[Approved]NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ DAO creation and plan for December budgeting

If there were a 50% increase every month, it wouldn’t be long before the funding request were $1m per month :sweat_smile:

Whatever you decide, we’ll support you 100% - However, we aren’t in a position to drop $50k on funding for one month for one Guild, so would be awesome to see what you guys could do with circa $10k :100:

We discussed, in a call not so long ago, that Stars Guild would focus on providing influencer marketing for projects. You can become self funded, at least partially whilst it’s being bootstrapped by the NF, by charging the projects for marketing (but at a very discounted rate).


One and a half year. Tho would be great. My wish is to get budgeting for 500k for all creative projects.

Probably not much. Ill think.

So it’s not 10k for proposal it’s 10k per month?

How then to get bootstrapped by the NF? Who should i contact?

It’s not a hard figure, it’s a recommendation. We, as the MarketingDAO, are not in a position to distribute $50k to a Guild every month.

The funding from the MarketingDAO is the bootstrapping. I should have referred to the MarketingDAO, rather than NF.

For the below proposal, can you please outline the specifics of the funding:

Ok, thanks David. :pray:

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers and agents (educating them trough), crossworking with NEAR guilds.
@holuongduc Steve - OG of Stars Guild. Cooperates with Hidden GEM Team, writes articles and does SMM for them, gathers Vietnam influencers trough Ambassador program.
@agobanan Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter and our Telegram news feed, gathers fresh info about NEAR in whole on hot topics to be promoted.

David, btw, how does the Marketing council get fudning?
To whoom we migh catch up to finally get as independent guild?


Can you drop some tangible examples, please? Thanks!

From the NEAR Founcation - the Community Fund.

Keep an eye out for the new Guilds funding mechanics which are set to be shared here very soon :100:

Here they are:

review is finished, just need to add LJ Alves video there:

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Coolio, waiting for updates on those.

I feel that for December we will pause our activities to see when new mechanics will be given.

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Hey @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear
When youll have some time to spare can you upvote or downvote November payouts for guild at

And i tried to remove wrong payout proposal, no chances for author to remove it.
Only council members can remove it, or who might be responisble person from Astro DAO to send this bug issue to get fixed? :thinking:

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This will be reviewed this week, 100%. We’ll either ignore or reject the incorrect proposal, all good there.

You can report it to the AstroDAO gang here:

Thank you David, ill reach them out. Thoght that it’s an adblock issue, but naah…


I believe most will super efficient

here is a question: I wonder how much did we pay/going to pay for LJ Aviles’s this one video review? URGENT! NEAR PROTOCOL - THE TIME IS NOW - YouTube

Negotiated for price of 600 USD so 55 NEAR coins were sent.

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Dacha, the above proposal was for almost $50,000 & the Reddit team are on a flat $10,000 rate due to reasons I’ve mentioned countless times

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Hi @Dacha ,

Hope you are doing well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest, let me put few things into the right context. That budget is for 3 months of work, 1000 of which is going directly to The Cryptonomist. The channel telegram that you are speaking about has 15 members because has never been launched officially. We recently installed a bot to give a first layer of protection. If you are in the group you can see that yesterday in our tg channel the attempts of Near Crowd to spam and scam people were blocked. Before onboarding members I think we should make sure that they see us as reliable and they are not easy pray for scammers (unfortunately telegram is full of predators).

On the other side I think our Instagram page is doing good, our content like the announcement of Marieke as Ceo of foundation was used by more then a page as post to advertise the same news. Numbers will arrive if the quality of the content is good, this is what I think based on my experience. I think sometimes is better not to rush into things but do it in a proper way.

We can all agree on disagree on which project adds value to NEAR but would be nice not to be used as an example with such a negative connotation. We are doing everything in a transparent way. We feel really grateful to the DAO for the trust and the funding and I hope we can keep up with the expectations.

Hope this answers to your concerns and I hope you have a nice evening :slight_smile:


Wooow, thanks David for the info.
Glad that NEAR structurized Guild programs. :sunny:


The proposal was partially approved and paid, 390N management fee