usd banner junio - Google Drive
1 Story Word Tipo Infografía. 30 usd
1 Logo. 100 usd
Total: 400 usd


Awesome as always. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Buenos días a toda la comunidad de Near, espero se encuentren bien, hoy les presento las actividades realizadas en este mes, con sus alcances y métricas.

5 AMAs. Este mes iniciamos la búsqueda de personas que quieran contribuir con la comunidad y que estén interesadas en trabajar en la web 3.0, por ello, al inicio se les invita a realizar una presentación en el canal de telegram, después se les ubica dependiendo de sus habilidades en las distintas áreas (marketing, traducciones, entre otras) y se les pide realizar una propuesta para contribuir con la comunidad en donde se especifique alcance de la propuesta y redes sociales donde se va a difundir la información, para explicarles como se debía realizar la propuesta se realizaron 5 AMA donde se realizaron preguntas, se explico como se trabaja en la web3.0 y se analizaron propuestas.
Los AMAs realizados en twitter no se pueden visualizar, puesto que, la grabación en twitter tiene una duración de 30 días.
En el caso de los otros AMAs, que no se si podrían considerarse Amas, fueron en vivos en Meet y en el grupo de telegram de marketing, porque se estaba asesorando a las personas que estaban interesadas en participar en la comunidad y gracias a ellos, hoy tenemos en la comunidad gente de calidad que esta colaborando y dando lo mejor de sí.

En las fotos se ven los llamados en los AMAs que realizaron por diferentes medios en las últimas fotos se puede apreciar la duración del último AMA duración de dos horas

Adjunto los resultados de esos AMAs , los participantes realizaron vídeos para los distintos proyectos de Near

A pesar de realizar 5 AMAs solo cobraré 2 de los realizados

Conversa 3
conversacion  1
conversacion 2

Costo: $140

En el Instagram de Near Venezuela, se publicaron 2 reels y un post. Aquí les dejo los links:

Login • Instagram [Login • Instagram
Login • Instagram

Reel 1:


Reel 2

Costo: $0

Asesorías individuales para las personas que estaban elaborando propuestas

Costo: $0

Aprobación y rechazo de las propuestas, les dejo las que más me gustaron

Metricas NEAR Protocol.pdf (340.4 KB)
Near Airdrop.pdf (354.9 KB)
Propuesta Telegram Near Protocol.pdf (402.0 KB)
Discord protocol…pdf (492.7 KB)
Memes enviados por las personas que participaron en las propuestas


Infografías de los cursos que se ofrecen (NCA, NCD, NCP)ya que las personas que están interesadas, siempre presentan dudas sobre los temas que se ven o el trabajo que se debe realizar para lograr la certificación

Costo: 3 infografías $60

4 post con 14 diseños sencillos para dar publicidad al proyecto de Free Horses





Costo: 12 diseños sencillos $180

Trabajo realizado
5 AMAs solo se cobrarán 2: $140
12 diseños sencillos $180
3 infografías $60
Total $380

WALLET: nabi22.near


Hello, NEAR Community Venezuela.

Claim 1

Type of activity: Report of activities as promoter of Free Horses from 06/28/2022 to 07/31/2022.

Week of 06/28/2022 to 07/03/2022

During that week I received a very thorough induction by @jblm Julián Mostacero about the Free Horses project, the management of Discord, Twitter and Telegram, as a promoter for three hours a day, every day of the week, for a month, In addition to guiding me to manage these networks more naturally, additional meetings were held with the team to fine-tune the strategies in terms of the topics to be covered.

Week of 07/04/2022 to 07/10/2022

During this period, I was notified that my probationary period had been approved, so I had to continue performing the activities as before. Additionally I received an induction via Zoom on Thursday 07/07/2022, where it was requested the creation of a new twitter account in order that all content created would be in English, therefore on Friday 08/07/2022 I proceeded to create a new twitter account, which is: @Freyja_GoddessM. I leave some links of the tweets sent during this week.

