[Approved] NEAR Mixtape vol.1 Hosted By BeatDAO

I think that the best option would be if mixtape has one producer per each track or group of the producers, it will be fair for everyone to get involved, same thing with singers and rappers.

With that being said, if someone would like to collaborate with my “Error” beat like adding some melodies part or change something in drums we can add it to the NxM mixtape.

If noone would be interested in, we can do our collab @Sleezy_Moss and leave it for another release of NxM mixtape or just release it apart of the mixtape.

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ok @Paul noted, so that means I can rock with @JCB on this mixtape, is that ok bruh Justin? :v:


Yeah bro! I’ll cook something up!


Noted and updated, @JCB and @Sleezy_Moss are the fourth group! :rocket:

Can i make one rock track?

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Sure you can @dmitryne, NxM Mixtape is not restricted by the genere. Will you make music with the vocals?

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I need lyrics, if someone can do
Lyrics about NEAR?
I can do vocal track, if not

But still i can do instrumental music

I can send examples if needed
Thank you :blush:



Here is few examples
Thank you

Hey @Paul can you break this proposal up month by month please! For example, write what you want to do for the first month, budget it and request that budget. Also if there’s anything we can help with from NxM that would be great! I think we still have some budget available for supporting.

A more detailed roadmap (timeline) will help understand the flow of the whole thing.

Maybe @djlethalskillz.near might want to jump in on this as well and we can use Emanate to release the music and run the playlist there!


The link is empty :frowning:

I’ll put you as a producer to fifth group @dmitryne :100:

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Thanks @vandal I’ve made couple corrections regarding the proposal. We will need funds after the completion of the Phase Two. After that, rest of the phases will be completed in one month.

Detailed timeline will be available when we reach 10 groups of artist for the mixtape, so after completion of the Phase One.

Is it ok for you ?


Sounds good my friend! Love the way this is shaping up!


once the mixtape drops
definitely keep me/Beat Kitchen in the loop
… as for beats - i got those for DAYSSS
just say the word and we can WORK!!


I have vocalists , just need lyrics

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I could hook you up with lyrics man… Send me your telegram


You got skills @dmitryne :ok_hand:t2:

I would love to participate in this epic NEAR family building initiative. Please put SYMBOLIK on the list.


Soo good @Symbolik! Updated👌🏻

Sorry guys, I can’t tag more than 10 ppl in one post…

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Sounds good, I’m down.

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