[APPROVED] MarmaJchan Story Contest

My name is Ashley. My NEAR account is ashleyc.near.

MarmaJchan Story Project

To expand on the characterization of the Marma J Foundation through storytelling, I would like to create a space for members of the community to contribute uplifting short stories featuring MarmaJchan. These stories will be edited, if necessary, and made accessible to the Marma J community on the marmaj.org website. These stories will act as future prompts for graphic bounties.


For each live publication, 10 $marmaj tokens will be distributed from the marmaj DAO as follows:

  • 5 $marmaj will be awarded to the author of the publication
  • 2.5 $marmaj will be awarded for copywriting/editing
  • 2.5 $marmaj will be awarded for publishing

For posts that do not require much copywriting/editing and publishing support, then the payment structure will be as follows:

  • 8 $marmaj will be awarded to the author of the publication
  • 1 $marmaj will be awarded for copywriting/editing
  • 1 $marmaj will be awarded for publishing

Funding for this project would not exceed payouts for 30 submissions or 450 $marmaj.

One week for edits between a story’s submission and it being posted on the website if it meets the criteria.

This story contest would run until we receive 30 submissions that meet the criteria or until the community may decide to re-allocate funding.

The following would be the criteria for the story contest:

Length: Submissions should be between 500 and 1000 words and should focus on highlighting the values of the Marma J Foundation: love and positivity.

Where to Submit: Stories should be submitted via the Marmaj.org website under “Gallery” → “Submit your Story”.

Language: Individuals are encouraged to submit stories written in English, but may submit stories in a different language provided that it is possible for the editor to run the story through translation software and then edit the story further for clarity. Stories can be posted in both the original language and English on the Marmaj.org website.

Content: The following are prompts to help individuals craft a story which highlights the values of the community:

MarmaJchan makes a new friend.
MarmaJchan makes the most of a rainy day.
MarmaJchan learns or teaches someone a new skill.
MarmaJchan makes an animal friend.
MarmaJchan cleans up a beach.
MarmaJchan creates a piece of art.

Remember that it always helps to begin a story with an ‘inciting incident’ - something which triggers the events in the rest of the story.

Perhaps MarmaJchan is planning a fun day at the beach, but suddenly clouds roll in and she has to adapt her plans.

Perhaps MarmaJchan is spending a nice afternoon playing soccer, but hurts her ankle and must rely on the help of her friends.

Perhaps MarmaJchan learns that one of her friends is having a birthday and has limited time to create a piece of art to give them as a present.

How MarmaJchan reacts to these “inciting incidents” is the opportunity for creators to show her displaying the values of love and positivity which are the foundations of our community.

Creators are not limited to these prompts. Everyone should feel free to come up with their own prompt and can choose to run their idea by me if they would like reassurance that their idea aligns with the values of the community.

This proposal would stimulate creativity and provide members of the Marma J community a new creative outlet. The proposal may also attract new members to our community while supporting the characterization of our community.


Hey Ashley!

Thank you for discussing this proposal during our community call today! I have marked this proposal as [APPROVED]. We are so excited about this project.

I have updated your permissions on the website to “Administrator” so you have full access to create a post on the site. This week, I will get working on modifying the submission form to include a field for documents, as well as to direct the submissions to your email address so you can manage them.

Please let me or @chloe know if you need anything else to support this project!


This is going to be awesome! I totally love this.
Thank you Marmaj for approving this.
It’s going to be fun filled. Lots of positive energies.

Let’s go!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::rose::rose::rose:


Hi, I made a short story. I’m not sure where to submit :sweat_smile: I can’t see “Submit your story” on the website under Gallery.


Hi, @Eli22

Did you get help?

I wanted to submit a story too but didn’t find “submit a story” too.

Any help @AshleyC?



Eli22 ended up DMing their story. There is a Marma J community call today and I plan to discuss with Chloe and Bianca how to set up the submission page. Feel free to message me your story @AugustKinge and I can give you some feedback today. I’m so happy that you’ve written one.

Hoping to have the submission page up this week.


Thanks, @AshleyC

I will reach you with my story soon.


Hey @AshleyC! Thank you so much for your patience and help to develop the submission page and body of lore section for the website. Please see the links below:

Submit Lore
MarmaJchan Lore

More information to follow in tomorrow’s community call (Feb 27)!

cc: @bianca @chloe


My story has been waiting patiently for this announcement. I better get to editing.
Looking forward to reading different entries too.


@chloe could you please help me, I’m having issues submitting my short story.
Uploading: Screenshot_20220309-110010.jpg…

I’m not exactly sure what issue you are having but the submit page is here https://marmaj.org/marmajchan-stories/

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For some reason, I can’t see the screenshot. Are you pasting your story into the text field on the link Chloe posted above?

If you keep experiencing issues, feel free to DM me your story along with your email address so I can get in touch with you :slight_smile:

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Done with sending the story. Took almost a our to create a story that is filled with positivity.
Thanks for the fun activity.
And please give it a read and please share your genuine feedback with me.
I hope you would.:smiley::smiley::smiley::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::heartbeat:

This is my address - chauhankumarsingh2134.near


Thank you for submitting! I’ll be in touch within a day or two with feedback provided to your email address. Glad you enjoyed writing it! <3


Hey Ashley, I think this is a great idea so I wrote a story and I want to submit too. Thank you.


@chloe @AugustKinge @bianca

My name is Larry and my account is larrsfiaskid.near. I recently got story published but can seem to make a headway with the payout proposal because i do not have enough available NEAR to complete the transaction.

Can anyone please help me with this?


Hello everyone
I have written some great stories on how MarmaJ has impacted life


Hi Mimi! So glad you have felt inspired by MarmaJ - feel free to navigate here to read the criteria and submit: https://marmaj.org/marmajchan-stories/

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Thank you Ashley,I will to submit my stories soon

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Hi people,
I have got some stories which positively state how marmaj has impacted to lifes.