Week from 07/11/2022 to 07/17/2022

During this period we continued with the interaction in Discord, Twitter and Telegram, being of great joy for me, see how the numbers of the account on Twitter grew, having a week of created, the interactions reached 2,649, the visits to the profile 2,452, I have a main follower, which for me is an honor to have @NearGuru_ which has on twitter with more than 40,000 followers and is one of the main influencers of NEAR Protocol, I also have some followers from the NEAR community, then I leave a screenshots and links to tweets, with which you can verify the information.

Week from 07/18/2022 to 07/24/2022

In this period the interactions on Twitter continued to grow and during it I learned to write the threads on Twitter, thanks to my good friend Julián Mostacero, who patiently explained to me how to make them, which helped me a lot, since in many occasions I was short of words to explain, being this a very useful tool, to talk about the projects in more detail, in addition to continue contributing my interaction in Discord and Telegram, I attended several AMA that were held during this period, being of great benefit to continue learning within NEAR. I leave links to tweets corresponding to this week.

Week from 07/25/2022 to 07/31/2022

In the referred period I reached 10K interactions with my Twitter account, it is exciting to track the numbers, as a promoter, the aim is that the shared content reaches as many people as possible, These are really good numbers, for an account that is not even a month old since its creation. Additionally my tweets were seen by certified accounts within Twitter which indicates that the information published is of interest and importance, I attach screenshots corresponding to such information and the respective links to the tweets.

Personally I like the work I have been doing with the Free Horses team, it is important to note that the work of promoter is constant, never stops, you have to be as attentive as possible to all interactions in the three media mentioned above, also daily you learn many things, encouraging those of us who like to read and investigate. Personally I thank Julián Mostacero, whom I have already named on several occasions, @Mineriavirtual Frank Cardenas and @jurbinaper Jesús Urbina, for the inductions, classes, AMAs and all the information provided with the promoters, also for the opportunity provided, in this month I take the gratification of having learned a lot.

In addition, I leave the link to the table with the report, which we were asked to fill in, with all the information corresponding to our activities and interaction on Discord and Twitter.

Link to Result:

Estimated Reward 50$.

Wallet: millyrodriguez.near
Discord: Milly Rodriguez#3766


I totally support your claim :100: :clap:

Thanks for your contribution :love_you_gesture: :beers:


Buenas noches comunidad de Near Venezuela, aquí les muestro el resultado de mis trabajos como promotor en Discord y Twitter, para dar a conocer a Free Horses-NFT-incubator, en el cuál trabaje de 2 a 4 horas diarias todo el mes de julio en el servidor de Discord, y de 5 o más Tweets diarios, con información relevante sobre otras colecciones de NFTs, y sobre el mundo de las Criptomonedas.
También mencionamos a figuras importantes en Twitter, con el objetivo de mostrarles la utilidad y beneficios a corto y largo plazo de los Free Horses. Todos los promotores llevamos las actividades a cargo de nuestro líder Frank Cárdenas. El se encarga de dar las indicaciones diariamente de cómo podemos hablar y escribir en el idioma inglés, y de cómo podrían ser los comentarios de gran impacto en el mundo.
En el servidor de Discord hablamos de cómo podemos ser mejores cada día como promotores. Contamos con un grupo muy unido y con ganas de aprender y avanzar. Aquí discutimos sobre Colecciones NFTs que saldrán a futuro en el ecosistema de NearProtocol y otros proyectos. También analizamos Criptomonedas y de todo en general, siempre teniendo a Free Horses cómo Primordial, y de cómo lo podríamos mejorar a futuro.

Estás son las estadísticas de mi cuenta de Twitter a Principios del mes de julio

Estas son las estadísticas de mi cuenta de Twitter a Finales de mes de Julio

Horas en Discord y Tweets realizados

Monto del pago solicitado 40$

Wallet: nearfalcon.near
Discord: NearFalcon#2117


Hola, Soy Gilberth. Aquí me presento:


Tipo de actividad: Reporte como Promotor de Free Horses

Comencé el periodo de prueba el día 10 de julio y lo terminé el día 17 de julio. Trabajo de 9 AM a 1 PM, a veces me levanto temprano y me activo, otras veces a eso de las 10 o 11 AM, pero son pocas las veces que eso pasa.

