[CLOSED] Liberation Wellness DAO Nutrition & Recipe Book Marketing Campaign


Council Members:
Liberationra.near @Liberation.Ra
Goddessvenus.near @Goddessvenus
Tamholistic.near @tamholistic



  • The team of media care marketing will be retained for 60 days, including:
    • manage marketing campaign
    • copy writers
    • script writers (for video ads)
    • video/photo editors
    • website and e-commerce store (re) development
    • on-call support
    • Ad campaign developed beyond the 60 days working together.
    • Roadmap and implementation of scaling audience size via targeted product marketing*
    • Website, funnel, and e-commerce store setup*
      *(added after original post, was accidently deleted in formatting)


  • This will take the guesswork out of how LWDAO can run successful advertisements and how it can market it’s offerings by focusing one major offering to push growth with the help of experts on this field.
  • With the success of this campaign, LWDAO aims to be profitable and self-sustainable, a major internal goal of LWDAO.
  • The next phase of this project will be an NFT project that gives access to an updating version of the E-book as well as a growing and engaging community of like-minded people. More on that to come.
  • Providing utility in the Near ecosystem - The web3 and crpyto space is pretty absent of wellness oriented offerings. LWDAO is excited to be one of the first to be building a unique offering on Near and to continue developing new ways to utilize Near protocol to deliver these offerings.
  • We chose to lead with a non-NFT version of the E-book because we know it will be more accessible to more people. The book will explain the opportunity to claim an NFT after purchasing and use it to connect with a community of others with the book, as well as update their book with future releases.

Funding Details

  • Total requested amount: $6,400
  • Breakdown: $4,900 to retain media care marketing for 60 days
  • $1,500 for 30 day ad spend
  • Target: liberation-wellness.sputnik-dao.near
  • Liberation Wellness DAO
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Could you please share more details? Thanks

manage marketing campaign $?

  • copy writers - $?
  • script writers (for video ads) how many videos, $?
  • video/photo editors how many ? $?
  • website and e-commerce store (re) development you can use wix.com - it’s absolutely free.
  • on-call support $ per hour ?
  • Ad campaign developed beyond the 60 days working together. Which social media? $?
  • Roadmap and implementation of scaling audience size via targeted product marketing* ?
  • Website, funnel, and e-commerce store setup* - dubbed (see above);
    *(added after original post, was accidently deleted in formatting) - what stands for that ?

Thank You :blush:


Hey @Dacha thank you for your questions. I’m happy to elaborate more. I am not sure if you are asking for a detailed cost breakdown of each item or more details on what the purpose of each item serves. I do not have a cost breakdown of each line item. Rather, $4,900 is the combined upfront cost of retaining the team as a whole for 60 days to complete the tasks below. $1500 is the requirement from the team we plan to hire for ad spend (payment to meta for advertising). If a cost breakdown of each item is important, it’s possible that I can request the information from the team.

  • manage marketing campaign $? The team will create and execute a marketing strategy for our product launch and beyond. this includes everything below needed to successfully launch an advertising and sales scaling campaign on the Meta platform, which includes Facebook and Instagram, along with other Meta partners and platforms.

Managing the marketing campaign is multifaceted. Development of the ad campaign requires audience targeting, developing several ad sets to test, daily monitoring of the ad campaigns by knowledgeable professionals to understand whether or not an ad is successful, and creating and launching new ad sets if necessary after testing. The team we retain will manage and execute all of this (as well as the bullets bellow)

Creating a successful advertising campaign that is actually profitable is not easy and is deeply time consuming, which is why we seek to hire professional marketers rather than attempt to do it alone.

Beyond that, it frees us up as wellness professionals to actually do the work we specialize in, create content, products, services, and grow our DAO while adding value to the NEAR ecosystem, rather than trying to learn a new profession alongside ours.

  • copy writers - Copy writing will be down for the paid advertisements run on Meta Platforms for the 60 days, they will continue working and adjusting ad copies as needed to optimize ads

  • script writers (for video ads) how many videos. The goal here is quality not quantity. We are not aiming for a high load of videos to run as ads. The team will work with us on testing and running scripts for ads until it is optimized and achieving optimal results.

  • video/photo editors how many ? Similar to above, this is about the results rather than quantity. The team will edit and test different photos and videos for ads until ad sets are optimized and achieving optimal results.

  • website and e-commerce store (re) development you can your wix.com - it’s absolutely free. Yes, that is true, I am aware of wix. Our goal is to hire professionals to properly set up a webstore funnel for our products and to run paid ads to that website to sell our products. free websites with a wix subdomain do not generate authority or trust with consumers. This also brings me back to what I mentioned above. We are wellness professionals, not marketers or website creators. While I have created many websites in the past, I do not pretend to specialize in the skills of marketing, advertising, and creating fluid and optimized webstores. What we can build on wix does not compare at all to our marketing and advertising goals with proper funding.

