[Approved] November 2021 marketing budget NEAR TURKEY DAO

Hi guys,

As explained in the topics which I created before:

our aim is to reach out to more developers from Turkey. For that we are going to start a Blockchain Academy
more details here: [PROPOSAL] Near Turkey Blockchain Academy

To continue further with our marketing + education and development program we need a total budget of 5000$ for the next month.

The program includes:

  • NEAR Telegram growth to 3-5000 members
  • Near Turkey Twitter growth to 3-5000 followers
  • more Youtube videos with youtube influencers
  • Get in contact with more developers from Turkey (currently 2 with us), idea → Blockchain Academy (check link above)
  • Get more support admins on Telegram
  • Create articles and share on www.coin-net.com
  • Continuesly get in contact with influencers and share about Near in all our community groups
  • Add more Councils to turkey.sputnikdao.near
  • Educate about NEAR
  • Support in the group, help turkish members understanding about NEAR Protocol
  • Continuesly share News on Telegram

Total Budget: 5000$
Wallet TURKEY DAO: turkey.sputnikdao.near
Wallet owner: @cizi31

@marketingdao-council ^

@cizi31 , can you be more specific with

  • How many followers you started with vs the 3-5000 goal
  • how many youtube videos you’ll create
  • how many admins you have currently and how many you wish to add?
  • how many articles you will publish
  • how many influencers you will work with CC @Zhunda if you need support from stars guild
  • Expand how you’ll educate more folks about NEAR
  • how much or which news are you hoping to share?

Thank you!


Sure can help.

@cizi31 we don’t target for now on turksih speaking audithory but still can give attention to Blockchain Acadamy if it has english content, now https://www.etkinkampus.com/ whole event is even in turkish described :confused:

Hi @jcatnear

How many followers you started with vs the 3-5000 goal?
Started from 0, currently we have about 1800 telegram members. Our goal is to have about 3-5k till EOY.

how many youtube videos you’ll create?
2 youtube videos are in planning

how many admins you have currently and how many you wish to add?
Currently we are 5 admins, I would like to add 2 more admins till EOY

how many articles you will publish?
5 articles / month - we can increase the amount if there is an important announcement / news etc…

how many influencers you will work with CC @Zhunda if you need support from stars guild?
@Zhunda the event is planned in turkish language, but we will sum up the event and publish an article in english language also. About influencers: our aim would be to get in contact with 3 Twitter influencers / month and let them share Tweets about NEAR Protocol.

Expand how you’ll educate more folks about NEAR?
Please check about the blockchain academy here:
In the next days we will prepare a meeting and talk about it in details with @amgando [PROPOSAL] Near Turkey Blockchain Academy

how much or which news are you hoping to share?
All news which are shared in the official Telegram + announcement channel will be translated and shared in our turkish group
approximately 7-12 announcements / month

Do you know exact youtubers you would like to reach out?
Could help you at last with describing the workflow.
Contact like 10 of youtubers, check the price rate per sebscruber that they want to get for promo and choose the ones that you feel the most comfortable with. If in general.
Otherwise pass me an idea how we can help you reach out turkish influencers.

Hi @Zhunda

I am thinking to make a video here:

I’ve checked some others also but they asking +5000$

I am also in contact with some Twitter influencers Like:

For now I don’t need any help beside of getting the budget for Turkish DAO :slight_smile:

Kripto Emre rocks!

Best of luck Cizi, wish you to get the funding fast and get whole event passed well. ))


@jcatnear sorry created this one accidental SputnikDAO
please reject it…

the turkey.sputnikdao.near is the correct one


Please submit future proposals, and resubmit the existing, to the Astro DAO Platform. You can find the link here.

Additionally, please wait for the proposal to be moved to Approved before submitting requests to the DAO. Thanks a million! :tada:

cc @marketingdao-council - any further thoughts before we approve/amend?


Hi @cizi31 your Near Turkey Blockchain Academy looks great project. When do you expect this to be launched?

i would suggest that you separate the education and development - which is part of the Academy project, and focus this proposal on the social media tasks.

It looks like you have lined up some good influencers… but maybe you need to take another look at the funding amount requested.

