[Approved] FEBRUARY 2022 Argentina Guild members Marketing Budget

Hello dear NEARians! Here we have the monthly proposal and update regarding the last approved proposal for funding on JANUARY for the Near Argentina Guild.

This was the last proposal we presented a month ago:

As a quick overview we wanted to say thank you to everyone that collaborated and helped in getting this last proposal come through! We as a guild and community in Argentina learned a lot this last month and acquired a lot of experience in order to see which path our guild should follow and thanks to it we were able to learn from it. Special thanks to @David_NEAR @FritzWorm and @Dacha

Metrics Development

Regarding numbers on our social media we completed successfully our main goal which was to get 100+ users on both Twitter and Telegram, rising up to 161 current followers on Twitter thanks to the hard work and dedication of @Turco and 103 members on Telegram in Near Argentina.

Regarding the development of our devs, we got into our community a total of 15 members on the THIRD PILLAR which would be our group of developers. We have at this very moment two NCD L1 L2 with the addition of @DarioFS in our guild. He will be also certifying with @leamanza as a NCI next month in order to start conducting bootcamps to get our community certified. I will be taking a NCA as well in March and then aim to get a NCP in the future. So as we can see we have a growth from 3,4 devs to 15! Quite a milestone.

The 300

Finally another metric that is important as well is the projects that Near Argentina will present in the future, two projects are already in the works and will be produced alongside with the help of our friends at Near Hispano. This is not a metric we thought at the beginning of January but it’s something worth mentioning now, since it adds value to what we have to offer for the future.

Here you have the post for future references:

We didn’t believe we could create proposals and projects so quickly but thanks to this incredible community we were able to start helping from the get go! So let’s get our hands to work as fast as we can!

As for this Proposal and for the near future

We want to take all of this growth and success that the Near Argentina community achieved and take it even further.

We think that in terms of efficiency it’s best to present a three month scheme rather than a monthly proposal, and we can do that thanks to the experiences we had this last month.

We do have a clear view into which objectives we can accomplish in the short and also mid term. For the Long term we will wait and see how these three month initiatives go through and what results we can bring from them.

Regarding Telegram:

We expect to grow even further in our community. We are not going to aim for big numbers regarding users but we want them to have a certification in NEAR. We may keep conservative numbers around the 200 or 250 members but we expect (and we are already doing) the onboarding in NEAR certifications comes through. At the moment we have 5 to 10 approximately members of Near Argentina that will take certifications in March and we hope we get more than 15 or 20 at least as we mentioned in one of our proposals.

We are requiring a budget of 150usd monthly to be able to maintain and grow the Telegram when it comes to new members and their introduction into the Academics and onboarding into Certifications.
For the next three month it would be 450usd in total

Regarding Twitter:

Here we will focus on bigger numbers, we have a target for 500 followers in the months to come, to help us spread the work about NEAR Argentina and what it has to offer to its members.
We will also provide monthly spaces to get in touch with our community and get them noticed on new updates that the guild is having month by month.

For Twitter we are requiring a budget of 200usd per month which will be dividing in paying our mod for his efforts and it will also be divided to get collaborations with different projects. Also 50usd more per space or meetings realized each month (we will make a monthly space which will be recorded and uploaded, possibly in a YouTube channel as well).
For the next three month would be 750usd in total.

Regarding Academics:

This project is still ongoing and there has been contact with Siglo 21 University, Cajal Tradicional and Tesla Institute. We are still expecting our project of getting NEAR Certified members to go through to start working alongside these universities and institutes. Surely there will be a prompt answer in the next weeks to come.

We will keep contacting with universities and the next ones to visit are located in Mendoza and Buenos Aires (I am based in Cordoba city) and surely will need a budget to cover expenses that could come along the way when traveling to different cities in Argentina. We are calculating a 100usd per month when it comes to stay, food and work used to get in contact with them.
For the next three months would be 300usd in total.

The grand total of the proposal would be 450 Telegram, 750 Twitter and 300 Academics. Making that a total of 1500usd for March, April and May included.