  • on-call support $ per hour ? I do not have an hourly cost for this. As above, this is included in the entire retainer fee of $4,900.

  • Ad campaign developed beyond the 60 days working together. Which social media? $? This will be on Meta platforms including and mainly focusing on Facebook, Instagram.

  • Roadmap and implementation of scaling audience size via targeted product marketing ?
    This is what I mentioned above. Audience targeting is key in social media advertising. Creating a starting point of an audience we can ruin paid advertisements to that successfully convert leads into customers and loyal followers is the first step to scaling. This entails Launching a marketing campaign with a single product, with few variables, then testing a few small audiences until a successful audience market is found. From there, once the key performance indicators show a favorable and stable return on Ad spend, we slowly scale the ad reach by testing new, but similar audiences. Working with the team we we have chosen, they will handle this for us while also setting us up to scale our audience beyond our 60 day retainer.

  • Website, funnel, and e-commerce store setup* - dubbed (see above);
    *(added after original post, was accidently deleted in formatting) - what stands for that ?
    ^^ this above is a mistake, apologizes. I looked over this posting the other day and thought the “website and funnel” bullet was missing , but I was wrong.

I hope this clears up your questions and gives more detail. If you have anymore questions, please let me know. thank you.

I cannot support this proposal given the circumstances:

There are specifics missing in the deliverables for all the marketing tasks you’ve outlined. There is no question as to the process or the nature of work that is required to run marketing projects. The requirement is to set aside an amount to be allocated per project (Per Social Post, Video, Article, Press Release, etc)


Can you elaborate? I am following the guidelines set by marketing DAO.

  1. Give a brief overview of the project you’re proposing funding for in the title - short and sweet!
  • Include which type of marketing this falls under the umbrella of, e.g - Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, Events, etc
  • Initiative summary, be sure to include:
  • Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community
  • Metrics for measuring success
  • Estimated timeline and achievement milestones
  • Links to similar, previously funded forum proposals (if applicable)

This is one singular project, not many. We are hiring one team to handle this one project for us. We are not splitting this campaign into multiple jobs between multiple agencies or people. The breakdown is the details of the project. the amount requested will not be split between social posts, videos, press releases, etc.

Thank You, what is the role of your DAO in Primordia DAO?

How many people in your Dao? Thank You

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We are 3 council members. Our role in Primordia DAO is minimal. We were supported in our startup by them. We are technically onboard primordia DAO, but in this moment serve no purpose in primorida other than support and are not involved in any voting, decision making, or meetings.

Primordia DAO introduced us to the NEAR space and this forum and assisted us in creating wallets and our DAO on Astro DAO. They gave us guidance into how to get started on this NEAR forum.

They also introduced us to DAOcubator and recommended we apply for incubation, which we did and were accepted into (and still currently undergoing).

This was extremely helpful for us because, as fitness and wellness professionals with a very different set of skills than is required to enter the NEAR ecosystem, we would not have had the tools or space to take on a new venture in web3.

The funding granted to us from DAOcubator (which primordia was instrumental in guiding us this direction) has allowed us to begin shifting our business(es) and developing our offerings to be delivered through the NEAR ecosystem.

Liberation wellness DAO operates out of a physical space in Oakland, California. A gym, kitchen, and event space.

We have hosted a community crypto event in our space and sponsored by NEAR, led by Primordia DAO on May 26, 2022.

Other than that, we have little interaction with them and their projects. They have played a major role in our startup but we do not serve a role in them. We serve different purposes and support each other when possible.

What relation does these question have with our marketing proposal? They seem very pointed.

If you’d like more information about liberation wellness DAO, please see our introduction post, the first post on my account.

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Hey @Liberation.Ra – can you share your report for the previously approved funding? The link in your initial post is to the proposal. I would need to look at your progress/metrics before I can support additional funding.

A couple of additional comments:

  • It’s common/typical for council members to ask about involvement with other projects so we understand all the connections and overlap (there’s a lot of it, and we count on proposers/Community members to help illuminate those things for us).
  • I supported your initial proposal and like your mission of onboarding health and wellness pros into the NEAR ecosystem, but I am having trouble making the connection with how the e-book contributes to that mission. How is the e-book specifically going to bring new people into the ecosystem? Are you selling it, using it as an opt-in to get more people on a mailing list, publishing it to what platforms (Amazon, Kindle, etc.)?


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Thanks for your proposal,

In its current form, I do not support this proposal.


  • Marketing DAO disburses NEAR Ecosystem community funds to initiative that can get us closer to 1 billion users;
  • The focus of Marketing efforts should be either to promote NEAR itself OR to promote a project building on NEAR in such a way that success to of the project would have a direct, positive impact on the growth and success of NEAR
  • this proposal seems to be for the marketing of a private projects with weak links to NEAR and no major upside to the NEAR ecosystem as a whole