[Approved] Near_Valentine Music & Onboarding Event

One Nigeria festival is a musical event founded by me in 2018, i hosted my first show in ikorodu Lagos around December 2018 and it was a blast, eversince hosting events has been totally part of me.

My name is ayo, born and brought up in the city of Lagos Nigeria, I’m a musical artist, producer, lyricist, creative and generally a music lover, i started my music career here in lagos Nigeria the ( Music hub of Africa) and so far, i have an active recording music studio, sorrounded with a lot of upcoming artist. I have work with so many artist and show biz in Nigeria.

For about 3 years now we’ve been hosting a live show in the city Lagos on every feb 14 of every year which is valentine, where loved ones come together to celebrate love, partners come together from different places around Lagos to enjoy great musical performances, dance, and comedy, above all to spend good time with their love ones, this show is usually one of the best event in the city of ikoyi at large,
So this time I’m coming up with a great plan to host this great event in the name of Nxm Dao, to promote our community there, this will help create awareness and bring exposure to the general public, for years now we’ve had a lot of audiences, artist, singers, dancers and live band artists coming together to celebrate love, so this time I’m coming out with a much more bigger package here.

There will be a singing competition and the winner goes with a grand prize and a music recording package in my studio alongside mixing and mastering, this song will be minted in the nxm store as NFt.

This time I’ve decided to make our february 14 ( valentine ) event a “NEAR_VALENTINE” show, like making near t-shirts, near banners and fliers, this should be our best show because with this funding we’ll provide better and quality facility to aid this event, this event is scheduled on the 14th of February which is on valentine, so basically the theme of this show is “Near_Valentine” we’ll have alot of interesting package to promote our community,
the gate fee is usually one dollar here but this time it’s gonna be free so we can have more audiences, and also we will be educating the audiences about what near is all about and how they can create a near wallet, this will be on the banners, adverts and fliers too, so basically we will be making a near t-shirt too for all the performing artist and guest artist performing that day so they can put it on while performing. a lot of fun games and giveaway for those trading on near.

The video coverage of this great event will also be minted as NFt ( highlighting the performance and competition)

This Event is located at ikoyi gardens where it has always been holding, As a host of this events i have also communicated to all other organizers and they are fully in support of this great event.
So with the funding from this community i guarantee we’ll get good equipments and proper planning for this.

So the budget for this show is 977$ as the arrangement is already in progress

Here is the breakdown of what we need to make this event a success:

  1. Ikoyi Garden ( here is a big and romantic garden, we usually rent the space for our shows with over 160 sitting capacity) : 210$ : 19.30 near

  2. Banners, Graphics, and fliers :120$ : 13.70near

  3. Sound, smoke, light, projector, decorations and carpet : 195$ : 16.25near

  4. Online ads : 46$ : 3.8near

  5. 15 Near Printed shirts for performing artist and organizers : 130$ : 12near

  6. Singing competition : 100$ : 8.3near

  7. Video coverage : 100$ : 8.3near

  8. Payment of ushers, bouncers, and workers : 76$ : 6.3near

Total cost: 977$… 90 near

Above all any other miscellaneous expenses that comes during the process of planning will be handled by me. @Monish016 @Paul @nullzero
I promise to put in my best as usual to make this event a big success.

I am happy to answer further questions or concerns and i am very excited to be a part of this great community to share my knowledge and experiences.

Thanks for your consideration,




Love your proposal, you have my support.

It would be good when during the live event you will be making photos and some video shots, which can be used for promotion purposes.

Also, please remember to include NxM logo on all important promo flyers!


Yeah, they’ll be a live video coverage and photographs (highlighting the performances and event coverage) to be minted as NFTs

And the NxM logo will be printed on all the t-shirts, banners, fliers even on the red carpet banner…

Thanks for the support brother @Paul @Monish016 @nullzero

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Thanks @Ayojay !
Please be informed that we are implementing new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:
:black_small_square:Open NEAR Guilds App,
:black_small_square:Find NxM Guild,
:black_small_square:Log to the app using your NEAR wallet,
:black_small_square:Join to the community using your NEAR wallet!


Done, Thanks for the info brother. @Paul


@Ayojay your proposal has been approved!
As you can request for 50% in advance, please submit your payout of $489 to AstroDAO!
Many Thanks!


Thank you brother! Arrangements are already in progress, requesting for the 50% funding to complete the event preparations, thank you. @Paul


Update:. This event is gonna be from 13th / 14th because it’s gonna be an all night event too.

@Paul @Monish016 @nullzero


Hi @vandal @Paul @Monish016 @nullzero
My project have been successfully completed, I want to say a big thank you to you all for the love and support you’ve shown from the very beginning till this time and I’m glad to say the manager of the playground we used for this event is very glad with this set up and coordination, so therefore he’s giving us a 20% discount on any of our future event hosted in his playground, and i created a near wallet for him too, here are some pictures taken during the event and more HD photos Will be posted later on,