[REPORT] APRIL Monthly Report - Argentina Guild

Hey there fellow NEARians. How is your day going? Hope it’s going pretty well!
A tad late for the report, it was expected on the 20th! But here we are! Reporting this incredible and parabolic month that we had.

We will try to keep it short in order to maximize efficiency and read time from everyone as well, if anyone wants me to expand in any topic let me know in the comments :slight_smile:
(As always here is the last report for further references on growth).

Socials @Turco @nacho.near

Well, this month has been quite the ride. We had a 50% growth in March, and we expected to have another 50% or so, in order to complete the objectives of the funding we were granted by the Marketing DAO vertical.

The 250 members in Telegram and the 500 followers on Twitter we expected by the end of MAY were easily passed this month.

We have as of this moment 356 members on Telegram and 949 followers on Twitter, accounting for an unbelievable 141% approximate growth on Telegram and almost a 300% growth on Twitter. This blew all of our expectations even with our plans for the future.
We know these numbers may not always be that parabolic, but we will continue to work even harder to aim for new objectives with our current community.

We are starting to see the real demand that the Argentinian community has for education and opportunities to get into new projects and initiatives to help Near grow even further. And we are shaping our community to be qualified with Near Certifications to be able to participate in projects and show the value they can offer.

We realized multiple spaces/meetups this month and we worked pretty hard to get our community to join the certifications (more on those metrics below).

The 300 @nacho.near @leamanza

This is a quote from February’s budget ask, in which we were aiming to raise the number of members on Telegram but we expected them to join the certifications. We were anticipating that there would be around 15 to 20 certified members of our community.

Here we have an excel with the students that took the certifications up until now.

We gathered 97 students to take part in the Near Certifications, and we are expecting the results from them recorded by Near Hispano.
We turned our 300 project into a Regionals Hub project with them in order to get better guidance and to coordinate efforts to propel each region in LATAM.

We are confident that more than 20 members of our community are already certified members but we are waiting for their official confirmation documented so we can upload it into the next reports that we will have monthly.
I am certain they are more than 20, I already have several talks with @Turco @mariozito @leamanza @DarioFS @chicharra.near Alejo Fabiano, @user1 and many more who are active certified members and who brought also new members to be certified.

We are also opening new wallets to onboard students and people interested to participate in the ecosystem, this was not contemplated on the marketing proposal but since we had a remainder money from the growth of Near from 7.81 to 12 or more, we decided to use that part of the money to start this initiative, we will seek to allocate a separate amount of diverse funding that we receive to keep this initiative going as far as we can.
Here is the sheet related to the initiative and how many we opened so far.

This would be the entire advance on the 300 project, we are still waiting for approval on the whole Regional Hubs project to grow even further what we are doing so far and to hopefully get even better numbers!
Thanks to everyone involved in the project, special thanks to @leamanza @Turco @chicharra.near @DarioFS for being in our day to day holding the community together :blush:

More Metrics, Meetups, and projects being developed

Meetups, Spaces and Interviews:

  • Crypto Sheinix: Kickstart of our Interviews and Webinars. Talked about the Near Ecosystem in whole and explained the Certifications and ways to get into Near as an Analyst, Developer and Professor. 2288 views.
  • Pablete: Space with Pablete, an influencer in Twitter with a learning approach towards his followers. Concurrent viewers/listeners 45-50. Total viewers/listeners 142.
  • Web3Crew: Space with Web3Crew conducted by @leamanza. Account and community focused on the onboarding and news on Web3. Concurrent viewers 70-75. Total viewers 249.
  • MaxCrypto: Space with Max, influencer regarding every news in the crypto world, we aimed our space to talk about Near in general and then an explanation on the Certifications and ways to get into Near and work with the certifications. Concurrent viewers 55-60. Total viewers 173.

Development on current community projects:

  • Identicon Network - @mariozito : Mario has certified as an NCD and is on his way to start a DiR to develop the Identicon Network project, there is already a briefing complete and the development of such will take place in the following months.
  • Blockjobs - @DarioFS : About to go into mainnet, Blockjobs is aiming to seek funding and a possible grant to kickstart the development of their networking and customers to enter and try a new web3 project who aims to be the next marketplace connected to the Near Blockchain. Excited to see how it develops!
  • Contact with Investors - @chicharra.near : With Ernesto we are going to switch this project into a NFT project for the completion of the 300 members on Telegram, more details will be announced later on (We rather skip the bureaucracy of contacting investors and go into something more head on like an NFT project, which with the earnings of the mentioned, we will look to self sustain the DAO in some way and to get more people to participate into new projects with our own funding)
  • Build Guild Launch - @leamanza : Lean is still looking to gather the network of developers and properly launch a briefing of how the build guild will be announced and which will be their mission and vision. More updates on that later on.
  • Contact with influencers, Webinars, Open Wallet Initiative, and certified members (300) is detailed on top

Thanks everyone if you got through here! Quite a read huh

Hope to see you all later with more news and more growth.
Yours truly, Near Argentina :blush:


Couldnt fill more tags, but cant forget of you guys who helped me as well along the way. Thank you :blush:
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Keep it going! Great work @nacho.near !



Amazing job @nacho.near, the incredible growth of the community, the impact of the Spaces and interviews, and the Twitter content generation of @Turco.
We’re gonna be 500 sooner than later.
Proud to be a member of Near Argentina!!


let´s keep building @nacho.near @leamanza


Lets keep going @matigo @Turco Its a delight to have you in our community :blush: And of course 500 is our next stop soon! Thank you :heart:


Great job @nacho.near, I’m really proud to be a member of Near Argentina and very excited for what’s to come. Keep it going! :muscle:


So glad to be part of the community from the very first days and witness the strong grow of the community. Special thanks to @nacho.near, @turco, @leamanza for working so hard on building and maintaining the community.


Thank you Ernesto for taking part in this community and bring value to it :blush:
Happy that you and everyone supporting us are here! letsgooo :fire:

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@Mohaa check this out

Amazing, good cooperation with Crypto Sheinix

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