En mis tweet comento sobre las criptomonedas. Hice unos tweet de cuando se crearon algunas monedas como el BTC y NEAR. También hice encuestas en las cuales no muchos estuvieron participando. Me dijeron que corrigiera lo de la mayúsculas y lo logré. Y sobre cómo se forman palabras en inglés y también lo logré gracias a una extensión llamada Grammarly.

Después de la evaluación, a partir del 18 de julio estuve trabajando como promotor de la Incubadora Free Horses. Estando activo principalmente en Twitter (desde el 18 de julio hasta hoy) y mucho menos para el Discord; mi ausencia allí fue porque algunas veces no hallé diálogos que me interesaran. A veces converso con algunas personas e incluso hacemos juegos con un bot llamado Rumble Royal, pero mi poca actividad también depende de que yo trabajo en otras cosas y participo en sorteos de Twitter a ver si puedo conseguir algo más de ingresos.

Analytics del Twitter para mi cuenta nueva totalmente en Inglés

Este fue mi Tweet con más interacciones (52.9%) entre todos los demás. Fue un Tweet sobre la elección de las monedas que le ven un futuro

En Telegram he estado activo y he establecido conversación con los moderadores (especialmente @jblm) y he ayudado a algunos miembros, por ejemplo, hoy ayudé a un amigo con una confusión con su billetera.

Su caso era de que había recuperado una wallet con las frases equivocadas.

Participé en todos los eventos de NEAR Venezuela y en las clases. Estuve en estos eventos:

15/07/2022 sobre NFTs raros

19/07/2022 sobre Hablemos de NFTs y Free Horses Telegram

22/07/2022 sobre moderación en la comunidad de Discord y Telegram

26/07/2022 sobre beneficios de la WEB3 y fue en Telegram

En esas reuniones aprendí mucho y la verdad me gustó mucho todo el apoyo que dio la comunidad.

En el trabajo como promotor me siento muy cómodo, ya que alguna duda que tenga la pregunto a mis amigos de la comunidad. Todo ha ido bien, aunque falta integración entre todos los promotores y la comunidad de NEAR Venezuela. He aprendido sobre los algoritmos de Twitter, ya que si repites palabras muchas veces Twitter empieza a sospechar; de hecho ya me han eliminado 3 cuentas. He aprendido sobre los bot de NEAR en Telegram, interesante.

Espero seguir como promotor y esforzarme más, darle más actividad al Discord para aprender más, ganar experiencia y crecer. Seguiría estando acá hasta que se acabe el mundo. La verdad es muy cómodo andar acá, ya que cuentas con el apoyo de toda la comunidad.

Sugerencia: sería muy bueno que todos nos respondiéramos los tweet, poder hacer hilos, sería genial. Crecer como un promotor y tener mucha interacciones entre nosotros.

Enlace al reporte diario ejecutado: Copia de Promotion-Control-of-Gilberth - Google Sheets

Twitter: @CriptoAdesNFT

Discord: gilberth#1883

Cuenta de NEAR: gilberth.near

Monto a cobrar: $25


Quiero darle un cordial saludos a todos, mi nombre es Juan Carlos Betancourt. Comencé mi período de prueba como promotor de Free Horses el día 10 de julio y lo terminé el 17 de julio. Estuve activo en Twitter con un promedio de 8 horas ya que cuento con disponibilidad de tiempo completo.

A partir del 18 de julio estuve trabajando como promotor de la comunidad Free Horses, muy activo en Twitter, Discord y Telegram. En Twitter acumulo más de 109 tweets hasta la fecha. Mi tweet más destacado fue:

teniendo el 36.8% de las interacciones.

Mi actividad en Telegram fue muy buena dándoles a los usuarios los buenos días con positivismo, para empezar el día con una buena actitud. También lo hice en los diferentes tipos de actividades que se anunciaron, tales como los AMA. Además promocioné en otras comunidades para que hubiera más participación en la comunidad NEAR Venezuela. Estuve en todos los cursos de inducción ofrecidos por el equipo de supervisión de Free Horses.

