[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild July 4 projects pack with 18 videos

Hey @Zhunda thanks for receiving and responding to all the questions and feedback.

Can you clarify for me whether the total funding amount was reduced and if so to what amount? Just trying to make sure I understand what the current proposal is requesting after feedback. Thanks!

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Youtubers - 5650 USD
Agent Managing Bounties - 2400 USD
Miracles promo videos - 400 USD
Guild administration costs - 1500 USD

Youtubers - 6500 USD
Agent Managing Bounties - 1500 USD
Miracles promo videos - 400 USD
Guild administration costs - 1500 USD

We also onboarded a new teammate @boy.ivan and he will assist with influencer search and work with them. So best thing when critics become guild members. :sweat_smile:
But idk if for this round he will suggest his yotubers, or we will go with his ones in August proposal.

Hi @Zhunda – thanks. I really appreciate the time you are taking to reply to questions, give detail and look at what you are building with an eye toward experimentation and improvement. Also, it is cool to see that @boy.ivan is now working with the team.

Based on your willingness to take feedback in stride, try to up-level and try new things and bring on input and help from the community to engage more people in NEAR, I am happy to support this for another project pack and see how it goes.

It would be great to see what changes and new strategies you and the team try and get success with over the next 4-6 weeks.

You still need one more council member to support for approval.

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Hello @Zhunda ,
I checked the video, providing how to join the testnet and experience Fusotao with organic members comment below the questions on how to finish it => so the video content, and the audience is organic.

2nd, the channel hidden gem 107K subscribers - belong to the community member of Kiwi group is quite large with 200K members. As you can check here https://kiwigroup.com.vn, they are VC, Marketing agency, crypto education for starter, and with broad connection with other big communities, VC, CEX, so this is a good one for making video about projects.

Hence, this is not a green time in the market, we can ask them to reduce the cost to support NEAR ecosystem as well, as @satojandro direction.

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hi @Zhunda i have read though all this post and comments and come to the conclusion you are doing your best to get good value for the funds dsibursed, therefore i am happy to support for this month.

Moving to Approved. You can now make a Poll on Astro.

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Ahhh @HaiVu thanks for feedback, much appreciate it.
Steve who worked with Hedden Gem Team told that after YT algo changes their views dropped.
Tho, ill ask him for price reduction, if still interested and its your target audiance, can create another review about latest update on Fusotao. :sunny:

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Thanks so much @cryptocredit trying our best for the community. Thanks for opportunities once again. :heart:

Hello, I make youtube content and am looking to make a detailed review of NEAR (not charging or looking for any fees). If possible, I’d like to have an interview with someone from the NEAR time to discuss NEAR, recent NEAR news/events and the upcoming NEARcon.

I might not check this forum, but if you could email me at team@fullvalue.club it would be more convenient.


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