[APPROVED] MotionDAO May2022: Roots, Branches and a Rhizome

MotionDAO: As a Rhyzome

The writing the MotionDAO reports and monthly requests are becoming a kind of Rhizomatic Journaling in from different time-space scale of a distributed organism. MotionDAO is a rhizome and I attempt to translate multi-dimensional interactions in a linear narrative. I find myself writing about the strong roots and visible beautiful branches; the network is invisible yet pulsating. The process is rhizomatic. Imagine millions of interactions.
From Wikipedia:
A rhizome is a concept in post-structuralism describing a nonlinear network that “connects any point to any other point”.[1] It appears in the work of French theorists Deleuze and Guattari, who used the term in their book A Thousand Plateaus to refer to networks that establish “connections between semiotic chains, organizations of power, and circumstances relative to the arts, sciences and social struggles” with no apparent order or coherency.[2] A rhizome is purely a network of multiplicities that are not arborescent (e.g. the idea of hypertext in literary theory)[3] with properties similar to lattices.[4] Deleuze referred to it as extending from his concept of an “image of thought”.

These are images of thoughts in motion.

MotionDAO is an umbrella for many online projects, creating art/we3 research collaborations among and impacting geographic hubs such as Germany, Colombia, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France…

MotionDAO is a project in itself, envisioning managing and implementing a transition from web2 to web3 frameworks, knowhow and platforms of a large community of dance-tech.net. The web2 version with social network architectures grew to more than 12000 since 2010. The web3 version is also growing strong roots and branches and the activities planned for May 2022 are:

  • Onboarding new members from dance-tech and movimiento.org to MotionDAO.

  • Supporting current MotionDAO members and geographic hubs in Web3 adventures.

  • Liaise with other NEAR guilds program, guide MotionDAO members on current procedures.

  • Research NEAR dapps that can be used by MotionDAO and its activities, test them and connect to existing user communities.

  • Collaboration with Kernel and other Web3 organizations

  • Implement council rotation and onboard members as council

  • Compile and format reports, proposals.

  • Start a collaboration with MutiDAO and Marma J DAO on DAOs and DeFi@ NEAR

Funds asked: $1200 USD

MotionDAO Edu

@lenara @marlonbarriossolano

The educational hub of MotionDAO continues its activities in May, as members receive invitations to teach (UK, Belgium, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina)

For this month the plan is to:

  • organize and publish internally a library of slides that can be used in the classes. It will contain several slides that can be adapted to different class time and topics desired. The slides will cover the topics: introduction to blockchain, validation technologies (proof of work & stake) tokens, FTs, DeFI, NFTs, use cases, DAOs, decentralized structures and governance models.

  • create a template for digital proof of attendance NFT certificates to be given at each class, and a how-to guide on the process

  • design practical exercises for classes in the form of DAO bounties that can be completed by the students in order to get hands on experience with NFTs and DAOs among other topics

  • have a reserve fund to pay instructors and co-teachers for their teaching hours

  • have a reserve fund for onboarding neardrops given to students and for bounty payouts

Funds Asked : $800 USD

MotionDAOedu logo



NFTs in May, Forest Stillness site-installation and presentation at 34.Coburger Designtage 24 to 29 May, Coburg, Germany Coburger Designtage - Coburger Designforum Oberfranken

Integrated in event program, web and press release.
Installation at the new Coworking space of Z.C.D CoWorking Space - Zukunft.Coburg.Digital

Presentation Forest Stillness, MotionDAO, near.org, and Hub Coburg

Speaker invited @solsista

Encouraging and supporting visitors to create near wallets with ForestNFT from mintbase as collectable gifts. Estimated 120$ to fund new wallets a day for five days, with a total result of 600$

img: preparation for automatically near.wallets+mintbase.NFT creation during the event

Technical support from @lenara and Florian Wolf (Programmer)

Impulse for the first five sessions and consolidation Hub Coburg

Total asked: 400 USD



  • Create performative onboarding NFTs from the core members onboarded last month

  • Devise a policy for how to manage this collection of NFTs, possibly with a child DAO for HubMotionBR, that will buy and hold the NFTs in the treasury

  • Announce the hub to the dance community in Brazil, start social media presence

  • Workshops in Portuguese on the topics: DAOs and NFTs (audience: core members and possible guests)

  • Expand the on-boarding rhizome, with core members onboarding more participant members to HubMotionBR and to dance-tech; multiplier effect kickstart.

  • Start of the resource library (possibly hosted on Gitbook)

Total asked: 400 USD



Virtual workshop “Creative Programming for Dance on the Web.3” (May-June 2022)

The Workshop consists of approaching creative programming for dance through the Isadora visual programming language and its projection on the new Web.3. It is aimed at dancers,
choreographers, directors, set designers and any artist or student related to dance, but it is also open to practitioners of the performing arts, visual artists and musicians, among others, in order to form an interdisciplinary group.

Isadora allows you to process image and sound in real time interactively in relation to the performer, the environment or any other data source. Using Skype, OBS, Isadora, and YouTube during the workshop, a real-time virtual performance will be created that will be used as a source material for minting NFTs.

Instructor Aníbal Zorrilla. May-June 2022. Duration: four virtual classes of three hours. Quota of 15 participants.

Course agenda: Introduction to the NEAR protocol and installation of the participants’ wallets. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Blockchain and smart contracts. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). Dance-tech.net and Motion DAO. Isadora Software. General configuration of the software and its connection with microphones and video cameras. scene structure. Workspace: actors, scene, control tools. Types of image processing in real time. Processing of image and video files. Captured image processing in real time. sound processing. Interaction through sound. Interaction through movement tracking. Automation tools and event sequencing. Shaders in GLSL. Tokenization of artistic creations through NFT in the NEAR protocol.

The workshop is the first of the dance and technology workshops that are in the proposal of the Agentina Node: Nodo Argentina

The ArgentinaHUB of Motion DAO is a space aimed at facilitating the realization of performative works that include the art of movement and use interactive digital technology for the processing of image and sound in real time, through formative, artistic and communicational actions. It is based on 11 continuous years of workshops, residencies, exhibitions and participation in works of the InTAD group, http://intad.tech/, https://intad1.wordpress.com/, formed by professors of the National University of the Arts and directed by Aníbal Zorrilla. It consists of the creation of a collaborative economy network through the adoption of the NEAR blockchain as a medium of exchange for goods and services and belonging to Motion DAO, which after a sufficient initial investment during 2022 generates a number of economically sustainable events in the traditional art market and in the new field of the crypto economy. All the proposed activities include the creation of wallets for the participants, the introduction to Blockchain, DAOs and the Near protocol, as well as tokenization through NFT.
Budget (in US$, total amounts) for May
instructor: 400.-;
total: 400.00


NFTs and The Sacred

Ritual-Spective 迴融 - virtual new media art project about intergenerational dialogue and migration and intercultural legacy (includes an online exhibition component)

In mid-late May workshop in Vancouver’s Chinatown as part of Asian Heritage Month.

May 22nd sharing research result as part of Vancouver Art Gallery’s Art at Home program. This phase is to research and generate creative/visual content. Future phase will try to integrate NFT with the visual content.

We Were One - spiritual dance project (work in progress research)

mainly focus on research in spirituality, rituals, somatic embodiment in dance, connecting with dance technology and the bigger picture/cosmology…

In May 2022, recording the movement research inspired by the temples (Angkor Wat) integrating the notion of ritualization and Embodied-Transmission. (online sharing will aim to be in June)

request fund: 500 USD

NY3DXRHub (New York)


Ok here in NY we are gearing to device a system for enrolling in classes and wallet creation using NFTs. This system will hopefully easy the way to get new members and create an easy way for promoting the events/classes of the MotionDao. Mariana and Victor will work towards getting this system ready with the help of Lenara and possibly 3l Lobo for the coding part of things.

On the XR front, Victor is still hard at work developing the project Rapid Transit, which apart from being a new form of storytelling using “spanglish” it is a research on ways to generate NFTs in runtime using the user’s movement data.

Lastly, we will start onboarding new Members from NY!




  • MotionDao workshops in motion @Kernel / Collab with Reyna:

    • Part 2: Mapping the body-mind journey: / Engaging your inner-self through Improv (body-mind-object) practice, Details here
  • Collaboration with other NEAR based DAOs:

    • Joint meeting with Incubadora DAO
    • Dance project collaboration
  • Dynamic Energy Budget collab with OMEGA wg:

    • Developing an art practice exploring token engineering design
    • Preparing the Paris/France Hub
    • Meeting with Aniara
  • Protected Area for Darkness Conservation

    • This installation attempts to extend the definition of light pollution to the surveillance society. It defines the concept of Darkness Conservation beyond dark sky reserves.
    • Using NFT for art production
    • More info HERE
  • Work with Antonio on community mgmt (Discord)


MotionDAO publication/book/NFY

A block a month Monthly Block

Filtering Telegram-chat, fascinating discussions covering economics, ethics, philosophy, among others, which are linked to Blockchain in a body-cross dimension, structure them in thematic blocks of dialogues following an impulse.

Created Notion workspace to collaboration / proofreading / translations

Format pdf / VR/AR / interactive

Distribution of the book as NFT in Mintbase, in independent blocks.

It is also imaginable to produce a limited edition printed in risograph, also to be distributed as NFT in Mintbase.

In collaboration with @Mariana, I will work on the first publication to be part of the book to be released in May. (graphic design, editorial work, digital publication and ready to be printed on riso, NFT etc.)

Filtering Telegram-chat, fascinating discussions covering economics, ethics, philosophy, among others, which are linked to Blockchain in a body-cross dimension, structure them in thematic blocks of dialogues following an impulse.

Budget: 400 USD


For the may we want to continue with:

  • Cyphersplato meetings every week
  • Course of NFT in NEAR( teacher in residency)
  • Documentation about the NFT course
  • Streaming about NEAR’s ecosystem
  • Talks online with artists from Medellín Guayaquil Exhibition Puente

Budget: 400 USD

Totals for funding request:

MotionDAO Admin (USA) unstablelandscape.near 1000$
MotionDAO Edu (Germany) len.near 800$
Forrest Stilness (Germany) aznarrak.near 400$
HubMotionBR (Brazil) tatirosa.near 400$
ArgentinaHUB anzorrilla.near 400$
NY3DXRHub (New York/USA) catalejo.near 400$
CanadaHUB chimerik.near 400$
CommunicationsHUB/ParisHUB jeanneb.near 400$
MotionDAO Book aniara.near 400$
PLATOHEDRO HUB (Colombia) platoboss.near 400$

TOTAL: 5000$

894.44 Near at 5.59$ May 12th 12:28 AM

Me as a rhizome…connecting.

Thank you!


A wonderful proposal! Thank you! :green_heart:


Awesome proposal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Enjoying reading your ideas :blush:


thank you! yes… I am always amazed…let’s keep in touch.


Dear Creatives moderators @hevertonharieno @FritzWorm @ted.iv @Monish016 @adrianseneca (hope I got the team tags right) please take a look at the MotionDAO May proposal above that was posted a few days ago :pray:

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Hello Motion DAO! Truly I am loving your project. Please remember to post your proposal by the deadline on the 7th moving forward to avoid delays and ensure you will be considered. We may no longer be so lenient with late proposals next month.

We also ask you to put in your poll either TODAY to get it approved or AFTER the 23rd of May when we update our DAO to V3!

This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Hello all, this is MotionDAO May 2022 report. Thank you!!!