13-07-2022 AMA en Twitter

13-07-2022 AMA en Telegram para explicar cómo generar ingresos con los NFT y cómo trabajar como Promotor en la Incubadora Free Horses. Promocione el AMA en diferentes grupos de telegram para así aumentar la participación en la comunidad.

Participe en el juego de telegram de motivación siendo uno de los ganadores

15-07-2022 Sorteo sobres NFTs raros

19-07-2022 Clase donde se habló de NFTs y FreeHorses Telegram

21-07-2022 AMA en Twitter

22-07-2022 Clase sobre moderación Discord Telegram

26-07-2022 Clase sobre beneficio de la web3 para la humanidad Telegram

Mi actividad en Discord es muy buena ya que cuento con el tiempo completo estando activo desde las 8:00 am hasta las 13:00 y después de las 16:00 hasta las 19:00. La comunicación con mis otros promotores ha sido muy buena y ha habido mucha participación.

En los cursos de inducción (clases) ofrecidas por el equipo aprendí mucho y me gusto todo el apoyo y las disposiciones para explicarnos cómo ser mejor promotor.

Este nuevo trabajo de promotor ha sido un nuevo reto para mí. Con mucho esfuerzo y dedicación seré cada día mejor, espero que mis compañeros se sientan un poco más identificado hacia a mi persona y poder convivir más

Espero seguir como promotor de Free Horses, hacer un trabajo de calidad y así apoyar a la comunidad, estar más unidos.

Enlace a la tabla de mi reporte diario:

Twitter: @CriptoKingsNFT
Discord: CriptoKingsNFT#3407
Cuenta de NEAR: criptokingsnft.near
Monto del pago: $ 30


Hello, Near community from Venezuela

I’m Yaneisia Hernández, my presentation:


Report 1: 07-10-2022 to 03/08/2022

My work as a Free Horses promoter on July 10, with the purchase of my NFT Spartans, receiving the documents with the instructions for the promotion, as well as their explanation by Telegram from @jblm . Also, the opening of my @WorldCryptoNFT1 in the English language for Twitter. Due to the knowledge I have of network management, the next day I started with the posts, fulfilling my scheduled hours for it and the number of tweets required and more (both in hours and tweets, retweets, etc.), from that moment until Yesterday. The main objective for me as a promoter is to sell our image as a Free Horses Incubator, and to make NearProtocol. Launch ourselves as a brand, as influencers and as connoisseurs of NFTs. Of course it is a team effort, everyone doing their part and improving strategies, checking my statistics daily to evaluate myself, having as a first strategy to reach as many followers as possible, increasing daily. The result is the quality of content, an important aspect, to later position ourselves in the international market. That’s why you have to do it in English, as it was recommended to me by @MIneriavirtual.

Regarding these statistics, they show me that each interaction, each like, each retweet and each follower that is added to my account, the positive measurement that the platform makes on a daily basis is my greatest satisfaction, At the same time, they indicate that the content is useful and important for the followers, and of course it is a reward for my effort, giving my work the impetus to continue and be better at what I am doing for this project.

In my daily work, I dedicated hours to reading everything related to the NEAR projects, and all the blockchain technology, metaverse, NFTs and relevant information from the crypto world. Without neglecting the Free Horses and also the interaction on your Discord. In NEAR Venezuela’s Telegram, I have even been outside the schedules defined by me. I also attended the courses they have given for our improvement as promoters. I value my effort to do things as well as possible and if I can reach perfection I try as hard as I can, without losing the humility that when exploring, entering something new, I can have weaknesses.

My link to see hours in discord and tweets made:

My commitment to the Free Horses is very high. I like it and I am getting additional profits, such as, first of all, learning everything that a NEAR protocol, Promotion work and the knowledge associated with NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain technology, etc. I was curious to know what was behind a crypto, knowledge obtained by reading, but also by the AMAs, courses received by the Freehorses, which I thank you for. And second, the contact with valuable people who have given me part of their knowledge and support, which I value very much. Regarding remuneration, it is important, of course, but I understand the efforts that are being made to obtain resources. Thanks.

Estimated Reward: $30

Wallet: yaneisia.near
Discord: yaneisia#1040