[APPROVED] NCD Course In Turkey

Hi Everyone,
This proposal is for a course that Near Turkey team wants to organize to increase the number of Near Certified developers in Turkey. Near Türkiye Team: @KriptoRaptor @crypto_blckhntr @dadathoo_crypto @OkanCaptain @REK

We have been trying to organize an NCD course in Turkey for a long time.
At a meeting with @FritzWorm , we decided to launch NCD course in Turkey.

The purpose of this event is for Developers in Turkey to learn how to develop contract on Near Protocol.
We are planning this event with the Near Venezuela team.
All instructors have NCI. Therefore, they have the authority to give NCD to the participants.
The education will last 10 hours. Education mightbe last for 5 days, 2 hours a day. Or 10 days, 1 hours a day.


  • $2000 Instructor fee
  • $500 Attending and translation of sessions when necessary and reporting

Target Wallet: remziemrekahveci.near


Hi I’m Said Sahinbas from yalova university . I m at 4. grade of Computer engineering . I want to attend this course . It would be great for everyone like me who wanna learning about near development.


Hi Said,
Glad to see you here :grin:
This course is open to all developers. I would like to see you on course.


Happy to support! Have a great day!


We’re all for training and education especially when it comes to encouraging Devs to build on Near.

Turkey has one of the largest and most active ecosystems for Near. Is this program only going to be taught to around 10 people?

What is the total expected number of attendees?

Any plans on getting that number closer 100?

Can you please provide a detailed overview of the 5 day (2 hours per day) course?

  • Number of Modules
  • Subject of the Module
  • Bullet points of what is covered in each module

What is the medium you’re using for Instruction - in person or online?

Looking forward to hearing more.


Can you elaborate more on the process of creating an NCD course?

My understanding is that this kind of initiatives get channelled through NEAR Education, they also should have a budget for it.


Hi @Klint

10 people filled the pre-registration form. Universities open after 1 month. We expect an estimated 40-50 participants with the advertisements to be made.
I do not believe that an education program for more than 40 people will be efficient.

  • Education will take place online on the Zoom.
  • I am inviting @andresdom and @jeph to explain the course modules.

no actually they have no such support for such small initiatives at all, no verticals etc. I personally asked for these friends. NCD programme Near Univ offer is self paced.

this one is Orientation and beyond

  • instructors will to give 10 hr course
  • and then will support candidates 1on1 (mentorship)
  • after that will help them arrange a suitable contract and asses it before issuing Near Certified Developer Certificate (not sure about this last proccess: leaving it up to @andresdom )

Thanks for asking.

Monday - Day 1: Participants receive an email with a meeting invitation and links to the documentation. Wallet creation, Installation, problems with the installations.

Installing node, npm, near cli, git, yarn, and others.

Tuesday - Day 2: Live contract review, starting with an NFT contract, answering doubts, and explaining the functions.

Wednesday - Day 3: Live Contract coding. Using AssemblyScript from 0, the NCI shows how to create a fresh project and add the modules explaining every one, and solving the questions on why are they needed? What do they do? how do they work? and how to implement it?

Thursday - Day 4: This day is to explain how to create a smart contract using RUST and Live Contract Review.

Friday - Day 5: Solutions and answers about coding problems.

Helping all the teams with their ideas and coding issues, explaining if there are any doubts. All the questions solved are added to a document and later posted on the FAQ section.

Monday - Day 6: Intro to Frontend, showing how to connect the smart contracts. Participants will understand how to call the functions from the front

Tuesday - Day 7:. Helping the teams with details, ending our class contract.

Wednesday - Day 8: Latest details and first presentations.

Starting with the presentations, giving the first reviews on the participant’s code, and sharing feedback, comments, and improvement ideas.

Thursday - Day 9: Presentations and final review.

Last day of presentations, the information will be received for review and if there is a team with no project presentation, then they will be given extra help in those 2 last days and time to wait for the delivery of their projects for 15 days…

Friday - Day 10: Next steps

Explanation about the other opportunities in the ecosystem, delivery of certifications to the participants who finished the course successfully, and connecting them to the Near community team, so they are going to be able to look for opportunities with different Guilds and Projects.

And of course, a Discord channel open for questions and help during the course.

@Dacha @satojandro @REK @KriptoRaptor @andresdom @saidsahinbas

Thank you again



Thanks for adding more context. Happy to support


Hey @jeph,

Thanks for the clarity on the material. You have my support.

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Excellent we will do our best


Really happy you are making this amazing step onboarding devs! Big hug fam!