Annual Summary – Results DV Consultores

The year 2022 has been great for our Global DV Consultores LLC team (, we managed to integrate and form a team, geographically located in several countries Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia

With the support of NEAR Hispano, thanks to Alan Estrada @alan777 and Cristian Zambrano @Cristian, we certified all the company’s personnel, as a result

Linda Rosario NCD – DIR
Hector Palencia NCD – DIR
Herian Palencia NCD – DIR
Gabriel Perez NCD – DIR
Andres Dominguez NCD – DIR – NCI
Leyner Aponte NCD – DIR – NCI
Cesar Coronel NCD – DIR
Angel Arevalo NCD – DIR
María Gutierrez NCD – DIR
Juan Ochando NCD – DIR
Jorge Cuauro NCD – DIR
María Eugenia Arévalo – NCA – NCD – DIR - NCP
Krisnella Parra NCA
Patricia Silva NCA
Aldrin López NCA NCD
Sebastian Rosas NCA NCD
Joalys Rosario NCD

(NCA NEAR Certified Analyst, NCD NEAR Certified Developer, DIR Developer in Residence, NCP NEAR Certified Professor)

We participate in Developer In Residence with Projects such as


Artemis Artemis

We work supporting the NEAR Venezuela community @FritzWorm, supporting projects such as:

FreeHorses Free Horses

Educational and onboarding talks

Thanks to the invitation of Near Türkiye Team: @KriptoRaptor @REK, we collaborate on the NCD COURSE IN TURKEY

@jeph Especially excited with the incorporation into the team of Juan, excellent contribution

Proposal: [APPROVED] NCD Course In Turkey
Report: [REPORT] Near Türkiye NCD Course

As Venezuelans we are directly excluded from granting Grants due to legal issues, however the NEAR Crypto Community is wonderful, and they opened their doors for us, giving us the opportunity to support them in their projects as a software development team,

Our company Github is: dvconsultores (GlobalDv) · GitHub

We want to support in 2023 all those who have a wonderful idea and do not have a team of programmers, your life project is your idea, our life project is programming and we have been happy this year 2023 supporting our team to make ideas come true spectacular

Grateful for the growth, we believe in this, the community has been wonderful, in the search for growth we have found many valuable people and organizations that make it possible to grow in the number of developers on this Protocol

We look forward to 2023 with the best of spirits and disposition

Thank you on behalf of the entire team


Let’s keep building :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work guys! :clap:


Noice!!! the buildin never stops!!! :saluting_face:


Fuerza y constancia. Sumando experiencias!!!


Excelente trabajo, sigamos adelante, con constancia y perseverancia!!!