Final thoughts

We hope this sheds a bit of light into what we are working on and how we are developing in this short period of time. We also thank the possibility to be growing here alongside the whole NEAR ecosystem, taking part in this has (at least for me and many of my friends in the Argentina community) been the highlight of the year so far since we can leave our mark in an incredible ecosystem which surely will grow tons in these months to come.
Thanks again and we, as Near Argentina, are here to help anyone in anything you may need!
I’ll be seeing you Nearly :blush:

Link to AstroDao Poll:


Woo hoo !!! Congrats partner ! Growing the Dev team and the knowledge on the community is key for further growth. Big hug keep going :beers:



Thank you dear Fritz! The community is really excited to take part and getting certified or develop into the NEAR ecosystem! We are really glad to be having this kind of support and interest by the community, hopefully we keep growing and getting through people as we are doing now!
Big hugs and have a nice Sunday :beers:
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Thank You. Keep growing :wave::wave::wave:

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Hi @nacho.near and greetings from MX-EU. I’m doing, same as @FritzWorm, the NCE. I’m part of a collective of Mexican social and technological entrepreneurs living abroad and we’re starting to look for business opportunities in the blockchain space, and I sincerely hope will be chances for collaborations in the future. Some members also in NEAR Hispano. Saludos!


Hello Cezars! Of course there will be! you can contact me anytime or my community.
Check this post, here you have the socials there and you can take part on it. Its for the Argentinian community but everyone is welcome there :blush:

If you need anything you know where to find us! Un abrazo grande!

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To clarify, you’re requesting $1,500 USD total for 3 months? Or $1500 USD/month for 3 months?


Looks solid to me. I gathered this to mean it was $1500 for 3 months (in total).

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Hello So!
Exactly as Klint said, it will be 1500usd for the three months.
We see it as more practical to prepare proposals in 3 months bulk since we have a better perspective each trimester of how we are growing and which would be the next targets to aim at.
If we have any change or addition regarding projects or areas in our budget we will review it directly at the beginning of June :blush:


Hey guys,

Moving to Approved in light of the MarketingDAO Advisor comments - looks great from me. Good luck!


Hey David

Thank you very much! Glad to receive your aid in developing the Near Argentina community, and thanks also to every Advisor that looked into my proposal :blush:

Also David I had a little mistake submitting the Poll in the Marketing Vertical Astrodao, by accident I created a Transfer proposal and forgot I had to choose the Poll proposal :sweat_smile: I tried deleting the Transfer proposal but couldnt find a button or option for it.
I just submitted the poll with the correct information but would like that transfer proposal to be deleted please.

Thank you for your continuous help in here, really appreciate it :blush:
Have a very nice day!

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It can’t be deleted, so it will simply time out or be rejected. Can you please share the Astro Poll link here?


Done! Added at the bottom of the proposal.
Okay will simply wait then and it will be deleted, thanks :blush:


Hi @nacho.near - while you’re waiting for your AstroDAO poll to be voted through, please submit the Community Payout Google Form for this specific payout so we are ready to proceed to the reward agreement when the poll has passed.

Filling out the Form is required for every funding proposal submitted to any of our DAO verticals, as is the Astro DAO poll, and signing a reward agreement for the specific transaction in question.


Hello Rebecca! Done
Thank you for the heads up! I felt there was a step that I was missing. I just send it a couple minutes ago.
Have a nice day :blush:


Happy to see those types of posts. I’m glad that Argentina is now on board in NEAR ecosystem
Brother countries should be together always.

Best of best @nacho.near

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Congratulations Nacho! Keep up the good work!

I’ve always pointed to NEAR Hispano as an example of a regional guild doing exceptional work. The key is to have long term vision, focus on onboarding developers now that will be building projects that solve local problems in the NEAR future.

I am thrilled to see that regional growth is now way beyond NEAR Hispano and that country specific guilds are thriving! Argentine Guild ought to be an example for several other regional guilds.

I’d like to suggest that over the next few months you guys consider hosting more in person networking events. NEARMeets would be ideal. Training of talent is as important as people with ideas and a diverse set of skills mixing up. Collaboration is key!

I’d also love to see more content on social media bout the journey of people training into NEAR, technical resources, basically anything to demystify the process and inspire others to take action. You guys seem to be really well placed to excel in that type of content (don’t compare yourself or try to standardise with what others are doing, there’s a lot of mediocre content out there).

Just voted on the Astro poll and pinging my colleagues to vote over the next few days @marketingdao-council


Hello Luis just saw this! Thank you very much for your words.
I have just seen that you are moving to Spain! Congratulations on that! Will read the post later tomorrow with full attention to give some feedback and support.

We are happy as well to be part of this ecosystem with our brothers in LATAM. We are receiving a lot of heartwarming help and making wholesome connections all around the world and I think this is what is all about.
Wish you all the best as well :blush:

Hey @satojandro Thank you very much for your feedback, and loved a lot of pointers that you talked about right there. Specially more networking events and creating different content.
We do have a lot of new things on the works, thanks to this budget we will be able to propel those ideas, which included meets in a big percentage.
Would love to have a one on one with you and exchange ideas! Lets arrange on that some day :blush:

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