[REPORT] NEAR Mixtape vol.1 hosted by BeatDAO

Hello NEAR fam!

On 8th of January, the first music Mixtape has been dropped on the NEAR blockchain. If you would like to get more details regarding the creation process, please feel free to check the original proposal.

All graphics made by @ted.iv

Official Tracklist:

  1. Vandal & Paul Crans — Fo’rest

  2. Nilly Noon & momjokes — Dome

  3. The Tune & Boy Chula & Mubzy — Challenges

  4. Symbolik & Jahzone & Wizzow — Digital Community

  5. Dedeukwu & C-Sol — Amanda

  6. John X & Max Komori — Levitate

  7. JCB & Sleezy Moss & Rhyme Taylor & Ashe B — Champion Sounds

  8. Symbolik & John X & Paul Crans — Release

  9. DJ Lethal Skillz & Sleezy Moss — Petai

  10. Denni Wild & dmitryne.near & John X — Future Is Near

The release of the NEAR Mixtape was preceded by AMA with Onboarding DAO and Cryptovoxels’ party in DAOrecords’ parcel.

NEAR Mixtape has been released via mintbase, where BeatDAO deployed its own store, specially for this music material.

The store contains:

  • 10 songs, which has been minted in 301 copies per 2N,
  • 1 poster, which has been minted in 301 copies per 1N,
  • 1 promo flyer, which has been minted in 1000 copies and airdropped to various near wallets and Guilds/DAOs,
  • A 3xr Gallery with all songs, which has been minted in 20 copies per 20N

So far, NEAR Mixtape earned 41.44N.

  1. Visit a 3xr gallery here.

  1. Visit the store here.

  2. You can listen the whole NEAR Mixtape on the YouTube.

NEAR Mixtape Vol.1 Hosted By BeatDAO - YouTube

  1. Thanks to DJ Teezy, we have a DJ Mix of the Mixtape and cuts from his set are being used for promo purposes for Twitter and Instagram. Listen his mix on YouTube.

BeatDAO X DJ Teezy - NEAR Mixtape Vol.1 Mix - YouTube

Check collectibles in your wallet or yours DAO treasury and you might spot the airdropped NFT. :slightly_smiling_face:

BeatDAO would like to thank you all for the given support! Please stay tuned, as more is going more to come in NEAR future, especially with music in web3 space.

Stay creative,
BeatDAO Councils


This was a great initiative on so many levels. The #NEARmixtape encouraged global NEAR community interaction, collaboration and creativity. It was a great idea executed very well. The result is NEAR community bonding and producing great NFTs for the world and a raised awareness about NEAR, Mintbase, and our NEAR communities. Well done @Paul @JohnX BeatDAO and NxM artists!

I’m sure lessons were learned, as good as NEAR Mixtape Vol.1 was and I can’t wait to see the effects and results of future volumes :slight_smile: