[Proposal] GoaDAO - Children's Creative Club is minting on Mintbase - March 2022

**Children’s Creative Club “Drawing with Uncle Leo” is minting on Mintbase **
Project Members:

Target: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount:
600USD +6.5N = 56.5N (price based at the time of posting 11.95 USD)

i offer to accept the project of artist Leo @leoputnik that we as GoaDAO start to support
here i help in curating the initiative that came to us for joining to NEAR Protocol ecosystem. such creative people like Leo need with a guidance that we provide. he’s interested a lot in NFTs and NEAR Protocol, but for him it takes time to go inside, so we support with knowledges, tools and writing it here)

Art-club holds weekly classes for children artists aged from 2 to 12 years.
located in India, North Goa

during drawing classes children are painting what they want by themselves - what is coming from their heads or previous experience. These children have lived since childhood in creative families of travelers, artists and other talented expats.These children are already the great artists, painters, musicians, entertainers. And the art created by them at their early creative ages will reflect on their free creative future in any country in the world. It supposed they will be the part of web3.0-world, so with this project we’re adopting to such a future for our kids with NEAR Protocol
and jumping into the NFT-boom with real children’s art.

info about “Drawing with Uncle Leo”
personal account in Instagram @Leo_putnic
childrens art-club in Instagram @Leoputtm
links on few students:
Mikelangelo 9 yo: @Mikilandgeloart
Lev 6 yo: @Levpotapovart
video about art-club gallery КАКИЕ СТРАННЫЕ ЛЮДИ...ЛЕО, ФИШАЙ, СНЭХА, ГОА..АНДЕГРАУНД АРТ. Мастер Рэм Индия 2022 г. - YouTube

the purpose of this project is to support these creative children and provide them with space, creative materials and assistance in getting their art into NFT (on Paras and Mintbase)
it will become rare NFTs collectibles of star-children i

from 7 to 20 children attend the club per 1 session. during such a lesson 1 creator writes from 1 to 3 paintings, and if it’s a party one child can draw 5-6 paintings per event…
club asks for financial support to cover technical and organizational issues for regular stable activities:

  • for materials and technical processes of creating NFTs from physical paintings and mint it,
  • for storage of art materials, organization of art exhibitions and PR of the children’s art-club with the mentioning NEAR Protocol.

we’ll provide with big number of NFT collections on Paras and Mintbase with hundreds NFTs of childrens art. and we are interested to calculate our results in the end of the month:)
as well as we’ll create near.wallets for chlidren (with permission of their parents of course)
after that we plan to decorate our metaverse party with such a gallery
at the moment the club exists on the resources and enthusiasm of the organizer of the Club and partial support of the parents of artists through payment for classes. but first, there is an idea to make the classes free of charge for children, make them more regular and larger in number per week by attracting paid professionals. and second - our club needs with a place for drawings (for activities related to storage, distribution and transforming it into NFTs)

that in turn will increase the development of children’s creative abilities and experience of creation, will not limit themselves in experiments and time spent at canvases.

will increase the number of completed works and recorded in the NFT, which increases the percentage of resulting masterpieces and future successful lots.

placing art at the creative venues will allow to create a lot of information and referral links links to the NFTs minted on Paras and Mintbase - so our project will promote these NEAR platforms on exhibition spaces in Goa.

each event will be covered by a blogger and all materials will be aimed at PR of the NFTs and NEAR Protocol.

so, we gave to Leo already 18N(200USD) to start from goadao-astrodao. and he took our banners and branded his class with NEAR logo. also he started to scan the pictures for its minting after by our team

Required Budget for 1 month:

  1. 100 USD - rent a place for the club’s work
  2. 100 USD - materials for creativity (canvas, paint, brushes, paper, etc.)
  3. 100 USD - costs for scanning, laminating and storage of art materials after translation it into the NFT. placing them in public places in the resort area of India Goa. we can put logo NEAR and Paras on these exhibition works
  4. 50 USD - to provide a fruit snack for the young creators during the art sessions.
  5. 200 USD - payment to curator, organizer, event manager (Leo).
  6. 150 USD - payment to NFT manager creation, promotion.
  7. 100 USD - for promotion materials (bloggers, referral posts and referral articles)
    total : 800 USD per month.
    -200 USD that was funded by NEAR Goa DAO
    = 600 USD
    = 50N (price based at the time of posting 11.95 USD)
    +6.5N - create Mintbase Store
    56.5N total


for approved proposals of GoaDAO
[Report] GoaDAO December, January - #2 by Dacha

works are ready to be converted to NFTs on NEAR Protocol

related also to [Approved] March 2022 Social Media and Marketing activities budget for Goa Guild


@creativesdao-council could you comment please this topic?

Hey @johanga , happy to help.

It looks like this project could fall under the scope of the creatives dao, but for it to be considered it would have to follow the guidelines for proposals.

Firstly, a monthly funding proposal would need to be created for the dao. You can read up on that over here:

This project proposal would then be added to the monthly funding proposal of the DAO.
We are in the first month of a new proposal and payout system also, which you can read up more about here.

Have you considered how you would go about the minting process for the artworks and consent seeing as it will be a creative club for children?


thank you for the reply

as GoaDAO we will support the process/project and provide with the person that will mint their art . for the begining in any case we can use goadaostore on Mintbase for some works, and create for Leo his collection on Paras. if the funding approve, we’ll make for this project separate store on Mintbase and will mint lots of NFTs there. in our theam there-re people who already can do this
then as GoaDAO we’ll use these NFTs for decorating our metaverse parties, as well as for gallery on 3xr,

so i’ve made corrections in structure of the post according to guide you’ve sent - am i right?
our DAO is a part of marketing. can we make this proposal for this project?

thank you for the support, waiting for next steps

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@johanga thanks for the quick reply!

So, in terms of structure, the project proposal would need it’s own post separate to the funding proposal, and then this would be linked into the overall funding proposal.

To give an example, here is muti dao’s overall funding request for February:

and here is an example of a project that was funded as part of the overall request:

I hope this makes sense.

As for the minting, I meant more in terms of consent for the children’s artwork to be minted… DO you have a process in mind for asking the parents for this?

yes, this definitely fits in the scope of the creatives dao!



thank you for details
so here [Proposal] February/March 2022 Social Media and Marketing activities budget for Goa Guild - #2 by johanga we have common monthly budget proposal, where this one project is included
and this one is description of the separate initiative, like you show me project about poetry book
if i have to write some more post?

yes, of course. these two kids that have already made IG accounts are the examples of communication with parents. we ,team of GoaDAO and the artist Leo, provide to parents info about NEAR Protocol’s support and NFT-opportunities so we’re going to create wallets for children(under control of their parents) to put royalties in Mintbase for artists. so in such perspective it’s a kind of marketing purposes, we’re going to join to ecosystem more active users for long-term period:)

@johanga yes, I see the proposal for the marketing dao, but for creatives dao we would need a separate monthly proposal for your DAO which would include this specific project as a subsection of that.

You can see the new proposal & payout guide here, and for the general structure of this proposal, you also have this guide, which will be updated soon but still covers the basic structure and gives a solid guideline.


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@ted.iv appreciate your guidance! hope now i follow the rules properly
please, have a look

more details will be given and corrections will be made, if needed

@ted.iv could you please come back here also with decision?
the artist Leo is very active, he starts to create wallets for kids with their parents,
under our guidance he’s studying Paras and Mintbase (leoputnik.near ) to mint art by himself and to study parents as well. in the end of the month we’ll prepare exhibition both offline and in 3xr-gallery and we want to decorate our streams with his NFTs

Hello, just checking in here, but I’ve also added some comments to the other proposal also (here), I still think we need to figure out some more details for this to fit the format of Creatives DAO funding. The concept is looking good, could you clarify the following details for me:

  • where is this being held?
  • is there set dates for the workshops?
  • what kind of promo does this entail? will it be one person in specific taking care of this?

looks like you already have a mintbase store here:

Would you need a second one?


Thank you for questions, glad to answer

Classes take place now here Login • Instagram , it’s happening every Tuesday 4-6pm, also he is making classes during concerts and parties in other places. Then he plan to make it twice. Also here there is a budget for rental a space for keeping materials and drawings like small store-room.

First, Leo by himself is taking care about his work and project, and he’s inviting bloggers (like there’s a video link in post). He makes promo in Instagram, and for these lessons he want to make paid promotion.
To print 30 posters, 100 flyers, to spread it in different places. I’ll support him here.