It is best to start with a small team and show that you can perform.


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Hi @David_NEAR
ah ok noted, sorry for that will take care next time! :slight_smile:
I just submitted the proposal to the Astro DAO Platform https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near?proposal=marketing.sputnik-dao.near-14

Thank you for your feedback!
We are planning to do the Blockchain Academy in the next 2 months. We are expecting about 500-1000 students from Turkey to participate in our event. Today evening, I have a meeting with Sherif from Education Team and our Devs/Educators from Turkey about next steps, will let you updated about that.

If we come back to the social media tasks, I sent a report about what we did in Sept/Oct here Near Turkey September / October 2021 report
We started small and didn’t only focus on the Telegram group / Twitter / Website articles. We are also continuesly looking for Developers and Educators from Turkey that also takes a lot time to let them join us. In the next weeks we are aiming to have more influencers onboard.
We can start with the small ones as you said, they are asking about 500$ each YT video and 100-300$ for Twitter flood with 3 tweets. I am checking their analytics and references also if it’s worth or not. Aiming only to prepare good and cheap ones with high value.
If we come back to the Telegram group, as our aim is to have 3-5K members there, we have to increase admins as well, for the Twitter account Near Turkey we need to do promotions / contests to increase the activity there.
I understand it looks like a huge amount but we are expecting a lot in the next weeks and with the Blockchain Academy, we are aiming to have more developers and educators in our community also, this will help us to participate in NEAR grant projects next year.

I hope I could shortly explain about our next steps and targets.
We can also prepare a meeting in the next time to get to know each other.
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

@David_NEAR btw shall I also create a new Turkey DAO in the astrodao platform?
Because we only have a Turkish DAO in the sputnikdao currently

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Absolutely, you can find a guide to setting up a DAO on Astro here.

Let me know if you need any assistance :ballot_box_with_check:

Just to add another $0.02 to this proposal:

I think 5 admins for a community of 1800 might be a little overkill, what do you think?

with admins I meant also editors for the website articles and community admins who are also active in other +10k community groups like Telegram: Contact @tegantr and redirecting members to Near Turkey if they have questions regarding NEAR.

ok so thats the Astro TurkishDAO https://app.astrodao.com/dao/turkey.sputnik-dao.near
and SputnikDAO (the old one) SputnikDAO

will move the funds to ASTRODAO if the proposal gets approved

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Ok cool,

Let’s invite further feedback from @marketingdao-council then we can move forward with Astro submission.

I would like to remind you that you should only submit a payout request to the DAO after it has been approved on the forum.

Thanks! :tada:

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Hi again @cizi31 I would just like to reiterate what I said before regards your proposed budget allocated to social media.

As a new project it is important for us to build confidence and understanding in what you are hoping to achieve.

The funds you have requested are considerably more than other projects who are running similar social marketing campaigns.

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Hi @cryptocredit ok I understand.
so with which amount do you think we can work? Unfortunately Influencers asking for each Tweet xxx $ that’s why we had to increase the amount for this month. Everything is going to be expensive.

Anyway, so what about 3800$ in NEAR ?
With the promise to increase the community *2 from here as stated aboth ?
Please let me know how we can proceed if needed I can also create a new proposal but this all really takes much time would be great to start asap to achieve our targets before EOY.

Btw. we got approval for the blockchain academy :slight_smile: Aiming to have +1000 students with us next month. During the academy we will invite them to a developer Telegram group also.
I Know thats something for education department but just FYI as you asked about it yesterday :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your feedback much appreciated.

Hi Cizi,

Congratulations on getting approval for Blockchain Academy! Glad to see community members step up to help out Sherif with Education efforts, that area is exploding with activity across the ecosystem.

I’m curious: is the Turkish Guild receiving funding from any other sources?

It’s a little bit harder to assess the proposal as it has a mix of Education and Marketing; social media alone is indeed higher than the average we tend to fund, but as a guild with education initiatives, etc. the amount seems more reasonable. We just need to find the best way to structure and get these initiatives funded.

Finally, I would also suggest hosting in-person Meetups (where safe and appropriate to do so due to Covid restrictions). Now seems like a great time to get local communities back together.