[Report] Ashley's Contribution 2022


Tuesday March 22nd w/ Sammy regarding MarmaJ comic roadmap.

1.5hrs x 2.19 MarmaJ

Thursday April 7th w/ Sammy and Chloe regarding MarmaJ comic book.

1hr x 2.19 MarmaJ

Sunday April 6 Internal Call

1 MarmaJ

Sunday April 13 Internal Call

1 MarmaJ

Sunday April 20 Internal Call

1 MarmaJ

Sunday April 27 Internal and External Call

2 MarmaJ

Meeting Total: 10.47 MarmaJ tokens

Contest Facilitation and Editing:

As the facilitator of the short story contest, I fielded submissions via the Marmaj.org website, near forum DM, telegram DM, and gmail. I communicated with each participant, offering feedback and usually multiple rounds of editing. Not all stories that were edited ended up accepted and uploaded onto the website due to communication breakdown or quality issues. 20 stories have been uploaded since the beginning of the contest. A few more are in a queue for editing and upload. The contest will formally end on May 2nd. These published stories are visible on the marmaj.org website.

Total for Short Story Editing: 43 MarmaJ Tokens

Total: 53.47 MarmaJ tokens


Thanks so much for the support over the past few months, Ashley! It is greatly appreciated.

End of the Short Story Contest Editing Table:

| — | — | — |
|(MarmaJ Island | Marma J Foundation)|Vanengs.near|2.5|
|(A Passion for Love | Marma J Foundation)|nicolesuria.near|2.5|
|(Animal Rescue | Marma J Foundation)|ceefon.near|2.5|
|(MarmaJ Builds a New School | Marma J Foundation)|proudlymimi.near|2.5|
|(The Skateboarding Event | Marma J Foundation)|fractalman.near|1.5|
|(A Summer to Remember | Marma J Foundation)|loveshields.near|2.5|
|(Pots and Cakes | Marma J Foundation)|fabdab.near|2|
|||16 MarmaJ tokens|