Leo has hundred of pics already, and on classes they produce some pieces every time, and artists (kids) will be minted with collections (they are already preparing and the process will be continuing), and there are professional painters that Leo is going to onboard later. We see separate store for painters and their collections, and Leo encouraged to take care about its growth. It’s his project, his child, his interest, we help him to explore instruments of nfts and near platforms for it. As far as goadao store is mostly oriented to onboard musicians with audio NFT (from events that happen in Goa, and separately with their tracks and sets); to accept nfts from other creatives not only painters. And to collect nfts of each project that we guide to onboard.

He’s open to accept your corrections in budget for this first month with gratitude for possibility to do a good work for young artists and their future

Ok, well I think having one set place makes sense for now, if this budget is to cover other parties and places, I would reccomend adding in the details for these and how the budget would be split up.

Thanks for clarifying. Like I mentioned in the proposal for the metaverse events & minting goa, I think giving specific values to each task/cost would be very helpful for us to understand the proposal.

Ok, this makes sense, so this specific project would have it own mintbase store, correct?

Thank you!

it is not for covering anything else but only drawing classess (mostly materials), and activities about mint art as NFTs. When he makes class during party, he just takes drawing materials and children (from parents that came to party) there, it’s free of charge. now we’ll print logo NEAR on material for the table on which kids are drawing, and give him a banner.

As for promotion, we’ll collect full report about it and expanses for it


Ok, thanks for clearing that up @johanga the budget and proposal for this project seems fine to me.

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What are the next steps now, could you guide me further please?

Hey @johanga for now, I would focus on getting the overall monthly budget formatted and also the metaverse party proposal.


great, I’ll be back with it soon

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have a peaceful day @creativesdao-council
we’ve created here a document, according to our discussion
for clarifying and signing with parents about details of cooperation for this project

here and here insta-report is being collected

hope we’ll get approval for continue working :pray:


mainly it was collected to channel

and to highlights

1] created 5 nft :

  1. study project 3d letters,
  2. training in caloric studies: “Indian currency”
  3. a gift bee evo the first drawing of a children’s martial arts teacher, in our club,
  4. a gift from a fox is also the first picture in the classroom with children (mother of a 2-year-old artist).
  5. Thai woman the first portrait work in which I studied volumetric painting.
  • scanned 60 children’s drawings,
    20 of which are described and ready for download to mintbase.

2] open two mini-exhibitions:

  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CaKao_LAEOI/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ca7o3_6gkEq/?utm_medium=copy_link

3] blogger movie, timing:11:40

4] mention NEAR

5] online video from class


March :
1] small night exhibition

2] https://www.instagram.com/reel/CbPE1FRgZNG/?utm_medium=copy_link
3] bought materials
4] held 2 event announced and 3 spontaneus https://www.instagram.com/reel/CbIArzVA1_u/?utm_medium=copy_link
Dj kintamani a ticher :

5] store is opened : goart.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store
6] minted NFTs:
Home and Sun - Mintbase
Bogdan in the Shop ( first steps in the art - Mintbase
Child's improvisation continue - Mintbase
The World of Minecraft. Foundation - Mintbase
Pizza and Images of House Dwellers - Mintbase
House and lightning - Mintbase
Home and development of life in it - Mintbase

7] opened the fiirst place for free access to art materials in Freedom cafe on the beach.

8] partnership with 2 bloggers, who were making video reports from 2 announced events, 1 video is editing
2nd is here Холи, дети, краски. Чем занять ребенка в Гоа? Детский клуб в Арамболе - YouTube
9] one children’s gallery opened:

REPORT 20-27.03.2022

  1. bought materials on 50$
  2. payed to teachers and helpers
  3. events were holding:

1] children’s day from morning ro evening, master’s programms
wrap: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbW8j9-K-5u/?utm_medium=copy_link
molding: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CbXIAMlgFaA/?utm_medium=copy_link
2] painting https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbfJ0LfqrqQ/?utm_medium=copy_link
3] https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbhzYvBqwsj/?utm_medium=copy_link
4] https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cbj8ehyA4A0/?utm_medium=copy_link
5] un-planned spontaneous classes:

  1. exhibition: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cbkf96ig55Y/?utm_medium=copy_link

  2. 2 places were equipped for free children’s art:
    free flow cafe : https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cbj8ehyA4A0/?utm_medium=copy_link
    people cafe: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbfKNW0qYP5/?utm_medium=copy_link